Elsewhere, Sue Ellen had woken and seen JR's note. She didn't like waking up without him, but was so touched by the letter. She had decided to go for a walk around the Ranch with the twins. Their stroller pushed easily around the finer pieces of earth that lined the Ranch. As the Texan sun beamed on her, she was careful to keep their heads covered. She looked at them. It was funny and she didn't know if it was only her imagination, but she thought that they were mini replicas of JR and herself. She chuckled as Aaron yawned, and then his tiny face went into a pout, much like JR's did when he yawned.

Sue Ellen walked a fair distance, then decided that the children would need fed and began to walk back towards the Ranch. Miss Ellie was in the garden and waved to her as she got closer.

"It's beautiful Miss Ellie" Sue Ellen remarked.

"I've planted a tree for each of them, just like I did for John Ross and Christopher", the older woman said.

"Oh Miss Ellie" Sue Ellen said embracing her. "It's wonderful".

They chatted for a moment, then Sue Ellen made her way indoors with the children. Miss Ellie helped her take them inside and fold down the stroller.

Miss Ellie offered to heat the formula while Sue Ellen sat in the den with the babies. She set each of them down safely on their mat, and turned on the television.

Miss Ellie took great pleasure in helping with this sort of duty. She had missed out with John Ross and was more than happy to make up for it now.

She couldn't have been in the kitchen more than a few minutes when she heard the sound of a deafening, piercing scream coming from the den.


As fast as her legs could carry her, Miss Ellie ran into the den.

"Sue Ellen! What..." She stopped when she saw her daughter in law standing, mesmorised by the television. Sue Ellen stood, staring, tears streaming down her face, whiter than white, like a ghost.

Miss Ellie turned her attention to the television as the newscaster read,

"Mr Ewing's car appears to have been hit on the central expressway, just outside of downtown Dallas. Reports indicate the involvement of another car, which didn't stop...police are anxious to speak to any witnesses..."

The newscaster appeared to fill up with tears as she went on,

"The tragedy is that Mr Ewing had just arrived back in Dallas and his wife, Sue Ellen, had recently given birth to twins..he is survived by her, the twins and another son, John Ross..."

Miss Ellie felt her knees go weak as tears formed in her own eyes...

"Oh JR..." she whispered, her hand coming to her mouth.

Sue Ellen continued to stare at the wreckage of the car on the television. She could make out clearly the "Ewing 3" registration. Suddenly she felt sick and ran to the bathroom. Holding her head over the toilet bowl, she just couldn't stop being sick.

Miss Ellie looked to her two small grandchildren on the floor and summoned Teresa. She did what she could to compose herself and went to Sue Ellen.

Holding Sue Ellen's hair back, she rubbed her back. Eventually Sue Ellen sat up and looked at her, the tears and the pain consuming her to the extent she could hardly breathe let alone speak.

All she managed was,

"I can't live without him...Miss Ellie..." Her sobs were painful. "I just can't..."

All Miss Ellie could do was cradle her daughter in law to her and let her cry. Elsewhere in the house, Clayton had come in from the stables and heard screaming. Sue Ellen was becoming hysterical, between the sobbing and bouts of numbness, reality hit her and that's when the screaming started. Miss Ellie tried to encourage her to take deep breaths.

"I...i knew...we should...never have...never...come back here...all we have here is b..bb..bb...bad luck" Sue Ellen cried.

Miss Ellie didn't know what to say. Clayton came in to find the two women on the floor and concern flooded him.

"What is it Ellie?" he pleaded.

Sue Ellen's head was buried in Miss Ellie's shoulder. "It's JR...he's...he's been killed" Miss Ellie whispered.

Clayton was floored. He sat down with them, trying to comfort them both in turn.

"I think I'll have to call Dr Danvers" Ellie said a few moments later. I'm afraid for Sue Ellen...she can't take this..."

Clayton allowed Sue Ellen to be passed to him and he held her tightly.

"Why...why Clayton?" she asked him pleading for an answer. "We were so hap...happy..."

"I know sweetheart...I'm so very sorry" Clayton said, almost crying himself.

"Dr Danvers is on the way" Ellie said, tears flowing down her own cheeks. Sue Ellen sat in a transe like state, obviously in deep shock.

"Just let him kill me...let him give me an injection that will kill me too..." Sue Ellen cried.

Clayton held her tightly once more.

Eventually, he lifted her out of the bathroom and carried her upstairs. Teresa by now had heard the news and was trying desperately to get hold of other family members as well as, and most importantly, John Ross.

Clayton set Sue Ellen down once inside her and JR's room. Sue Ellen looked around and saw her husband's things and his picture on her bedside table. It was all it took...she started to scream again. The pain was consuming her so much that she had to hold her arms over her stomach to try to make it go away. She couldn't see, she was blinded by tears. Clayton tried to steady her, but within moments, she had collapsed

Dr Danvers had handled Sue Ellen in the past, so he knew what to expect. She pleaded with him just to kill her, but he knew it was the effects of shock. With Clayton's help, he laid her on the bed and administered a tranquiliser. She started to calm after about 5 minutes.

Dr Danvers then turned his attention to Miss Ellie, asking her did she need anything. Ellie refused. Clayton hugged her tightly and after condolences from the doctor, he showed the man out.

"I can't believe it Clayton...I just can't..."

"I'm so sorry Ellie..."

"He was my son, my first born...but my pain lies more with Sue Ellen now...how will she continue on without him?"

"Sue Ellen's a fighter...she's proved that" Clayton said.

The couple sat for the next hour in shock. The phone didn't stop ringing and between them, Teresa and Raoul fought off reporters and friends. Miss Ellie didn't want to talk to anyone and Sue Ellen was incapable of it.

Bobby appeared in the doorway with Amanda, John Ross and Christopher. John Ross ran directly to his grandmother, tears streaming down the young boy's face. The family huddled together, Amanda offering as much help as she could making tea with Teresa. John Ross broke free and ran to his mother. He curled up beside her, and dabbed her face from tears.

At about one oclock the phone rang again. Clayton was losing his patience and stood up to answer it.

"I'm going to tell these people to give us a break!" he said angrily.

Reaching the phone he lifted it and said, "Now listen here...we don't..."


Clayton stopped speaking.

"Can someone get out here and pick me up? Some idiot has crashed my car..."


Everyone in the living room gasped.

Miss Ellie got to her feet. Amanda almost burst into tears. Bobby felt like he was living some weird dream.


"Yeah it's me...I left my car in to be valeted and the idiot crashed it..."

Clayton laughed out loud. The sound of his big belly laugh alerted John Ross who ran down the stairs.

The young boy snatched the phone from Clayton.


"Hi son...what's all the fuss about?" JR said,still standing in Harv's office.

"Daddy are you alive?"

JR was becoming more confused by the minute. "What are you talkin' about John Ross?"

Just then, Ceara tapped JR on the shoulder and whispered, "Mr Ewing, I think you had better come see this..."

"Hang on son" JR said.

JR went to the small television screen where he listened further to the story. All he knew was that he had arranged for his car to be taken away during his meeting, and Ceara had informed him that the valet man had crashed it, unfortunately dying in the accident.

JR closed his eyes in horror. He looked at his cell phone again. 49 missed calls...

"John Ross, send someone out here to collect me...NOT your momma son..." he said, knowing that Sue Ellen was probably hysterical by now.

"OK Daddy!" John Ross said and got on the case.

"My daddy needs someone to pick him up" John Ross said, typical child, almost forgetting the seriousness of the situation.

Everyone in the living room hugged and Miss Ellie said, "Clayton, Bobby..one of you go..I need to rouse Sue Ellen before she gets an even bigger shock..."

Miss Ellie sat with Sue Ellen who was still high on morphine, yet still crying.

She looked up at Miss Ellie with so many questions in her big hazel eyes. Miss Ellie smiled down at her, chatting to her, making her take sips of very strong coffee.

She stroked Sue Ellen's face and wiped away her tears, Sue Ellen babbling about how she still wanted to die and asked Miss Ellie would she raise the twins. Miss Ellie could laugh about it now that she knew her son was safe.

Around 45 minutes later, Miss Ellie heard the sound of Bobby's car enter the driveway. Bobby had told Miss Ellie he would toot his horn as a signal he had JR home, in an attempt not to give Sue Ellen an even bigger surprise.

All attempts at discretion however were destroyed when John Ross saw his father.

"DADDY!" the boy yelled.

"Hi son!" JR said.

At that moment, Sue Ellen sat bolt upright in bed. As though someone had just switched on her batteries, or activated a remote control. She resembled an animal that had heard something very far away and had sprung to attention.

"Oh Daddy, we thought you were dead!" John Ross shouted.

"Where's your momma son?" JR asked, kneeling to John Ross.

"She's real upset. The doctor had to come and..."

JR looked to the top of the stairs. Somehow, Sue Ellen had managed to find her feet and stood at the top of the stairs, staring at him as though he wasn't real.

"Don't move" JR said softly and walked up to her. The closer he got to her, the heavier her breathing became. It was as though she believed she was in heaven and he was coming to get her. It bordered on her being almost frightened of him, of what she saw...

JR's heart broke as he saw the state she was in, saw the tear stains on her cheeks and how white she was.

Miss Ellie watched from the doorway of her room. She wanted to hug her son, but she wanted Sue Ellen to feel him first.

"Momma..." JR said, questioning what was wrong.

"Dr Danvers gave her a tranquiliser to calm her" Miss Ellie whispered.

JR realised then why she was in such a transe. He slowly walked to her and took her hand. The very second that she felt him, she collapsed into his arms and sobbed her heart out all over again.

JR held her so very tightly and whispered, "Hey, come on...you didn't think you'd get rid of me that easily did you?"

She cried and cried and Miss Ellie assured JR that it was just the effects of the drugs and of the shock. Sue Ellen wouldn't let go of JR, so eventually the family welcomed him back and left them alone.

Once inside their room, JR laid Sue Ellen on the bed and whispered,

"I'd never leave you". He lightly kissed her on the cheek.

"Are you really here JR?" she asked.

He touched her face. "Can you feel this?" he asked.

She whispered "Yes.."

"I'm here baby" he said and lay down beside her, aching at the confusion on her beautiful face, trying to keep her from lying on the wet pillow which had been drenched by her tears.

He kissed her again. "I'll always be with you...I love you so much"

"I love you JR..." Sue Ellen whispered and although she didn't realise she was doing it, pulled her husband closer to her. They lay there on the bed, entwined, and as Sue Ellen slept, JR held her, soothing away her pain, wanting him to be the first person she saw when she woke up.

The family went back downstairs and into the den. It was 2 o'clock; Bobby looked at John Ross and Christopher.

"Okay you guys, do you want to go and see a movie" he said

"Yes" Christopher replied, John Ross shook his head

"I want to stay here" he said

"Come on John Ross, we can see something really scary and frighten Amanda" Christopher joked

"Buddy, everything's okay, your momma just needs some rest" Bobby said "She'll be awake by the time we get back"

"No, I think I'll stay here" John Ross replied adamantly

"Are you sure" Amanda asked

"Yes" John Ross replied

Suddenly Miss Ellie heard the sound of one of the twins crying. Realising for a moment that with everything that had been going on, the twins had been forgotten about she went to check on them. John Ross followed her.

"Why doesn't John Ross want to come with us?" Christopher asked

"I just think he wants to be with his mom and dad" Amanda said

"Can we still go?" Christopher said

"Yes, but we're not going to any scary movie okay" Amanda laughed

"Spoilsport!" Bobby smiled

After they had left Clayton went to find Miss Ellie, she was in the kitchen preparing some formula for the twins.

"Where's the children" Clayton asked

"They're in the other room" Miss Ellie replied "John Ross is watching the twins"

Clayton sat down and watched her "I never thought I would say this" he laughed "But I'm so glad that it wasn't JR in that car crash" he said

"I know, things have definitely changed around here" she smiled "I was just so scared for Sue Ellen; I don't know what she would have done"

"Thanks God, it wasn't a reality" Clayton said "It's been a long time since I've seen her in that state"

"Hey, let's go and feed the twins and see what's John Ross is doing" Ellie said

They walked into the living room to find John Ross sat on the floor, holding a twin in each arm.

"They don't need feeding" he smiled "They're heavy enough already!"

Miss Ellie and Clayton laughed "You were like that once" his grandmother said

"What was I like?" He asked

Miss Ellie laughed "Gorgeous!" she said "Now which one of those two do you want to feed"

John Ross looked at the babies in his arms "Eleanor" he said "She's the lightest"

Clayton took a bottle and sat down beside John Ross, Miss Ellie lifted Aaron out of John Ross' arm then Clayton gave John Ross the bottle for Eleanor. Clayton watched as John Ross and Miss Ellie fed the twins.

Meanwhile upstairs JR held Sue Ellen tightly as she slept. He was thankful that her breathing had returned to normal and the gentle sobbing had ceased and she was peaceful. He thought about how much he loved watching her sleep, his thoughts returned to the events of earlier and he cursed himself for leaving his cell phone off, if he hadn't she wouldn't be in this state now. He promised himself that he would never switch the phone off for anyone; he also considered the fact that she possibly wouldn't let him out of her sight in the near future. Not that that bothered him too much. They had been up in their room for almost an hour, the house seemed quiet JR wondered if the rest of the family had gone out. He suddenly thought about what would have happened if it had of been him killed in the crash, the thought of never seeing Sue Ellen again or watching his children grow up turned him cold, he wondered how Sue Ellen would have coped, would she have found someone else or would she continue to bring up the children on her own. Twenty minutes later the silence was interrupted by a knock on the door. JR gently released himself from Sue Ellen and watched as the door opened, his face lit up as he saw John Ross standing there.

"Hey what have you been doing?" JR asked "I thought you had all gone out"

"No" John Ross replied "Uncle Bobby and Amanda have taken Christopher to the movies but I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa"

"So, what have you been doing?" JR said

"Feeding Eleanor" John Ross said "But I told Grandma that the twins don't need feeding anymore as they're getting too heavy"

JR laughed "We could say the same about you young man" he said "Especially after all those hotdogs and hamburgers in London"

John Ross climbed onto the bed and into JR's outstretched arms. JR held him close, breathing in his smell and kissing his head

"Daddy, I'm not a baby" his son said

"I know but I love you and your brother and sister so much" he said

"We love you daddy and I don't ever want you to leave us" John Ross replied

"Hey, I promised you when I came to London that I would never ever leave you or your momma, I love you both too much" JR said

John Ross looked towards his mother "Is momma okay?" He asked

"She'll be fine" he said "She just had a nasty shock and needs to sleep to make her feel better"

JR looked at the bag that John Ross had thrown on the floor by the bed

"What's in the bag son?" he asked

"Homework!" John Ross replied "Will you help me?"

"How much have you got?" JR asked

"Enough to keep us busy until momma wakes up" John Ross replied

"Okay let's get to it then" JR said

John Ross sat between JR's legs as they worked through the schoolwork together. Suddenly JR thought about his relationship with his own father and how he would have loved to have done this with him, however his father had wanted him to learn the business and there hadn't been many father and son moments. He thought about Cliff's request that his father be recognized as one of the founders of Ewing Oil and the plaque that they had agreed on, JR decided he would get onto that right away but what about the name, he had to admit that Barnes-Ewing-Ewing sounded better than Ewing Barnes Ewing, to hell with it what did it matter anyway, for once in his life he was going to do something for someone else and not his father, the plaque would read Barnes-Ewing-Ewing and the Barnes-Ewing feud would be ended forever. His thoughts were interrupted by his son

"Daddy?" John Ross said

JR looked at him and hugged him tightly "What's wrong now?" he said

"Nothing, I just want you to read what I've written, make sure it's okay" John Ross replied

JR checked what his son had done then they continued with doing the rest of the homework. At 4 O'clock there was another knock at the door; JR looked at Sue Ellen who was still fast asleep.

"Come in!" he said

Clayton walked in "I've brought you some coffee" he said "John Ross I thought you were in your room"

"No, I came to see Daddy, he's been helping me with my homework" John Ross replied

"Well I've got some orange juice for you too" Clayton said

"Thanks Clayton" JR said

"How's Sue Ellen" Clayton asked

JR looked over at her "Sleeping like a baby, speaking of which are the twins okay?"

"They're fine, your momma's watching them" Clayton replied

"She's not going to feed them again is she?" John Ross piped up

JR and Clayton laughed

"JR, I just want to say I'm so glad it wasn't you in that car crash" Clayton said

JR smiled "Thanks, although I never thought I would hear you say that!" he laughed

"You've changed so much, I saw the state Sue Ellen was in when she thought you were dead, she adores you JR" Clayton said

"Clayton, I love her so much, she's the reason this Barnes-Ewing feud is over, she gives me so much and wants so little in return" JR said "I curse myself for switching that damn cell phone off"

"It wasn't your fault, noone leaves cell phones on when they go into a meeting anyway" Clayton said

"Well from this moment on, I do, if I'm in a middle of a meeting and Sue Ellen needs to contact me then I'm going to make sure that she can" JR said

"You think she's going to let you out of her sight" Clayton laughed

"Probably not in the near future" JR replied

"By the way, how was your meeting?" Clayton asked

"Fine" JR said "Everything should run smoothly and then there's the plaque for the front of the Ewing Oil building"

"Plaque?" Clayton asked

"Yes, Cliff wants a plaque to commemorate that his father was a founder member of Ewing Oil" JR said

"How does that make you feel?" Clayton said

"Actually it's already been proved that Ewing Oil was started by Digger, Jock and Jason so I guess they should get some recognition" JR replied

"So what's it going to be Ewing, Ewing, and Barnes?" Clayton asked

JR smiled "No, Barnes-Ewing-Ewing" he said "Then we can put this stupid feud behind us and look to the future and if Cliff joins us on the board then I think everything is fair"

"Your daddy would be proud of you" Clayton said

"I don't know about that, but this time I'm not doing it for him" JR said and looked towards Sue Ellen and then at John Ross "I'm doing it for her and our children, they're the most important thing to me now"

"What is Cliff going to do now that he's sold Ewing Oil" Clayton asked

"Oh, he's threatening to go back into law to keep me in order" JR said "Not that he needs to as Ewing Oil is no longer my priority"

"Your momma said that dinner is at seven, do you think that Sue Ellen will be awake by then" Clayton said

"She should be, it's still a couple of hours away!" JR said

"Daddy can I go for a swim before dinner" John Ross asked

"Well since you've finished your homework, yes but be careful" JR said

"Don't worry I'll watch him" Clayton said

"Thankyou, are the twins okay with momma?" JR asked "You can always bring them up here"

"JR, just look after your wife and we'll take care of the children" Clayton said

Clayton and John Ross left the room and JR snuggled up close to Sue Ellen and watched her sleep. He smiled to himself thinking that she better get all the sleep she could now as she wouldn't be getting any tonight, not with what he had in mind.

A couple of hours later Sue Ellen woke up to find JR watching her. She felt confused and unsure of her surroundings.

"JR she said

"I'm here baby" He smiled and kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

"What time is it?" she asked

"Half past six" JR said

"How long have I been asleep" Sue Ellen said

JR laughed "Since two o clock" he said

"What about the twins?" Sue Ellen asked "And John Ross"

"Momma is looking after them and John Ross is playing with his grandfather in the pool" JR said "It'll soon be dinner time so I think we better get ready"

"JR" Sue Ellen said

"Yes" he replied

"I love you!" she said

"I know, I love you too" he said "Fancy a bath"

Sue Ellen laughed "I think I can manage that!" she said

After lovingly soaping each other in the bath, they got dressed and went downstairs to join the rest of the family for dinner. Miss Ellie was delighted to see Sue Ellen with a smile on her face and colour in her cheeks. After dinner the family went outside for a while and watched JR, Clayton and Bobby play basketball with the two boys. Sue Ellen cuddled a sleeping Eleanor in her arms while Amanda held Aaron.

"Sue Ellen, how are you feeling now?" Miss Ellie said

"I'm fine, I'm really sorry about earlier, I just didn't know how I could face life without JR" she said

"I know" Miss Ellie said "JR stayed with you all afternoon because he wanted to be sure that he was the first person you saw when you woke up"

"Miss Ellie I love him so much" Sue Ellen said "I couldn't bear the thought of the perfect world we've created being shattered"

"So, how long before he's allowed to go out without you" Amanda joked

"Ah, that's the million dollar question" Sue Ellen said "But I know I've got to let him, I just want to know that he's going to come back"

"How was Christopher this afternoon?" Miss Ellie asked

"He's fine, except we had to go and watch this really creepy film" Amanda said "Why do kids like horrible movies"

Sue Ellen laughed "Maybe he takes after his mother, Kristin always liked to watch horror movies, she'd sneak downstairs in the middle of the night if she knew there was one on, then once it was finished she'd be too scared to go back to bed!" she said "John Ross didn't want to go with you"

"No, I think he wanted to stay close to you" Amanda said

"He helped feed the twins and then went up to join JR" Miss Ellie said "They spent most of the afternoon doing homework"

"My son refused a trip to the movies to do homework" Sue Ellen laughed "I can't believe it"

Miss Ellie watched JR and John Ross and smiled "I think he just wanted his dad" she said

"He's not the only one" Sue Ellen smiled

At 9 o'clock everyone went inside as it was time for Christopher and John Ross to go to bed. After settling the boys down, Sue Ellen went into the nursery and started to get the twins ready for bed. JR crept up behind her and put his arms around her.

"After we've got these two fed and settled down for the night, do you fancy a walk" JR asked

"Mmmm, where to" Sue Ellen said

"You'll see" He replied

They sat in the rocking chairs and began feeding the twins, they changed them and laid them in their cots. They stood peacefully watching them until both babies drifted off to sleep.

"Come on" JR said, taking her hand.

Hand in hand they walked downstairs and into the den. JR handed Miss Ellie the baby monitor

"Momma, we're going to go for a walk" he said "Can you listen out for the twins"

"Okay" Miss Ellie replied

Hand in hand Sue Ellen and JR wandered out into the cool Texan evening.

"Where are we going?" Sue Ellen laughed "It's late and I thought you would want an early night"

JR wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tightly to him "You'll see" he said

Finally they arrived at their new house. JR opened the door and switched on the light. The house was almost completed; Sue Ellen walked in and wandered from room to room, mentally planning how she would like each room to be.

"So when are we moving in?" Sue Ellen asked

"Soon" JR said, they walked into the living room "However" JR said "We are going to need some furniture as he looked at the bare room"

"At least the carpet is soft" Sue Ellen smiled

JR moved closer to her and brought her face to his and lovingly stroked her cheek.

"I love you Mrs Ewing" He said "And never, ever forget that"

Sue Ellen kissed him "I love you too" she said

JR knelt down in front of her "Come here" he said pulling her down by the hand

"Are you trying to seduce me" she smirked

JR laughed and kissed her. Sue Ellen put her arms around his neck and closed her eyes.

JR's hand went to her blouse and he slowly undid her buttons as he did he kissed his way down her body. Slowly he removed the blouse and then her bra which left her breast exposed for his pleasure. She started to moan at the sensation of his movements on her nipples. He continued his journey down her body, finding the zip of her skirt; Sue Ellen lifted herself up so that JR could remove it from her. She was almost naked except for one piece of garment which JR expertly removed. He then spread open her legs and licked inside her folds, finding her button he started to lick it.

"JR!" Sue Ellen moan

"Shhhhs" he said "Let me do this"

She let him lick and suck on her, running her fingers through his hair as he did so. Finally the sensation was too much for her and she bucked off the carpet.

"Hey" JR said as he gently lowered her down again.

Slowly she felt herself cum as JR tastes her juices as they flowed over him. She then reached out for him and he slowly worked his way back up her body. As he found her mouth she kissed him then forcefully rolled him over.

"You'll still dressed Mr Ewing" she smiled "What do you think we should do about that" she said

JR grinned "Whatever you want" He laughed

Sue Ellen quickly began to remove his tie and shirt and gave his nipples the same attention that he gave to hers. After she worked her way to the zip of his trousers, undoing them she lifted his manhood out of them and took it in her mouth. She started to lick it like an ice lolly and gently stroked his balls through his trousers. JR closed his eyes as he enjoyed his wife's touch. She suddenly stopped and began to remove his trousers and boxers. JR helped her remove them from him.

"That's better" she said "As she went back to paying attention to the favourite part of his body. She increased her sucking motion and combined it with gentle humming knowing full well that she was going to drive JR crazy. JR found himself on the edge and screamed Sue Ellen's name, reminding her how much he loved her as he spilt his seed deep inside her mouth. Sue Ellen looked up

"That was so good!" she said

He then picked her up and rolled her over, so that he was on top of her. She then wrapped her legs around him. Quickly he entered her and they found their rhythm, JR went deeper and deeper inside of her pulling her closer and closer to him, she felt him grow bigger inside of her until finally both of them were over the edge, JR screamed his undying love for her as he once again spilt his seed inside of her. As they started to relax, they wrapped each other up in a safe cocoon neither one wanting to let go of the other.

"You drive me crazy" JR said

Sue Ellen held him tighter and buried her head in his chest.

"Hey, what's wrong" He asked

Sue Ellen looked deep into his eyes "JR, I was so scared earlier, I thought I had lost you forever" she said "I… I couldn't bear the thought of living without you"

"You don't have to, I'm right here" JR said "I wished I had never switched that damn phone off as you wouldn't have been in the state you were!"

"It wasn't your fault JR" she replied "But you will never know how glad I am that it wasn't you killed in that crash"

JR smiled "I think I do" he said "I had that same feeling for a while, after you had that panic attack in hospital when the twins were born"

"You do realise that I'm never letting you out of my sight" Sue Ellen joked "I'm going to handcuff you to me!"

"Sounds like fun!" JR laughed

Sue Ellen looked at him, she was only joking but part of her wished she could keep him by her side all the time.

"How did your meeting go?" she asked

"Trying to spoil a romantic moment" he said

"No just wondered!" she replied

"Well, everything seems to be straightforward, the lawyers will sort out all the legal documentation which will need to be signed and then Ewing Oil is back with the Ewings" he said

"But Cliff is going to sit on the board, right?" she asked

"Yes and while you were asleep this afternoon, I got in touch with someone to make the plaque that you suggested" JR said

"But I thought you were going to discuss the wording with Cliff" she replied

"I was, but I decided that I would do what I want" he said

"Which is?" she asked

"Wait and see" JR smiled kissing her "I'm going to pick it up from town later in the week so I'll arrange a lunch with Cliff so that we can discuss the future"

"Hmmm" Sue Ellen said

JR laughed "What's that supposed to mean" he said

"Nothing" she said "I just wished you had discussed the wording of the plaque with Cliff like you said you would"

JR kissed her tenderly on the lips "Trust me!" he said

"We should be getting back" Sue Ellen said

"Not yet" he said as he pulled her on top of him.

Sue Ellen smiled at him "Do you have any idea, how much I love you" she said

"Show me!" JR smiled

Slowly they began to make love again, gently kissing and caressing each other, letting the love they felt pour out. Together they reached their climax and began to relax.

"I've just had a thought" JR said "Why don't we leave the children up at Southfork and move in here alone, then we can spend our days like this"

Sue Ellen laughed "You were the one that wanted more children" she said "And now you're telling me you want to leave them at Southfork"

"Only an idea!" JR said

"Seriously though, do you regret having the twins" Sue Ellen asked

JR looked at her and shook his head "Of course not" he said "I love my children and I'm going to love the one we have next"

Sue Ellen smiled

"I spent all afternoon upstairs, sitting on our bed with John Ross, helping him to do his homework" JR said "And I loved every minute of it"

"You're son loves you so much" Sue Ellen smiled "In fact JR, your whole family love you and I think today we realised how much"

"I will do everything I can for you and our children" JR said "Ewing Oil is not going to change anything, in fact I'm only working part time, the rest of the time is for you"

Reluctantly they both got dressed and took one last look around the house.

"Mmm, we should be moved in here by Christmas" JR said

"Our first wedding anniversary" Sue Ellen smiled

"God, just think if we had stayed married and never got divorced we would have been married now for almost twenty years" JR said

"What a frightening thought!" Sue Ellen laughed

JR gently smacked her behind and pulled her towards him, tenderly he kissed her as she put her arms around his neck and held him tighter.

"I love you" he said "And it's so good to hear you laugh especially after the way you were this afternoon, it broke my heart to see you like that"

"Come on, let's go home!" she said

"Sue Ellen, we are home" JR joked

Hand in hand they walked back to the ranch, stopping every now and again to hold each other tightly and kiss. They finally reached Southfork and wandered into the den to find Miss Ellie and Clayton.

"You too look happy" Miss Ellie said

"We are!" JR said "Are the children okay?"

"They're fine!" Miss Ellie replied "Sue Ellen your mother phoned, she's been out all day and just heard the news, I told her everything was fine and you'd phone her in the morning"

Thanks" Miss Ellie

"So where have you two been?" Clayton asked

"We've been up to the house, checking it out, seeing what needs doing" JR said

"We may be able to move in by Christmas" Sue Ellen said "That's if we get any furniture!"

"We're going to check on the children and go to bed" JR said "It's been a long day"

"Night" Miss Ellie and Clayton replied

"Night" JR and Sue Ellen said as they walked hand in hand upstairs.

They reached John Ross' room first and peeked in. He was sound asleep with his bedcovers thrown on the floor. Sue Ellen quietly walked into the room and placed the covers back on her son and kissed him. JR watched her reminding himself of what a great mother and wife she was. Noone could ever compare to her in his eyes. They then walked into the nursery and saw that the twins were sleeping peacefully.

"These two will want feeding in a couple of hours, so I guess we better get to bed" JR said

Hand in hand they then walked into their bedroom. Closing the door JR wrapped Sue Ellen in a tight embrace.

"Are you tired?" he asked

Sue Ellen laughed "Not anymore I'm hungry!" she said

"Good grief Sue Ellen, don't tell me you're pregnant again!" JR joked

Sue Ellen laughed "what if I was, but no I'm hungry for you!" she said

JR hugged her tightly, she felt him harden beneath her. Picking her up he carried her to the bed and gently laid her down, then climbed into her outstretched arms. Slowly they began to make love again, both hungry for each other but this time wanting their love making to be special so that neither were in any doubt that their love for each other was true and everlasting. After they had finished, they lay quietly in each others arms, Sue Ellen felt safe and relieved that her worst nightmare was over; JR was back with her, the only man she wanted. She loved him more than words could describe, he was her world. JR looked deep into her eyes and saw the depth of her love. He kissed her forehead and held her tightly, once again he thought of what had happened earlier and thanked God, that it was not him in that car, that he was now lying safe in the arms of the only woman he had ever truly loved. She was the wind beneath his wings, with her beside him he could do anything, however the only thing he truly wanted to do was be a good husband and father. He loved his family so much and he planned on showing them how much for the rest of his life.

A few days later JR and Sue Ellen were in town. Miss Ellie and Clayton were looking after the children while they had a lunch date with Cliff Barnes. JR had arranged to pick up the plaque on the way.

"You're not going to tell me what the wording says, are you JR?" Sue Ellen said

JR smiled and kissed her "Nope" he said "You'll just have to wait and see"

Sue Ellen looked at him and shook her head "We promised that we would tell each other everything!" she said

JR laughed "You'll see" he said "But for now, just trust me, okay!"

"Seems I've got no choice" Sue Ellen said

They walked to the restaurant and found Cliff sitting at one of the tables.

"JR, Sue Ellen, how are you?" Cliff asked

"We're fine" JR replied "And you?"

"Fine" he replied "Shall we order"

"Yes" Sue Ellen said

While they were waiting for their order, they chatted about the future and Ewing Oil. However JR's eye caught sight of a woman who had just wandered into the restaurant. He watched her take a seat with her child, hoping that she hadn't spotted him he turned back to the conversation.

"Well Cliff" He said "The deal is almost complete, but are you sure you want to sell Ewing Oil completely"

"What do you mean?" Cliff asked

JR looked at Sue Ellen "Well I was talking to Bobby and we figured that if you're going to sit on the board, why not have a 15% share of Ewing Oil and still carry on working there" he said

"What work with you!" Cliff asked

"Sounds that bad does it!" JR said

"No, it's just I never expected you to want to have me working beside you!" Cliff replied

"Yes well, Ewing Oil isn't my priority any longer, Sue Ellen and my children are so I only actually want to work part time and by the way I've just hired a great new personal assistant" he said "So the question is do you still want have more of a part in the running of Ewing Oil, other than sitting on the board, if so then I'm willing to give you a 15% share of it"

"At what price?" Cliff asked

"None, you said your daddy was one of the founders of Ewing Oil and I just want to put things right" JR said "Life is just too short for feuding and as I'm the one that caused most of the problems in your life, I'm trying to make amends"

"This has nothing to do with my threat to return to law in order to keep you in line" Cliff joked

"No" JR said This is for Sue Ellen, our children and my momma"

Cliff looked at Sue Ellen and smiled "Okay Sue Ellen what have you done with the real JR" he said

Sue Ellen laughed "Nothing" she said

"So, JR you're offering me 15% of Ewing Oil with no strings" Cliff said

"Take it or leave it!" JR said

"It's an offer I can't refuse" he replied "Thank you"

"And while we're discussing business, I've had the plaque for the front of the building made up" JR said handing it to Cliff

"But I thought we were going to discuss this" Cliff said

"I know but I decided to get it done as soon as possible" JR said "Open it, I don't think you'll be disappointed"

Sue Ellen looked at JR as Cliff opened the parcel. Sue Ellen saw Cliff's eyes light up.

"JR, you put my daddy's name first" He said

"Yes, well like you said B comes before E" JR replied

"Thank you JR" Cliff said

"So the Barnes-Ewing feud is dead and buried, it's time to look to the future" JR said "Agreed"

"Absolutely!" Cliff said offering JR his hand. After JR shook his hand they started on their meal.

JR's eyes went to the nearby table and once again he spied the woman he had seen earlier. He was surprised to see her still in Dallas and hoped that she would soon disappear to wherever she was living now. His thoughts turned to Bobby and Amanda, Bobby was happy now and he didn't want anything to spoil that.

"So JR why the personality transplant" Cliff joked

"Ha, maybe it was losing everything and deciding to go after the one thing that has never let me down" JR said "And luckily Sue Ellen is very forgiving and gave me another chance, she made me realise what was important, she gives me so much and she is the reason for my 'personality transplant'" JR said

"So what about this new personal assistant" Cliff asked

"Oh, she's gorgeous, intelligent, sexy and." JR said

"And what?" Cliff asked

JR laughed "The mother of my children" JR replied

Cliff laughed "I'm starting to believe that you two are joined at the hip" he said

"We are!" Sue Ellen replied

"I just don't want to be parted from her for a second" JR said "So I want her by my side always and I know she'll make a fantastic assistant"

They continued to eat their meal and discussing future plans. After some discussion JR paid the bill and they started to leave the restaurant.

"Hey JR, does this mean that I can now go to a Ewing Barbeque and not end up in the swimming pool" Cliff joked

"Yes" JR said "Well goodbye for now Cliff and we'll be in touch soon!"

Cliff kissed Sue Ellen and the cheek "Goodbye" he said "And JR just make sure you look after your beautiful wife"

"Don't worry, I intend to" JR said

After leaving Cliff, Sue Ellen and JR went to their car. JR opened the door for Sue Ellen and as she got in she kissed him.

"Have I told you how much I love you today" she said

"Yes, but you can tell me again" JR said as he got in the car.

"JR, I am so proud of what you did with that plaque and offering Cliff 15% share of Ewing Oil" she said "Every day you remind me of how grateful I am that you're back in my life"

"Everything I do, I do it for you" JR said "To make you happy and to let you know that there is no other person on this earth that I love more than you"

"You're the best, JR" she replied

"On a different note, I saw Pam in the restaurant today" JR said

"What" Sue Ellen said "She told me she was leaving Dallas when I saw her"

"Maybe she is" JR said "But just at the moment she's still here"

"Did she see you?" Sue Ellen asked

"No" JR said "I don't think so, if she did she pretended she didn't"

"I don't want her causing trouble for Bobby and Amanda" Sue Ellen said

"I don't think she will" JR said

"Cliff still has her photograph on his desk, I can't believe she's cut herself off from her own brother" Sue Ellen said

"I know" JR replied "You know, you are so much better than her"

"What makes you say that!" Sue Ellen replied

"Because you my darlin' have done something that she could never do, end the Barnes-Ewing feud" JR said

"Hey let's go home and tell your momma what a great future we have" Sue Ellen said "And afterwards I might give you an extra special reward"

On arriving at Southfork JR and Sue Ellen found Miss Ellie and Clayton outside on the patio surrounded by their four grandchildren. Miss Ellie and Clayton were holding a twin each while John Ross and Christopher played in the pool. Hand in hand they walked towards them.

"How was your lunch" Miss Ellie asked as they approached

"Great" Sue Ellen said

"Momma, the Barnes-Ewing feud is dead; Cliff has got the plaque he wanted to acknowledge his father's role in starting Ewing Oil and Cliff himself has a 15% share in the business and is going to help run it" JR said

"JR that's wonderful, it's about time" his mother said

"JR we're proud of you" Clayton said

"Thank you, we're just going up to get changed" JR said "Then we're relieve you off your grandchildren"

"Take all the time you want" Clayton said

Sue Ellen and JR walked into the house and up to their bedroom. As he closed the door JR grabbed Sue Ellen into an embrace.

"JR, let's take a shower" she winked

JR didn't need to be asked twice, and together they relieved each other of their clothes. Passionately they kissed each other and JR picked Sue Ellen up and she wrapped her legs around him. Slowly he entered her and their passion took over. After they had finished they held tightly too each other.

"I love you Mrs Ewing" JR said, suddenly JR picked her up and carried her to the bed.

"JR we're still wet" she said

"Who cares" JR replied "I want you so much"

Again they began to make love, Sue Ellen wrapped her legs tightly around him as he pushed himself deeper into her. They found their rhythm and reached the height of their ecstasy.

"I can never get enough of you Sue Ellen" JR said

"I want to stay this way forever" Sue Ellen replied "I love you so much and every day you make me more proud of you"

"Come on let's get dressed and go down and see our children" JR said

"JR, you've made all my dreams come true and I love you so much, we have a wonderful future ahead of us" Sue Ellen said

"I know" JR said "You give me so much and I'm so grateful to you; you've taught me what real love is and given me three beautiful children, I am the happiest man alive and it's all thanks to you"

"Do you know that you are the only man I've ever wanted and now that I have you I'm never letting you go" she replied