A/N: This fanfic series is a spoof of the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory featuring the new contestants from Revenge of the Island. It isn't a rip-off of The Big Drama Theory by CharlieHarperFan88. This is my original idea. The cast list will expand as the fanfic progresses, but here's the first chapter with Mike as Sheldon and Cameron as Leonard. Enjoy!

Cameron Watson arrived at Marlborough Apartments in Conwall, Ontario. He was old enough to move out of his mother's basement, so now he needed a place to live. Luckily, he came across a flyer asking for a roommate yesterday, so he decided that's where he was going to live.

But as soon as Cameron walked through the front door, a boy around his age ran down the stairs, holding a box filled with various objects. He was wearing an olive green hoodie and a dark blue toque. He looked very worried about something.

"Excuse me," Cameron told the boy. "I'm looking for Mike Austin. Do you know where he is?"

"Are you hear to check out that room for rent, eh?" the boy asked.

"Yeah," Cameron replied.

"Don't go up there!" the boy yelped. "Get out of here while you still can!"

"How come?" Cameron asked.

"Because Mike's a nut job, eh," the boy said as he left the building, making Cameron wonder what just happened.

Soon, Cameron made it to the fourth floor. He knocked on the door, only to see a large African American male open it.

"Mike Austin?" Cameron asked, confused.

The African American shook his head no and pointed to the door across from him before closing the door.

Cameron walked over to the other door and knocked on it. He was greeted by a tall and thin boy with tan skin, shaggy black hair, and brown eyes. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt with light green stripes across the collar and sleeves, dark blue jeans, and light blue sneakers. He didn't look well with his hair covering his eyes, a black belt tied across his torso, and small scars all over his arms.

"Can I help you?" the boy asked.

"I'm Cameron Watson," Cameron explained. "I called you about the apartment yesterday. Are you Mike Austin?"

"Sure am," Mike replied. "Did you run into Ezekiel on the way over here?"

"Was he that boy with the thick Canadian accent and the box filled with stuff?" Cameron asked.

"That's him," Mike said. "I'm not sure why he left. I didn't give him anything containing peanuts and I let him call his parents every Friday morning. He ended up packing his things, calling me a nut job, and leaving the apartment."

"You don't seem like a nut job," Cameron said, not pointing out the belt and scars.

"That's what I said," Mike said. "So what if I black-out once in a while, talk in my sleep, and cut myself every night before I go to bed?"

"That would explain the scars," Cameron pointed out. "But what's with the belt?"

"Sometimes I black-out when my torso's exposed," Mike explained. "I wear this belt to keep my shirt on so that doesn't happen."

"What if you need to take it off?" Cameron asked.

"There's no need for me to take it off," Mike said. "I keep my shirt and belt on all the time, even when I sleep."

Cameron was starting to wonder if Ezekiel was right. It seemed like Mike really was a nut job.

"So do you want to come in?" Mike asked.

"Sure, I guess," Cameron said as he entered.

The apartment wasn't what Cameron expected. The furniture in the room consisted of a plastic chair, a small circular dark blue rug, a desk lamp on the floor next to the chair, and a small portable refrigerator.

"This is where the bathroom and bedrooms are," Mike said as he showed Cameron the apartment. "You might want to repaint the room where you'll be sleeping. Ezekiel wrote the words 'Crazy Mike Must Die' in red marker all over the walls when he was here."

Cameron looked at his new bedroom. Sure enough, 'Crazy Mike Must Die' was written all over the walls.

He knew right away his time away from home wasn't going to be normal after all...