Hey! I pretty much decided to write this 'cause I got to see the movie again, and I decided I should write something for it. Anyways, here's my first story.

Title: Father…?

Summary: Wilbur stared at the puny, unconfident boy before him and only had one thought: this is my dad…? Parts of the movie through Wilbur's eyes.

Pairings: Same ones as the movie.

Chapter 1

Wilbur Robinson has always admired his dad for the way he would calmly handle a situation, even when all odds were against him. He also admired the way his father would smile and how he was so confident in himself. So, when he walked up to the roof, he wasn't exactly expecting to see his father ripping up his notebook paper, cursing under his breath. He never heard his father curse. He threw back the paper though, in hopes that maybe he'll change his mind. "Hey… what are you doing up here?"

And he pretended to be a pigeon. Of course, that didn't work. "Get away from me!"

Wilbur blinked. His father did seem to be mad. So, he pulled out the lie again only to be exposed. Well, time for the truth now.

"My project didn't work because I'm no good!" he shouted at him, tears on the brinks of his eyes. Wilbur's eyes widened. This was his father? This puny, unconfident boy before him would grow up to be the one he admired the most? It seemed… foreign to him. His dad not being the man he will be. His father screaming at him about how he's crazy and stormed out on him. This was really his father.

"Dad…" he whispered.

So yeah, that was the roof top scene. Hope you all enjoyed! If you want me to do a certain part of the movie, just tell me.