Live is not always what you want it to be. There are things you will like to change or have that are not at you reach but that does not stop you from train to get it.

Hello my name is Edward Mason Cullen. Yep the Edward Mason the most wanted criminal in Chicago I'm 23 years old with emerald green eyes, brown/red hair, about 6'7 hight and 210 pounds and a nice body the women love. My lips are a dip pink color that women say are very kissable. I have three brothers Carlisle Mason Cullen, Emmet Mason Cullen and Jasper Mason Cullen. Together we rule the territories of Chicago, California, Washington and Texas.

We have everything anyone will want money, women, cars, drugs, education, ect. But there is something that we want and don't have and that is the Swan girls. You see my brothers and my self are in love with those girls Isabella, Esme, Rosalie, and Alice. Why not ask them out you will ask right well they are sweet innocent girls that don't even know who we are, but there father does his the head of the federal police department will he may not be able to probe anything agents us docent mean that he thinks were are good we just don't leave any thing that will make as go to jail. With that said will not let as get close the his daughters.

So we have to get to them with out him knowing that is why we have a plan. But will it work.