AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari

TITLE: Jealousy


ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: ItachiXDeidara/DeidaraXItachi

STATUS: Multichapter: Completed


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two males.

REQUEST FIC FOR: nefeli . soulbender

~It's foolish to believe that love can come alone without the pain~

Itachi stalked down the hall of the Akatsuki base, Sharingan flashing in the darkened hallways as night set in. He opened his door and slammed it shut, not caring who heard him. It took something major to get the stoic Uchiha to show any emotion. And, you ask, what could cause this anger that spurred his actions?



Itachi had only shortly ago arrived home from a minor mission with his partner, who had gone to give their mission report while Itachi decided to try to find something to eat. He wasn't hungry but he'd had enough of his partner drilling him for "not eating enough food."

He tugged on Deidara's ponytail as he passed him. Deidara turned around from his own dinner to tell off whoever had done it, but stopped short when he saw Itachi, said man smirking at the younger blonde. He scoffed and flipped his hair, turning away from his friend.

Friend. Not a term you'd ever thought either of the two youngest members would use in their lifetimes. Deidara had hated Itachi with a bloody passion when he was defeated and brought here by said man at the age of fourteen, refusing to speak to him unless it was insults and every time he looked at him it was with a glare. Itachi had easily returned the glare, acting just as hostile as the bomber.

Pein was getting tired of this, rivalry of sorts, and forced the teenagers to go on a mission alone. After a beaten up Sasori and Kisame, detonated living room and burning garden, the teenagers finally sucked up their fate and left together. It took two weeks to complete the apparent end of the world mission for the two to return. When they did, each of the other members were shocked. No arguing, no insults, no bombs. They were walking, side by side, quietly. No one else ever found out what happened while they were gone.

But now, at nineteen and twenty-one, the two hadn't fought in five years. They seemed to have an, understanding silence. Neither really acknowledged the other unless to irritate him, but they never fought, and didn't often even talk to each other.

In front of anyone else, anyway.

Itachi sighed as he looked through the fridge and cabinets for something to fill his stomach. He glanced at Hidan as he wandered into the room, Deidara having finished whatever he had been eating rose to go and sit in the living room. Itachi rolled his eyes at the albino as he cursed at him for being in his way. He moved, in an attempt to avoid fighting with him. He glared at an apple sitting in a bowl before making peace with it and eating it.

He chewed slowly as he watched Hidan turn to eye the blonde in the adjoining room. Deidara was reading a magazine of some sort, oblivious to the looks he received. Hidan smirked, Itachi narrowed his gaze dangerously. He made no move as the Jashinist went to sit next to Deidara. The teenager glanced at him oddly, flicking his gaze to Itachi momentarily with a "wtf" look in his eyes.

Itachi looked away with an expressionless face, leaving the blonde to deal with whatever shit the zealot was going to start. Though neither expected what he had to say.

"Hm, Deidara. Ever notice since you grew up you got pretty hot?"

Itachi's eyes took on a hard look, the blonde choked on his next breath as he registered what had been said to him. He eyed Hidan wearily as he started toying with strands of his hair. Deidara stuttered, but never said any real words. Itachi looked to him out of the corner of his eye. Hidan leaned closer to the teenager. Itachi might not have cared so much. Had the blond decided to move away from him, that is.

"Ever been with anyone?"

Deidara inhaled sharply as he glared at Hidan, whom was currently laying his hand on the blonde's leg. Deidara shifted, a pink blush on his face, along with a smirk.

"Or are you a virgin?"

Itachi flashed his sharingan in anger as he got more personal. He felt a surge of protectiveness flood through him, he tried to ignore the feelings but they erupted inside him as Deidara snickered.

"Why? Think you can handle me?"

Hidan growled at him, Deidara still blushed and Itachi didn't care how hard he tried, the blonde looked nervous. He crushed the apple in his hand, shaking its remains off and glaring at the two men. Hidan leaned closer; Itachi dared him to make any more movement.

Of course the albino always had been stupid.

Hidan had time to press his lips against Deidara's before a kunai whizzed past him. Hidan hissed, bringing his hand up to wipe the thin streak of blood from his cheek. Deidara gasped quietly, both men turned to stare at the raven, but he was already leaving.


Itachi stood tensely, staring out of his window. Maybe if he looked through it he could see into his mind and find out why he had reacted the way he had. The blonde was a grown man, he could be with whomever he wanted. He'd never paid much attention to him to begin with yet that still bothered him. He would openly admit the blonde was attractive, but had more feelings besides that blossomed behind his back?

Itachi's red eyes narrowed as he heard his door open and click shut. Whoever was in his room was either stupid or brave.

"Itachi, un."

Or a mix of both. He hummed in response to the younger, rolling his eyes when the blonde sighed in annoyance.

"What was that? Why did you throw that at Hidan, hm? He wasn't doing any-"

"The hell he wasn't, he was all over you."

Itachi spoke calmly, despite his anger. Deidara raised a brow questioningly.

"So? That's how he is, he'll fuck what's hot. I don't see what your problem is-"

He was cut off when the Uchiha whipped around, anger flashing in his eyes. He stalked over to the teenager, standing a couple of inches taller than him. Deidara was smart enough not to show weakness to him, he stood his ground even though Itachi looked rather frightening.

"My problem is that you didn't do anything. What? Are you going to whore around with Hidan now?"

Deidara's jaw dropped and his eyes widened before he narrowed them in a glare.

"Who the hell do you think you are, hm? I'm allowed to do what I want!"

Itachi scoffed.

"Right. You didn't look so confident with him earlier."

Deidara's face reddened, he put his hands on Itachi's chest and shoved him back.

"Whatever, yeah. It's not any of your concern anyway. At least Hidan actually treats me like I'm a person, un."

Itachi made an annoyed sound.

"He treats you like a toy! All he wants is sex, Deidara, the bastard."

Deidara rolled his eyes and turned to leave.

"I think you're jealous, un."

Just as Deidara reached for the door he felt a pull on his arm and he was jerked away, his back slammed against the door.

"What did you say."

It wasn't a question. Deidara stared wide eyed at the dangerous looking Uchiha. He struggled in Itachi's grip, blushing at the close proximity. Itachi's eyes radiated anger, and a hint of something animalistic.


Deidara's eyes shot wide as Itachi leaned down and kissed him.



Deidara went limp in the raven's arms. Itachi pulled away with a soft nip at the teenager's lower lip. He smirked down at the flustered pyromaniac.

"I think you might be right. So stay the fuck away from him."

Itachi murmured. Deidara stuttered for a retort.

"Back the fuck off, hm! Don't tell me what to do! You don't own me!"

Itachi took on a mischievous look, the blonde felt as though he'd made a mistake.

"Really. I can fix that."

Deidara nearly asked him what he meant when Itachi once more crashed their lips together, sparks exploding down both of their bodies from the contact. Deidara squeaked as he was carelessly tossed onto Itachi's bed, he tried to get up but Itachi pulled him back, pressing his lips against the in-shock bomber's softly. He teased his bottom lip with his tongue, coaxing the blonde to open his mouth and allow him access.

He moaned softly as Itachi won dominance in the kiss and ravished his mouth hungrily. He untied Deidara's hair, letting it flow down his back he ran his hand through it softly. He broke the kiss to bite down the blonde's exposed neck, said teenager tilting his head slowly to give him more skin to mark. He gasped when Itachi bit down softly on a spot a little above his pulse. Itachi smirked against his tan skin, nibbling on the male's sensitive spot. He sucked roughly for a few moments, earning a stifled whimper from the blonde. He pulled back, satisfied at the obvious hickey on his neck.

Deidara's eyes were turned down, Itachi gripped his chin and jerked Deidara toward him so their lips met in a fiery kiss, both males fighting to win dominance though the blonde knew he didn't really stand a chance. Itachi slid his hands underneath the teenager's shirt, lingering over his stomach momentarily, earning a shiver. Deidara made a small squeaking sound when Itachi ran his fingers over his hardening nipples. Deidara broke the kiss to bite his lip when his now lover pinched his sensitive nubs gently. Itachi smirked, gripping the bottom of Deidara's shirt and pulling it over his head, throwing it to the side.

He bent down and slowly licked one of his pink nubs, Deidara arched his back at the sharp sensation. Itachi bit down gently, smirking as the blonde yelped, more in shock than pain. He took a moment to admire what was in front of him, glistening tan skin, golden hair cascading down his back, lustful blue eyes, and swollen pink lips. He kissed down his lover's chest, tauntingly dipping his tongue in his bellybutton. Deidara made a sound at everything he did, it was cute, really. He slowly unzipped his pants, sliding them down his tan thighs. Deidara turned to the side, his face blushing red as a cherry. Itachi fingered the waistband of his boxers for a moment before quickly disposing of them, freeing his lover's pulsing erection. He smirked at him, slowly ghosting his hand over the weeping arousal before wrapping his fingers around it in a slack fist. Deidara let out a shrill cry as he did so.

Crap I sound like a girl!

He thought to himself, biting his wrist in a sad attempt to muffle his sounds. Itachi wouldn't have it and immediately pinned Deidara's wrists over his head, looking down at him with lust hazed eyes.

"Hands off."

He said, trailing his hand slowly down the blonde's slender body, fisting his cock in a teasing manner. He smirked as Deidara moaned in a high pitch, thrusting into Itachi's hand. Itachi ran his thumb over the tip a few times as he pumped the heated arousal. Deidara shuddered violently, crying out in ecstasy as a coil untwisted in his stomach and he came explosively into the pale hand. Itachi brought his hand up and flicked his tongue along his fingers.

"Mm. That was fast."

Deidara pouted lightly, the blush on his face darkening, if possible. Itachi teasingly removed his own shirt, revealing a pale and toned body. The nineteen year old licked his lips, his erection already rising again. Itachi chuckled in a lust darkened voice. Deidara leaned up and gripped Itachi's ponytail, pulling him closer to crash their lips together. Both men moaned into the passionate kiss. Deidara reached down and unzipped Itachi's pants.

Itachi stood to remove his pants and boxers. Deidara gazed, slack-jawed at the raven haired god in front of him. Itachi let his hair down, a suggestive smirk on his face as he eyed the blonde like he was something to eat. The teenager closed his legs and covered his chest with his arms, self-consciousness setting it. He stared at the ground in embarrassment. He gasped in surprise when he was pulled forward, chest against Itachi's and faces inches apart, he "eeped," shivering under the hard gaze of the Uchiha.

"You're beautiful, stop being so shy, Deidara."

He whispered, sliding his lips down his neck. Deidara released a breathy moan as Itachi peppered his exposed neck and shoulder with butterfly kisses, groaning in pleasure when he grinded his hips, rubbing their erections together.

"You didn't answer his question earlier."

Deidara glanced at him questioningly.

"Have you done this before-"

He bit his shoulder,

"Or are you a virgin?"

Deidara shut his eyes tight as he blushed furiously, Itachi still slowly grinded against him, opening his mouth in a moan before answering him quietly in a shy voice.

"A-a virgin."

Itachi smiled against his love-marked skin. He reached his hand lower, smearing his fingers with pre-cum before he gently probed at Deidara's tight entrance. Deidara gasped loudly as one finger slid into him, arching his chest against Itachi's. He hissed, muscles clenching out of reflex. Itachi hushed him soothingly, continuing to trail kisses down his neck. He slowly worked his finger to relax the blonde, and the moment he relaxed he added a second finger, Deidara whimpered as Itachi continued to stretch him.

Itachi angled his fingers differently, pressing against the blonde's prostate. A stifled cry left his lips as the raven haired man repeatedly rubbed his special spot, Deidara merely winced when a third finger was added, the strange pleasure already overriding any pain, as he pushed himself down against the fingers. He nearly whined at the loss when Itachi took them away. The Uchiha pushed the blonde down onto his back and spread his legs farther apart, bending them at the knees. Deidara felt even more uncomfortable at the vulnerable position he was in, but he couldn't back out now.

Itachi bent down, kissing the younger softly to ease his nerves. He gently pressed at his entrance, Deidara inhaled sharply at the light pressure, gripping the sheets tightly. Itachi slowly pressed until the muscle relaxed and he slid inside. He groaned lowly as the tight heat engulfed him, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. Deidara broke their kiss to yelp loudly at the burning stab of pain, breathing harshly as Itachi continued to push inside. He whimpered when Itachi was completely inside, wanting to move away but too afraid that it would cause more pain.

He laid still, Itachi rubbed his sides calmly as he trembled in pain, disbelieving anyone who had ever said sex was some great thing.

He breathed deeply, after a few minutes relaxing, muscles unclenching. He felt the pain gradually fade away, leaving a dull ache. He pushed down against Itachi's hips, telling him silently to move. Itachi slid almost all the way out, angled his hips downwards, and thrust roughly into the tight heat again. Deidara arched his back with a slutty cry of pleasure as his prostate was slammed into. Itachi smirked devilishly, slamming into the blonde again and again as the younger screamed in ecstasy, his mouth hanging open and lithe body glistening with sweat.

Deidara felt the coil in his stomach tighten unbearably, before the pressure exploded within him and he came for the second time that night onto his and Itachi's chests. Itachi watched the blonde in his lust drugged state, as his body tightened he felt his own orgasm rush through him. With a deep moan he released into the blonde, who let out a high pitch groan as his insides were splashed with the hot liquid.

Itachi pulled out of the exhausted uke, lying beside him carefully. He brushed his sweaty hair from his eyes as he tried to control his own breathing.

"Now you're mine."

Itachi said sardonically. Deidara looked as though he tried to reply but couldn't catch his breath, so instead he just turned to the side and pressed his face into Itachi's shoulder. Itachi sighed drowsily, lazily brushing through the blonde's hair before sleep consumed both of them.

The last thing Deidara expected to wake up to was him snuggled against Uchiha Itachi. He sat up in shock -or tried to- he yelped in pain when his ass made contact with the bed, throwing himself back onto his stomach and waking his lover in the process. Itachi blinked for a moment to get his eyes used to the bright light before staring down at the bomber, said man having tears in his eyes. He chuckled lowly as he rose to throw on some clothes, the blonde cursing at him all the while.

Deidara hissed at the weasel as he lifted him bridal style, carrying him into the shower and setting him on the floor of it, turning the water on to douse him. Deidara yelped at the cold water, but found moving to be too much trouble. Itachi snickered as he pouted up at him, wet hair partially covering both of his fiery azure eyes.

"Quit glaring and wash up, I'll find some more comfortable clothes for you."

He snickered again, dodging a bar of soap as he left the room. It took nearly half an hour for the blonde to clean up and get himself out of the room. He wrung his hair out as he stared at himself in the mirror, eyeing the marks Itachi had left all over his neck. He sighed in annoyance as he stumbled out of the bathroom. He felt a blush paint his face again as Itachi turned his head to stare at the blonde's dripping form. He tossed a large shirt and pair of sweatpants at him, turning to tie his hair up while the blonde fought to dress himself.

Deidara sat softly on the bed, wincing at the sharp pain shooting up his spine. Itachi smirked, swooping down to kiss the pouting teenager. Deidara shuddered in pleasure as his anger melted away. He pulled away and stared into Itachi's midnight eyes, gasping harshly as Itachi pulled him to his feet.

"We need to go before someone comes to get us."

Deidara looked through hooded eyes as he left the raven's room, nearly running right into a certain albino. Deidara stifled a gasp, Hidan raised a brow at the younger, looking into the open door.

"No way, did you sleep with red-eyes?"

Deidara stuttered for an answer, but Itachi appeared in front of him, pressing his lips against the startled teen's. He looked through red eyes at the surprised Jashinist.

"Answer your question?"

Hidan shook his head in disbelief, Deidara stood looking flustered. Itachi put his arm around his waist.

"Good. Then don't fucking touch what's mine."


I have no idea if this is what you want Nefeli I wrote it as best I could : 3 jealous Itachi is sexy, yes ;) Don't start on me with the crappy ending, I couldn't really think of much else so I just had Itachi tell Hidan, who really is the one who brought all this on, off.