Deidara blew a strand of his hair away from his azure eyes, focused on a drawing he had randomly decided to sketch since his boyfriend had gone out to train and he'd been left bored to tears. The art piece was of a large castle, purple fog surrounded it, and the entire woods surrounding it were dark as well. Overall it was a haunted painting.

He glanced up as his boyfriend of nearly two years strolled into their shared room.

"Hey 'Tachi, un."

He received a glance in response. He rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's attitude, someone was obviously PMSing. He continued to add to the painting to keep himself busy. He started when soft lips pressed to his forehead. Itachi stared at his painting a moment, a soft look in his eyes, the one he always got when he watched his lover create.

"What have you been doing, un?"

Itachi sighed deeply.

"Avoiding Hidan's scythe."

Deidara raised his eyebrows, the two mostly ignored each other. Deidara and Hidan were somewhat friends but Itachi didn't like him, Deidara thought he was still jealous.

"Why, yeah? What is it he said? Or you said?"

He snickered. Itachi had a way of setting the albino off. Itachi narrowed his eyes.

"I didn't do anything. He said something about our love life and when I retorted he threw a tantrum."

"So you did something, hm."

"Do you want me to sit around while he talks about you like that? Or would you rather he talk about you like some common whore and coerce you into bed?"

"I would never get into bed with him!"

"Really? You aren't hard to convince!"

Deidara's mouth fell open and a hurt look entered his eyes before anger filled them. He shoved Itachi out of his way as he all but ran away from the room. Itachi cursed under his breath, opening his mouth to call after his lover, but he was already gone. He ran his hand through his hair, angry at himself and upset he had hurt the blonde. He and Deidara very rarely fought and if they did it was over something stupid that could be stopped with changing the subject. They had different opinions on things, and worked things out. This wasn't the first time he had insulted the bomber, when they were younger that was all they said to each other, insults.

But this was different, now that they were together. And that comment had hurt, he knew. The blonde was far from slutty, Itachi being the only one he'd ever slept with and even then he wasn't "easy."

He shook his head and without another thought he raced after his mate, having an idea of where he had gone.


I wiped the tears from my eyes as I looked out to the lake. How dare he say that to me, that bastard! He's the slutty one, if anything. I didn't know why but his indirect insult really hurt. I felt self-conscious enough, it was his fault anyway! If he hadn't done anything that day nearly two years ago, I'd still be a virgin and he'd have no truth to the insult.

That's why.

It hurt because it was true. Before, if he insulted me, they were untrue as far as that went, so I paid no attention to it. Now, he had gotten me into bed and the insults were true. I had no argument. My eyes clouded with tears again and I cursed as I furiously wiped them away. I gasped as someone softly touched my back, standing up quickly to attack before I saw Itachi. I threatened my body to not cry or give any signs I was upset at all, though he was smart enough to know I was.


It broke Itachi's heart when he saw the younger male crying, he hadn't meant to upset him. He hated when the blonde was hurt in any way. He touched his back tentatively, stepping back when the blonde nearly attacked him. When he saw who it was, his eyes pooled with fresh tears before hardening in anger and hidden upset for him. Itachi's eyes softened.

"What do you want, un?"

He spoke in a raspy voice. Itachi wet his lips before speaking to the blonde, who was mad at him and he knew that at the moment he was diffusing a dangerous bomb.

"I'm sorry, Dei. I didn't mean what I said. You know I love you and you aren't easy at all, I didn't mean to insult you, I was angry at Hidan, not you."

Deidara's eyes were cloudy as he hugged himself.

"Well you took it out on me, un."

"I know, I'm so sorry, honey."

Itachi was sincere and Deidara knew it, but he was still hurt, and he knew he was acting like an emotional teenage girl but he really didn't care. He shook his head.

"I'm not some slut for you, un."

"I never meant you were, you aren't."

He felt anger bubble forth toward the raven haired man.

"Why don't you be bottom and see how it's like to be called a slut, hm?"

Itachi was just as aggressive, and answered before he even processed what was said to him. His mistake.

"Fine! If it gets you over your damn temper!"

Deidara raised his eyebrows, he hadn't been entirely serious. Itachi finally realized what the blonde originally asked him, and inhaled sharply, pursing lips.

"Really, un?"

Itachi nodded shortly, a sinister smirk crossed the blonde's face, causing the raven to swallow hard. He walked up to the elder, kissing him once before grabbing his hand and walking to the base, dragging the raven behind him. The sky was darkening to black, day giving into night quickly. Itachi's eyes widened, he hadn't thought the blonde meant tonight!

The bomber continued his way to their room with the perplexed Uchiha, locking the door behind them. He shoved the elder onto his back, their bed bouncing lightly. He stared at him with a hungry gaze, stripping off his shirt and pulling Itachi forward by his long hair to kiss him roughly. Itachi's eyes widened at the sudden heat of dominance from the blonde.

Of course, Deidara's bi-polar disorder might be the reason for his sudden easy switch in roles.

The bomber slid his hand underneath his lover's shirt, pale skin shivering from his hot touch. Both fought to take over their heated kiss, Deidara eventually winning and forcing the raven into submission. He freed his hair from its tie, running his hands through the silky locks slowly, gently pulling so his neck was bared. He softly bit and sucked along his uke's throat, marking high up so people could see it even if Itachi tried to conceal it.

He broke away from the panting Uchiha, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. His hooded eyes took in the panting, pale, toned form, his glazed over coal eyes, his black hair flowing over the bed. He felt his erection throb painfully as he trailed his fingers across the Uchiha's chest and stomach, enjoying his trembles. He reached the hem of his pants, pulling them off his hips and letting them fall to the floor like the shirt.

"No boxers Itachi? Naughty weasel."

Smirked the pyro. Itachi rolled his eyes, before they quickly snapped shut as Deidara trailed his fingers across his heated cock. He thrust upwards; moaning into another passionate kiss as Deidara teasingly stroked him. He huffed impatiently, thrusting against the muscled body above him to get him to go faster. He paid no attention as the blonde shifted to his left, but when he felt him smirk against his lips he went on instant guard.

An unbearably cold object sent chills through his entire body as it was attached to the base of his dick, he broke the kiss to look down, a cock ring was what Deidara had reached for.

"You bastard!"

He growled, flustered. An unusual yet adorable look for him. Deidara sneered at the blushing ninja, his hand still slowly moving along his encased cock.

"Part of your punishment, babe."

He whispered against his neck as he kissed down to his chest.


Itachi thought with a pang of worry. He shivered as Deidara kissed his chest, gasping in a shock of pleasure as he trailed his tongue over one of his nipples. He bit down on one, earning a wince before he licked the skin apologetically. He gave the other hardened nub the same treatment, Itachi arched his back as sharp pinpricks of sensation flowed from his abused nipples. Deidara kissed his way down his stomach to his throbbing erection, trailing his hot tongue over the organ. Itachi groaned loudly as he was teased by the blonde's mouth, feeling a painful pressure in his stomach that had nowhere to go.

"Dei-Deidara, please."

He rasped, the blonde glanced at him once but made no other move. Itachi cried out when his orgasm hit him, wanting desperately to release but having no way to do so. His entire body throbbed, white spotting his vision until it finally died down, the original pain dulling into pleasure again as the blonde continued to bite and lick anywhere he could, darkened bruises littering the raven's body.

Itachi moaned as every nerve in his body was stimulated, it felt like. The blonde stood up from the bed, the raven heard him take off his pants and a drawer open and shut. He squirmed on the bed, having second thoughts about bottoming to Deidara. The blonde sat back on the bed, not paying much attention to the nervous gaze of the raven as he bent his knees and pulled them up, uncapped the bottle, and coated three fingers in the lube. He probed at his tight entrance before pushing his index finger inside him.

Itachi's stomach tightened, he bit his lip, not permitting any sound to leave his mouth. Deidara hushed him lowly when he felt him tighten, rubbing his thigh slowly. Deidara's lustful eyes roved over the submissive Uchiha -something he'd probably never see again- as he writhed on the bed. He pushed his finger in and out of the tight muscle, easing the raven to relax before he added his middle finger. Itachi very nearly whimpered as his tight hole was stretched, repressing the sound as he bit his lip harder.

Deidara's eyes softened and he kissed his boyfriend's neck slowly as he spread and twisted his fingers, not allowing the Uchiha to arch away from him, though he tried. He met his lips in a soft kiss before he added the last finger, muffling the whimper that defied Itachi and left his mouth.

"Relax 'Tachi, relax."

The blonde murmured against his swollen lips. Itachi had their chests pressed together, trying to relax his body. When Deidara bit a sensitive spot on his neck his muscles involuntarily relaxed in pleasure. The Uchiha was torn between the unusual senses of pleasure, and hating the vulnerable and at-his-mercy position he was now in.

Remind him not to piss off his boyfriend anymore.

Deidara bent his fingers at an odd angle, and before Itachi had a chance to ask what he was doing a bolt of pleasure rocketed through him. He let out a breathy moan as he came down from his high, wide black eyes stared at the sinisterly smug seme. Deidara slicked his throbbing erection in lube, positioning himself between Itachi's legs. The raven shied away from him, but the bomber pulled him forward, spreading his bent knees farther apart. Itachi gripped the sheets tight in his fists as the tip of Deidara's impressive cock pressed into him, he slid completely inside easily due to the amount of lube he'd used, but that hardly lessened the pain Itachi felt as he was taken this way for the first time.

He yelped rather loudly, obsidian eyes inevitably pooled with tears in an involuntary reaction before he slammed them shut in a last ditch attempt to hide any weakness. His muscles clenched and unclenched quickly as he tried to adjust to the intrusion, thankful the blonde held still. Deidara brushed some hair from Itachi's face, kissing him gently as he rolled his hips slowly, not pulling out -god forbid he moved until Itachi was ready- to relax the tense Uchiha. He brushed against that spot again, sending fireworks exploding across Itachi's vision. He thrust up against him, Deidara smirked at his needy mate as he carefully pulled out and angled to slam against Itachi's prostate.

The raven nearly arched off the bed in pleasure, opening his still glistening eyes. They met in a feverish kiss, Deidara pulling Itachi up and supporting him so he could thrust up. The Uchiha either moaned or whimpered at every thrust, which was cute since normally he was a pretty silent partner. He threw his head back as the blonde nipped at his neck, grinding against his torso.

"T-take it off, p-please"

He panted. Deidara sneered at him.

"Think you deserve release, naughty weasel?"

The elder blushed before looking at him with wide, dark eyes. Deidara chuckled lowly as he slid his hand along the Uchiha's engorged cock. He snapped off the torturous ring, pumping his weeping cock in time to his thrusts. Itachi cried out in ecstasy as he came explosively onto his and Deidara's chests, his body convulsed around Deidara's own cock and the combined hot tightness brought him to completion deep within the spent Uchiha.

Deidara let Itachi fall backwards onto the bed, a panting, exhausted mess. He wiped himself off with the discarded shirt on the floor, doing the same for the half-conscious Uchiha. He lay next to his mate as he gave him a chaste kiss, trailing patterns on his pale skin while he shivered lightly.


The blonde said in a teasing manner. Itachi glared at him for a second, rolling his eyes as he kissed his neck apologetically.

"I like this new position, yeah, we should switch more often."

Itachi narrowed his eyes, shaking his head before opening his mouth to retort, but the blonde suddenly got on top of him, pressing his arms down and staring at him with a superior smirk.

"You aren't in a position to tell me no, princess, hm."

Itachi fought against him, but his body was still dazed and un-recovered from earlier. He winced as his sore ass throbbed. He sighed in defeat, relenting to the bi-polar blonde he fell in love with. Deidara kissed him slowly.

"That won't hurt as much tomorrow but you'll be sore for most of the week, un."

Itachi melted into the kiss, mentally groaning at the thought. He pulled back, a small smile on his lips as he looked at the blushing, tired, adorable Uchiha in front of him.

"You're a cute uke, hm."

He didn't think he was so cute when he was kicked off the bed.