(Hey guys! This is a new multi chapter story for you ^_^ It's a little AU. Bella is blind, and the story starts at the very beginning, but Edward and Alice are a mated couple. This is a Jasper/Bella. I love them, okay?)

Third person POV

A tall brunette girl with clouded over eyes, a white cane and a heavy looking bag walked through the mostly empty corridors and out into the parking lot, chewing on her full lower lip and tapping the cane against the ground as she went.

Two big rowdy boys ran along the pathway, yelling and throwing a soccer ball back and fourth. The ran past her, and one shoved her violently which resulted in her toppling over, the bag and its contents spilling out over the gravel. She let out a loud yelp as she fell, dropping the cane. The two boys laughed.

Jasper POV

As I walked out the school I felt a spike in panic and distress nearby, so I meandered around the building to find the object of Eddie boys god given disappearance, Isabella Swan, muttering under her breath and raking her hands along the ground, in what I can only guess is an attempt to find her cane and possessions. I rush over, ever eager to help someone who looks so helpless, and when I approach she swivels towards the sound of my footsteps

"P-please" she shrinks back "Can you help me..?"

her hands gesture to the mess around her

"I- I don't know where everything went..."

I chuckle and kneel down, first picking up her cane and placing it in her hand so she can get up. While I pick up the rest of her things she shuffles her feet nervously

"I'm Bella.." she pressed her lips together and tilts her head to the side.

I nod, standing up and placing the strap of her bag over her shoulder. Her blank brown eyes flicker up to me

"I'm Jasper." I reply, taking a step back when her cane taps against my foot.

"Can I give you a ride home?" I ask, looking around the parking lot, empty bar my own car "It wont do you any good to walk home, the weather changes so easy around here"

Bella laughed lightly, and the sound brightened her face, her head tilted towards the sky and she took a deep breath

"It's not going to rain today" she assured me, and she seemed so certain, confident about the assumption that I couldn't help but smile

"Then at least let me walk you home?" I asked, pleased when she shrugged and nodded

"Sure, why not." She started off towards the school gates and the world outside, shifting her bag on her shoulder, and I followed after her

"What do you look like?" she asked, after a few minutes of silence.

"Well.." I started, wringing my hands together "I'm about six foot.. Blond curly hair that stops a few inches below my ears, my eyes are a little odd looking, sorta almond shaped and gold, I have pretty nice lips for a guy I think, middle highish cheekbones and I am very very pale." she giggled, her footsteps slowing
"That's very specific.. Most people don't take as many things into consideration, I can get a pretty accurate picture of you now, so thanks" I slowed my steps to match hers, kicking a stray stick from her path
"Well, you're blind.. If I only tell you I have gold eyes and blond hair I'm just hovering blond hair and gold eyes to you, and that's hardly useful"

She laughed this time, tossed back her head, opened her mouth and laughed, her brunette hair shaking

"That's what most people are!" She exclaimed, her hands making an excited gesture "I ask people to tell me what they look like and from that day on I'm just surrounded by a sea of floating eyes and hair! It's awful!" she giggled, her loud attitude simmering down quickly

"It sounds infuriating" I turned around a corner with her, to see her little house tucked away in the corner.

"You were right, Bella, it didn't rain" I laughed, reaching out to ruffle her hair. She grinned "Yeah.. It didn't smell like it would" she smiled wistfully and tucked some hair behind her ears "Thank you for walking me home" she gave me a small nod, and spun around, tapping her cane on the floor as she walked to her door. I watched, and she gave a small wave over her shoulder before disappearing into her house.

I ran back through the forest to my own home, to find the 'family' all doing their own thing, Alice and Edward were snuggled on the sofa, Rosalie was sketching, Emmet was playing a video game and Esme and Carlisle were both reading.

"She's a keeper, Jasper" Alice said dreamily "Keep an eye on her"

Edward laughed, wrapping an arm around hair waist and nuzzling her cheekbones

"Can it love birds!" Rosalie quipped, throwing a pencil at their heads. They ducked, and she stomped over to me, pulling me into a hug "They've been driving me nuts all day!" she complains, flicking her hair over her shoulders "But how is the kid... Isabella, right?" her eyes softened, and she pressed her lips together, concern washing over her. Rosalie was quite compassionate when it came down to it, and she had sympathy for the girl after seeing her struggle to adjust to living somewhere entirely new.

"She prefers Bella" I correct her quickly, having clearly seen the irritated look on the girls face when that chubby blond kid kept calling her 'Isabella' and that tall Jessica girl who instantly dubbed her 'Izzy' "She's good, I walked her home after helping her get her things, two rowdy gits knocked her over, I swear it was on purpose too"

Rosalie's eyes darkened and Emmet walked over, winding an arm around her shoulders, which helped to ebb the flow of anger she was emitting

"Perhaps we should keep an eye on her?" he suggested, his innocent puppy dog eyes allowing us to forget what would happen if we got too close too her "Just until she's found her feet... She didn't really look like she was having any fun at that table today at lunch, if we helped her get her confidence she could find her own friends!"

Emmet clapped his hands, ecstatic at the blinding simplicity behind his plan

"Edward can't get a read on her" Alice pipped up, tugging at the sleeves of her sweater "I can't get a clear grip on her future either.. So maybe Emmet is right, we should keep an eye on her, just for a little while"