Profound apologies for the atrociously long wait, I have been incredibly busy. The area I live in got horribly flooded with all the rain. I hope a lovely dinner and maybe a little surprise near the end makes up for this..

Jasper pov the next day, benny's.

Table for fourteen. The cullens, the whitlocks, the blind beggars and Charlie. Not an easy thing to get hold of the night before you want it, but Peter is a friend and he understands, and so we have a table for fourteen, even though only five are really eating.

Bella has been made up into a brighter, more blushing version of herself with flawless skin and long eyelashes and a dress that swishes with every delicate movement she makes and causes it to be practically impossible for me to stop noticing them and subsequently the girl herself. Every nervous shift of her hips, the combing of fingers through her mahogany hair, the twitch of her nose when she laughs.. and the crossing of her ankles, leading my eyes up the toned expanse of her legs, covered in black striped tights that just scream touch me, and you would not believe how willing I am to obey.

She wriggles closer, her cheek resting on my shoulder as she looks up at me, lights reflected in her eyes and a content smile on her lips.
"This is like home.." she whispers, words meant just for me. I know exactly what she means. Surrounded by the people we care about, all problems sorted out. This. These moments are the ones that make me glad I can remember everything. I hmm under my breath, wind an arm around her waist, drag my fingers across the fringing laying there, delighting in the quiet breathless laugh that results in. "Your friends seem wary of me" I comment, looking up to see Kai, Emily and Lucy all glancing in my direction before turning to whisper things that I've been trying not to hear to each other, as they have been most of the night

Bella's laughing again, and this close I can see it shake her shoulders. "They've always been very protective of me, I'm the youngest" she looks over at Kai, who's looking at her with a glint in his eye but a serious expression "Kai is uh.. Probably the worst for that, I think. He lost his sister.. I guess I've been filling in a little, but we've always been close.. he's the first person I told about the whole.. cutting.. thing and he was always there. I used to call at ridiculous hours because I couldn't put a blade down or something wouldn't stop bleeding, but whatever it was he'd help." Kai is to Bella what Peter is to me. A brother, someone who has shared hardship with me and remained none judgemental of my past. A best friend.

Bella smiles and nods, as if she knows every word that just flew through my head, before turning back to the table just in time to laugh at a joke someone made that she didn't hear, and her hand sneaks under the table to trail her fingertips across my thigh in the lightest way that has me suppressing a shiver, tugging on a lock of her hair "What are you doing?" she just smiles, winks, and carries on.

Drive home

Bella and I drove here on our own. Alice insisted for some reason or another that I'm not certain of right now. Not that I'm focusing on that. No, more the way Bella is still trailing her fingertips across my thigh with her head resting on my shoulder and dreamy kitten half moan half sigh sounds drifting from between her lips, and what else I could do to elicit such heavenly noises.

"You're gonna have to stop that soon, princess" I chuckle, delighting in the way she opens her eyes to glance up at me, despite the lack of effect it has on what she herself sees. "Stop what?" she asks, innocence dripping from her tongue, a mismatch to the seductive and mischievous mood I know she's in.

I pull on to the hard shoulder and stop, twisting a hand through her hair and bending round to place a chaste kiss on her lips, smiling at her pout when I pull away "We gotta get home, dizzy love, I'm sure people wont appreciate it if we go missing..." Bella lifts her head, looking up at me from under her lashes and drawing swirling patterns against my chest in a way that makes concentrating on anything but her difficult "I think.." she starts, leaning in closer, the vanilla of her perfume washing over me "That the two of us.. might appreciate going missing... Just for a little while" and she pouts again, full lower lip jutting out calling for me to take it between my teeth and suck on it.

So then I did, placed my arms on her waist and picked her up, over the gear stick and onto my lap, in a dress I now realise is far too short to remain decent in such a position. I find myself not caring. The sudden movement catches Bella off guard, her teeth biting into my lip for a second before she's laughing, hands dragging through my hair as I apologise with an open mouthed kiss placed on the join between her neck and shoulder. I reach around to drop the back of the seat down, and somewhere loose my balance, ending up with Bella pressed up against the driving wheel, horn beeping and disguising the squeak of her giggle until I pull her away, lying her along the now horizontal seat.

"I'm sorry" she laughs again, hands around my hips, tugging me against her "It's ok" she sighs, tilting her head until our lips meet again. It doesn't take long for her to squirm her hands between us and begin tugging at shirt buttons until I'm topless, and I sit up again, pulling her with me until her legs wrap around my hips and she ducks her head to explore my chest, trailing sloppy kisses across my abdomen between laughs. The smell of vanilla and champagne clings to her, intensifying with every shake of her hair until its all I can smell. Just her. I pull the straps of her dress down her arms and leave the dress to pool at her waist, watching the shiver tingle through her at the sudden contact with cold air. She's getting as impatient as I am, rocking her hips against me.

"We can't" I sigh, reaching around to un caslp her bra so it falls somewhere "Then stop" she responds with a breathless laugh, tugging at the buckle of my belt with restless fingers before abandoning that to pull her dress up over her head.

Stockings. Not tights. Stockings. Bella is in stockings. Bella is in only stockings and underwear.

Now I know why Alice insisted we take my car.

"Bella this is too dangerous" I continue, sucking and nibbling on the swell of her chest to leave a dark impression only meant for me to see. She just hmms in the back of her throat.

Bella POV

I certainly don't need to see to enjoy this. It's enough as it is. Jasper, hands wrapped around my hips, fingers tapping at the small of my back rhythmically in time with the rough jolts of my body as I let my hands tangle in his hair, unsure of how far I can take this before he really does stop. There's a saner, more logical corner of my brain still ticking away and flashing warning signals at me, that I need to remember what Jasper is, how easily he could hurt me. The alarms only get quieter and quieter at every soft touch, as I am more convinced of my safety and more in need of him.

His cock is pressing against me in a way that reminds me what this playing around would lead too. Reminds me that I am so not ready for anything that sounds as ridiculous as sex with a vampire. Still, I don't want to stop. Don't think I could stop the magnetic force that kept my hands glued to any part of him I can reach. It's like a persistent ache bubbling under the surface of my skin. Telling me I need him close as physically possible. I need everything about him. The contradiction of my nerves and this unknown feeling make my head fuzzy and my breathing shallow.

There's a noise somewhere that isn't me or Jasper. A buzzing, like a phone. I ignore it. Whatever it is- impending doom or marriage proposal- it is not important. One of Jaspers hands leaves my side and I whimper at the loss of contact, satisfied when it quickly returns to press against my cheek, accompanied by his low chuckle. "Fun is over princess.. We have to get you home or Charlie will worry" I try my best to frown. I don't want to go home. He sighs, presses his forehead against mine "I got carried away. Projecting. Sorry, it was too much for you" I resent the statement immediately. Badly timed perhaps, but not too much. Not enough. He laughs again and kisses my bottom lip, which is still jutting out in my attempt to keep this going.

Later that night, Bella's room.

After saying goodnight to everyone I trudged up to my bedroom, zonked out by the busy day of activity. I know Jasper is there, and I pause nervously in the door way. After our detour the rest of the car journey had passed in almost silence... I hear him sigh and move from his position on the left side of the room, and when he gets to me he reaches past to shut the door slowly, leaning in and placing his free hand against my waist in a way that makes me shiver again. "Bella.." He starts, his voice low and quiet "its important we remember how... fragile you are in comparison to me" a hand runs down my arm "and that we need to be careful about our.."

Jasper pov

"Intimacy" Bella finishes for me dryly, raising one eyebrow at my inability to find a word less juvenile than make-out session.. I chuckle and take her hand, swinging it between us before she moves past me to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. In some clever form of woman only magic she re-emerges with her face void of make-up wearing yoga shorts and a vest top, still brushing her teeth while she talks
"I mean.. its not like I didn't figure that out, y'know. You're a freakin' vampire.." her words are muffled until she wanders back into the bathroom and re-appears "We can talk more tomorrow" she promises with a sigh, collapsing into bed and snuggling into my side when I join her "stay for the night.." is mumbled half coherently, and my only response is to wrap an arm around her.