This is the sequel to my story "Unexpected" (formally "Pregnant at Seventeen") about Victoire. If you haven't read it, I would recommend that you do because this story makes a lot of references to it and has a lot of the same characters. But it probably can stand on its own as well.

I've never been very close to my older sister. For as long as I could remember there were many people who she seemed to deem more worthy of her time—Teddy, Roxanne, Fred, Grace, Aidan, and later Colin. I was just her annoying little sister. The one who had ruined her favorite dress when she was six. The one who had embarrassed her in front of Tommy Cunningham, who she had been madly in love with, when she was nine. The one who had accidently killed her pet toad the day before she left for her first day of school when she was eleven.

The funny thing was, while she herself hardly ever bothered to remember I existed, everyone else continuously associated me with her.

Victoire's Little Sister.

Sometimes I felt like that was my only real identity.

Once I stared school at Hogwarts, teachers were constantly comparing me to her. "You're Victoire's little sister, aren't you?" they'd ask. "She's a wonderful girl. So much potential," they'd say. "Hopefully you're just like her."

Victoire Weasley was positively perfect in everyone's eyes. She was beautiful, with her long golden hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin. She was popular. She was smart. When she walked down the hallway, every boy in sight would turn to stare at her bum.

And I was her little sister.

My mum constantly called me by her name. "Vic," she'd say and then shake her head, "Dom, I mean…" I noticed that it was never the other way around. Vic was never accidently called Dom.

People were always telling me how I looked just like her. "Someday, you'll be just as beautiful as she is," they'd tell me.


Sometimes I wondered when "someday" would become "today". When I could finally break free of my sister's shadow. When I would stop being "Victoire' s Little Sister" and become "Dominique Weasley".

It wasn't that I didn't love my sister. Of course I did. And I'm sure she loved me too. It's just that sometimes I wanted to claw her pretty little eyes out.

But we were sisters, so maybe that was normal.

All I knew for sure was that Victoire and I weren't close. Never had been. Maybe never would be.

Louis was the sibling I'd always gotten on best with. Maybe it was just because we'd bonded over having a perfect older sister who never bothered to give us the time of day.

If I was "Victoire's Little Sister", then Louis was most certainly always referred to as "Victoire's Little Brother". Never "Dominique's Little Brother". Always Victoire's.

Everything was always about Victoire.

Sorry it's so short. The other chapters will be longer, but this was just supposed to be an intoduction/prologue type thing.

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