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Gill closed her eyes as she thought about the phone call that she had just finished. It had been a day from Hell and all she wanted to do was go home and collapse into a vat of red wine. There was no time for that, not with the powers that be wanting to speak to her, to Janet's family and then there was her team. They needed her. Closing her eyes once more she tried to school her poker face back into place and think about what was needed now. It seemed that DC Janet Scott had used up yet another of her five lives. Shaking her head and smiling she looked out over the main office. MIT were family. And she was the head of that family. She stared into space as she thought of Janet and her useless husband.What does she see in Aide? I know they have the girls but. She turned sharply as she realised someone was in the doorway.

"Hiya." Rachel smiled sadly as Gill faced her.

"You alright?"

"Not really." Rachel smiled sadly. "Why her? I mean. Why Janet?"

"Rachel." She smiled sadly.

"It should have been me. She's got Aide, the girls. What have I got?" She held Gill's gaze as the older woman narrowed her eyes.

"Oh no you don't." She pointed a finger at the DC.

"You know I'm right."

"Ok." Gill stepped towards her. "You know as well as me that if and I mean if it had been you laying in your hospital bed it would be Janet stood here now. It would be here saying why Rachel? She's so young, she's got her whole life ahead of her. So don't you go saying that to me."


"This is not your fault." Gill watched as Rachel stared at a very interesting point on the office carpet. "It isn't Andy's fault. Or any of the daft sods that slog their guts out 'ere trying to find the scum that rip lives apart. And it damn well isn't my fault. You know who's fault it is?"

Rachel closed her eyes as she listened to her boss ranting. It was clear both women needed to let off steam.

"I know."

"Well make sure you do know." Gill faced her. "Because I was the one who had to tell her mother. Not the best phone call I have ever had to make, especially when the poor cow isn't well herself. She's waiting for an op you know."

"Yeah." Rachel vaguely remembered Janet saying the older woman was unwell. She couldn't recall specifics.

"Yeah," Gill repeated as Rachel stared at her. "You remember the fault lies with the piece of shit that put the knife in her stomach. You know what galls me? What really gets to me?"

"What?" Rachel knew it was best to just let Gill rant. When the older woman was on a roll there really was no stopping her.

"That sick scumbag knew her when they were kids. She knew his sister. And not only that. We don't get to put him behind bars. Too close the Chief Super says. We're too bloody close because she's one of ours. How dare he question my ability to be objective!"

"We knew it would be passed to CID." Rachel sighed.

"Yeah." Gill nodded. "Makes me sick though."

"Yeah." Rachel rested her head against the door. "You know what gets me?"

"Go on."

"You say I'm not to blame myself. You say I should blame the man that did this to her, that stabbed her and left her to die in her own home. When her kids were due home any minute but you don't. You blame yourself."


"You do. Because it's Janet. You'd be the same if it were me, Kev, Andy. You're not our mum but you are the mum of this unit and so you take it personally."

"I'm your D.I."

"I know." Rachel smirked. "And you're the best I've worked with but you can't protect us all the time."

"Bloody ridiculous."

"Yeah, it is." Rachel raised an eyebrow as Gill wondered when the younger woman had seen right through her. "You coming to the pub, or what?"

"Pub." Gill nodded. "After we've been to the hospital to see her."

"I called." Rachel folded her arms. "The Sister said they are only letting family in. Her mum's there."

"Only letting family in." Gill pulled her head back slightly. "What the bleedin' 'ell are we? Come on, our girl is waiting for us. Only family indeed, well I'll see about that. Come on." She stopped as she passed Rachel, realising the younger woman was smiling the first genuine smile since the attack. For a moment she wondered if they could get past this, if Janet would want to come back to work. Holding Rachel's gaze she knew she had no idea what to do with Rachel if she didn't.


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