Theron: really u had 2 make THAT happen?

Ali: yes i did...

Theron: i hate u

Ali: do u want 2 die?

Theron: no...

Ali: good girl!

Sasori: Ali no own Naruto...


And there stood...a Dragon. A snow white, blue eyed dragon.

"Now this Sasori-sensei is a work of art. Created out of the chakra of the high nine and the lower two. Can only be used by the Blessed. Now you liar make your move. A real one this time." She growled.

"Please, I know all your weaknesses I taught you all you know." He said smirking.

She shook her head. "No you taught me to be block out emotions to be obdient to my masters and elders. And as you can see that hasn't worrked out has it.. But when thing worked. I can blocdk out emotions and pain. This will make killing you a whole lot easier. You." She pointed at the Dragon.

"Keep Naruto and the gang out of this."

The Dragon nodded.

Sasori summoned many puppets and sent them at her.

"Wow you still play with dolls amazing." Theron rolled her eyes putting her hands together closing her eyes.

"Destory." She whispered and the puppet blew up.

"How..." Sasori wasn't expecting that. He never expected the strength of her without even using a jutsu. "How did you do that..."

Her fangs grew.

Her eyes were still closed. "Puppets...something I was for a long time. But not any more. Everything the Elders wanted me to be is falling apart right in front of them. You, you lied to us made us feel safe when in fact you were spying to see if any of us had protential...The only thing you did for make me numb in battle. I can't feel anything, here." She put a hand over her heart.

"And that is why I am so strong, Sasori-sensei your training did teach me something it taught me I can only trsut those the same as I. Now."

She opened her eyes. "Prepare to meet the dragon."

She did a handsign. "Release." She whispered.

Naruto was trying to get into the fight but the Dragon Theron had summoned was keeping them back.

Theron changed.

Light forming around her body and in a flash.

Theron's form was completely different and Naruto gasped.

He remembered the girl from the chuunin exams in Therons head.

And there she was.

Her hair was now to her waist and was a shining silver.

Her clothes had changed also her shorts were gone. Now she wore a long ankle length kimono white at the top and long white seelves but from the waist down a dark pinky colour tied by a white knot belt around her waist.

Her eyes opened.

"We speak with one voice. We act as one warrior. I repersent the higher nine and the lower two. I Theron the vessel of the Greatest Dragon. The one whose name will never be uttered. I have seen the halls of the above. And I have spoken with our council and they have agreed. Because of your crimes in my scared halls your punishment is..." Large white dragon wings spread out on her back.

"Death." Sh said so simply it scared them all...

In an instant she was behind Sasori fangs fully grown her wings wrapped around him.

"Make your peace with Kami you'll be seeing him soon..." She whispered and opened her mouth and sank her fangs into his neck.


"Sasori is...fighting?" Deidara frowned. He was on one of those rare missions with Itachi who wasn't nearly as fun as Sasori was when he caught familier chakra.

"Sasori...he is fighting?" He said looking at the sharingan master.

"Yes I feel it too, I also sense he is losing. Shall we go see him?" Itachi asked.

"We shall." He nodded and they took off.

They soon found him.

Against a girl with silver hair, they arrived just in time to see the girl sink fans into his neck.

The girls form changed.

The silver hair turned white and shortened.

The formal attire turned into a see through mesh shirt, a black piece blocking her breats from veiw and black seelves and white shorts.

She tore her fangs out of his neck.

"And that. Sakura, is how you kill a puppet master." She said snapping Sasori's neck for good measure.

Itachi narrowed his eyes.

"Dragon." He whispered.

Deidara looked at him. "That girl? A Dragon...which one?" He asked.

Itachi smirked. "The Great Dragons vessel. Theron Guang. The heir to the Hikari clan. After their death. Lierens sister." He said.

"Are you kidding me? The niece of the wife of the Hikari clan leader? By the way how did she become the heir?" Deidara asked.

So this was legendary vessel...said to be stronger then the Kyuubi...but wether or not it was true they didn't know.

"The leaders of the Hikari found out the heads wife couldn't have kids and found no one in their own clan worthy. Then by accident they came across the niece of the head of the clans wife. The daughter of her beloved brother who trained with her one day and were watched. Two days later a very confused girl was made the heir." Itachi said. Okay where did that come from?

How the hell did he know her life history...

Oh yeah the Uchiha symbol...

-Back with Theron-

He was dead, Sasori of the red sand. Was finally dead.

She changed back.

"Good girl go home now." She said to the Dragon.

It nodded and disappeared.

Theron stumbled she was dizzy.

She fainted.

*DrEaM TiMe*

"You my friend need to stop scaring people with the Dragon form." Someone said walking toward her.

Theron rolled her eyes. Sorry it's fun." She said she found herself sitting on the ground.

"I know but we both know you don't need to and we both need that." She told her.

Theron smirked. She knew this, and knew her well they'd met before in Theron's dreams.

The white haired girl smiled offering a hand to help her fellow snowette up.

This girl was the first vessel of the Great Dragon.

This girl was Shiro Densetsu.

Her white short kimono belw in the breeze as Theron took her dead look alike's hand and stood up.

"You're getting better." Shiro smirked.

"Getting? I'm now better then you and you know it, you cocky bitch!" Theron barked.

"I know. But I mean your even growing beyond that level. I'm proud of you." She smiled.

She was. Theron was a perfect mix of herself and the other vessels, her parents personalitys hardly even came into it.

She had a calm about her in battle that of the fourth.

A smile of the second.

The bloodlust of herself.

And the eyes of the fifth.

But there was something in her she made for herself...

Her compassion and love for her village.

Yes Theron was becoming something...

Something not even the Great Dragon herself can't igrone.

She smiled.

"Off with you now you annoying over powerful girl your annoying." She snarled.

Theron turned noddng. "Thanks Shiro. Thanks for everything. I don't think I'd be where I am without you?" She said.

Shiro smiled.

The 'White Legend' smiled. "Oh and Theron."

The white haired girl turned. "Yeah?"

"I'm so proud of you."

Therons eyes widdened slightly.

"Thank you Shiro..."

-WakEy WaKeY-

Therons eyes opened.

"Hey there! Feeling better?" Naruto asked.

She nodded. She coughed and blood came up.

"Theron! Here let me help." Sakura said.

"No. Just me by bag. And my hair tie." She said.

They gave them to her she put her hair back up.

Opening her bag she brought out a bottle with a label saying 'Therons made by Lolli, touch, die.'

She uncapped it and took a swig. Her eyes glowed softly with a green energy like healing chakra.

"Okay I'm fine." She said.

She stood up and dusted off her knees.

"That was impressive what you did back there..." Yamato said.

"Whatever." She said closing her eyes.

"Lets keep going!" Naruto punched the air.

"I agree." Theron stood up.

They ran off...


They ran through the halls of Orochimaru's hide out.

They'd spilt up. Sakura and Sai. Yamato and Naruto.

Theron wnet solo.

She found Sasuke first.

He was standing above her. He was the same as the last time they'd seen each other.

When Theron broke into the Sound village's libary and stoll some scrolls.

They'd fought then. That was four months ago.

He knew of her seal. The Uchiha symbol that marked property of the Uchiha clan. And knew how to use it.

But...her connection to her temple was to strong for him to control her.

Black eyes met blue. A katana was unsteathed, a kwan deo was spun.

One narrowed his eyes.

Another one fangs grew.

He ran at her. "SHARINGAN!"


Metal clashed he put his hand on her right hip.

She snarled and kicked him away.

"You stay away from there!" She growled.

"Back down. Theron." He ordered.

"Not until you're dead!"

His chindori sparked. Her fist flamed with a white energy.

Again he charged, she ran at him...


They heard Sakura shout stop.

Saw Naruto's mouth drop.

Sai smirked.

Yamato looked horrifed.

The two jumped away from each other panting.

"Stop it you two!" Sakura shouted.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" The two shouted together.

"I SAID STOP THERON!" Sakura ran at her aiming for a punch.

Theron caught it cleanly not taking her eyes off the emo...I mean bastard...I mean Sasuke...

Sakura cried out.

Therons strength was too much...she had caught her with the flaming hand.

She put pressure on it and Sakura cried out.

"I said stay out of this." She told her.

"I don't like when people get invovled in my business, or when someone that's meant to be my ally attacks me for someone they believed they loved..." She told her.

" cold blooded BITCH!" Sakura yelled.

"Yeah, yeah...whatever." She threw Sakura away from her. And jumped back beside Naruto also.

"We'll settle this another time. Without the crowd." She said.

He nodded. There was something in their eyes.

A sense of understanding...something enemies should not and do not have...

You could hear a pen drop when Naruto finally opened his mouth...


and that my friends is an enterance! ahahaha