Sam Evans walked into his office, purposely ignoring his assistant sitting at her desk in front of him. He walked over to the water dispenser and pulled down a paper cup from the holder.

"Good morning Mr. Evans," Rachel Berry said smiling cheerfully. He grunted as a reply. Sam hated mornings, and he hated cheerful people in the mornings even more. "You have some messages already," She said handing some papers to him. "Your client...," She looked on her computer screen, "Mr. Martins called. He said that he needs to talk to you before his court hearing on Wednesday." Sam rolled his eyes. Mr. Martins was an idiot and a petty thief. Sam absolutely despised him. He hated being a criminal defense lawyer for morons, but big businesses that got into a lot of trouble generally paid him well, so he stayed in the business.

"Coffee," He said finally speaking to her. He ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair and walked into his own private office and closed the door behind him. He sat down and looked through the messages that Rachel had given him. Ugh, these people make me nauseous he thought with a look of disgust. Theft, theft, domestic violence, robbery he threw the papers down and rubbed his eyes. Rachel lightly knocked on the door and came in with his coffee.

"Mr. Evans a young woman called," She said quietly, she placed the coffee on his desk, "She said that she's being charged for theft, but that she was stealing food for her children," Sam looked up into her solemn face.

"And that's my problem why?" he asked her, "If she doesn't have money for food, how the hell is she going to pay me to defend her?" He sipped his coffee and looked at the woman before him as if she was stupid.

"But sir," Rachel stared at him sceptically, "She needs help and there's no one to take care of her kids," She paused, "I think you should do it." Sam stared at her and Rachel lowered her eyes in embarrassment. "I mean I just think it'd be a great help to her." Sam leaned back in his chair not uttering a word. Finally Rachel got the hint and left his office, quietly closing the door behind her. Sam was a small lawyer, but in a town like where he was, and with the success record that he had, he was in demand. He worked his way up from absolutely nothing. This was why he felt no remorse for people who committed criminal activities because they "needed it." If you need something, get off your ass and work hard for it. He slowly got up and walked to the door.

"Ms. Berry," Rachel stopped typing the emails she was supposed to send to his clients and looked at him, "As much as your kindness serves you well outside of this office," he paused to stand in front of her, "It won't do you any good in here," She lowered her eyes. "I do not pay you for your opinions," He leaned towards her, "I pay you to type, occasionally answer calls, and sometimes if you're not "too busy" make me a pot of coffee." She looked up at him, "Do I make myself clear?" Rachel slowly nodded. He walked back towards his office, he stopped and spoke over his shoulder, "We're in a recession Ms. Berry," He paused and continued to walk into his office, "A lot of people are looking for jobs, especially administrative assistant jobs." With that last sting he closed his door and sat down. He didn't think she would try stepping on his toes again in the near future.

After making some calls and meeting with a few potential clients, Sam received a call from his girlfriend Quinn. "Hey sunshine," He said smiling into the phone, "How's my girl?" He could hear her giggling on the other line.

"I'm good snuggle bear," She paused, "Baby, I need a small favour," Sam's smile faltered, he knew where this was going. "I just need two hundred dollars for new shoes so that I can make a lasting impression on the people that I show houses to," Sam sighed, "Baby don't sigh you know how important this is to me," Sam rubbed his face. He understood that making an impression was always important especially when trying to sell a house. But he wasn't rich himself and this was the second time in three weeks that she had asked him for money. "I'll pay you back tonight snuggle bear," She said in a sultry voice. Sam's office phone began to ring.

"Quinn hold on for a second okay," He put her on hold and answered his other phone, "Yes Ms. Berry?"

"Sir, your brother Steve is here," he could hear a whisper, "He says he brought you lunch" Sam could tell that Rachel was smiling. He wasn't surprised considering that Stevie was a lot better with women, actually just people in general, compared to Sam.

"Yea, let him in" He said and hung up the phone. He took Quinn off hold. She didn't like being ignored for very long. "Hey sunshine," He said with false happiness. He watched as his younger brother who was a little bit taller, blonder, and had blue eyes instead of green like Sam's, sit down in front of him. "Sure if you need the money for your job," He paused, "That's perfectly fine." She squealed in delight on the other side, which caused Sam to move the phone away from his ear. Stevie made a face.

"Thank you baby I love you so much," She screamed into the phone, "How is your day going muffin?" Sam looked at his brother who was rolling his eyes. Stevie hated Quinn with every bone in his body. He had told Sam that she wasn't good enough for him and that she was using him for money. Sam knew that these things were true, but he really didn't give two fucks. She looked good on his arm with her platinum blonde hair and tight dresses, and that's all that really mattered to him. Sam gave his brother a warning glance, to which the younger man smiled. Sam was about to answer her when she cut him off, "Oh no baby, I have to go," She said speaking in a hurry, "But I'll see you tonight and thank you in person, Bye." Sam barely had time to say bye before she hung up. He put his cell phone down and looked at his brother.

"You're not eating enough Stevie," He said reaching for the sandwich Stevie was handing him, "Do I have to find a personal chef for you, so that you'll eat?" Sam worried a lot about his little brother, well they were only two years apart, but Sam considered him little. "Because I'll do it if I have to."

Stevie laughed, "No Sam," He paused and took a bite of his sandwich, "I'm not Quinn. I have no intent of bleeding you dry of your hard earned money." Sam laughed because it was so true. "I seriously think you should drop her," He looked seriously at Sam, "You can do better than her Sam." He lowered his voice, "like take that Rachel girl," He wiggled his eyebrows at his older brother, "She's beautiful AND nice." Sam rolled his eyes. You'd have to pay him big money to consider dating a brown noser like Rachel. Her plaid skirts and tacky sweaters were sometimes too much to look at every day. As if reading his thoughts Stevie laughed. "I'll take that wonderful grimace as a maybe."

"If I ever end up with someone who smiles that much and is that cheery," He took a sip of coffee, "Shoot me." Stevie smiled and shook his head.

"If you end up with someone like that, I'd commit her," He smiled, "She'd have to be insane to date an asshole like you," Sam smiled. He had taught his younger brother well. "Oh wow Sam I forgot to tell you," Stevie beamed, "I delivered five cute puppies this morning," he took another bite of his sandwich, "They were fucking adorable." Sam knew Stevie had mentioned it because he knew Sam hated animals. "You should come by and see them," He winked at Sam.

"Not if my life depended on it," He sighed, "Why couldn't you become a REAL doctor," Sam looked sadly at Stevie who was now giving him side eye, "Didn't I raise you well enough?" He started laughing.

"Sam," His brother said standing up to playfully punch him, "You are such an ass." He looked a little serious, "You know I love these animals and I don't know why you always make fun of me for being a vet" He picked up his and Sam's garbage.

Sam laughed harder, "Oh come on Stevie," Sam stood up and pat his brother on the shoulder, "You know I hate your job," Stevie glared at him, "But I'm happy that you at least HAVE a job." Stevie smiled a small smile. Sam knew that Stevie loved his job. But he felt with all of the potential that the younger man had, he could have been anything he wanted to be. He had raised him to always aspire to be something better.

"Yea, yea," Stevie laughed while throwing the garbage away, "I still hate you," He smiled. "Alright big bro, I must be heading back to the hospital" He said while putting on his coat. Hospital, I think you mean petting zoo Sam thought to himself. He walked his brother to the door.

"Now don't do anything stupid today Stevie," Stevie grinned, "I'm serious," Sam actually looked concerned, "You almost crashed on your motorcycle before." He had been scared out of his life when he heard Stevie had an accident, but had not sustained any injuries other than a mild concussion.

"I promise, I'll be fine," He said placing a reassuring hand on Sam's shoulder.

"What?" Sam looked confused, "I meant take care of the bike, I don't care about you." Sam scoffed and then smiled.

"Oh, I see you got jokes old man," Stevie flipped Sam the bird, "hahahaah, Fuck you" The two brothers smiled at each other. Rachel stared at the interaction between them and smiled at Stevie. He looked over at her and smiled back, "Have a beautiful day Rachel," He said while walking to the door. Rachel began to blush and quickly waved.

"Bye Steve," She said giggling. Sam rolled his eyes and walked back into his office.

Before he left for the night, Sam made sure to pack up all of his important files on his desk. He never knew who could break in and steal all of his files. This was why he made Rachel save everything to his USB key. He heard a knock on the door, but he knew who it was before she came in.

"Hello, Mr. Evans." An older heavier set black woman from the maintenance staff said as she came in, "How has your night been," She said smiling kindly. Sam kept his eyes on his reports to make sure he had everything that he needed.

"It's been good thanks," He said looking up, "And yours?" She smiled at him.

"I can't complain," She walked in with her cleaning supplies cart and vacuum, "I hope you don't mind if I start." Sam had seen the woman every night since he had rented out his office in the building, and she had been always polite to him, even though he was initially offstandish towards her. He had no problems with her personally, but he just wasn't friendly to people he didn't know. But after everything he apologised to her and now she would often leave him chocolates in his desk.

"No, no go ahead," He closed his suitcase, "thanks for the treat." she smiled at him and nodded. Sam noticed that she never said you're welcome. He didn't mind but he always felt bad for taking the chocolates from her. He respected her because she didn't have much, but she still worked damn hard, unlike the idiots he often represented. He walked out of the office, thinking about the unusual pattern he had established between himself and the maintenance lady.

He walked to his car and fished the keys out of his pocket. He got in and threw his suitcase on the back seat and drove off. Quinn better show up tonight butt ass naked, he smiled to himself. He hadn't gotten some in weeks and she said she would pay him back. Sam had all intentions of getting his rewards. He pulled up to a stop light and checked his hair in the mirror. He heard a honk behind him and looked to see that the light had turned green. He drove forward when he saw a light coming quickly towards him from his left. Sam quickly turned his head in the direction of the car coming at him and tried to brake. Oh shit...