Alright guys, I need your opinions. I have two possible ideas for an epilogue. One still at Hogwarts, or one in Romania. So which would you prefer? Or do you want both? Hmmm, maybe two epilogues. Maybe. Let me know!

After making it through the thankfully empty hallways and through the Gryffindor's common room, the boys were sprawled out on Harry's bed, the curtains locked and silenced.

Harry was lying on his back and Draco was hovering above him, pushed up on one elbow, his hand tracing Harry's face.



"Don't fall asleep yet. What were you going to say before McGonagall came and got us? When I asked you what you were thinking."

Harry tensed and made to turn to his side, but Draco stopped him.

"No. No more hiding, talk to me. Please."

Harry took a shuddering breath. Draco tucked an arm under Harry's head, stretching out long beside him, and placed his other hand on Harry's stomach, rubbing slow soothing circles.

"Tell me Harry."

Harry turned his head slightly towards Draco, his hand landing on top of Draco's.

"When I went after Ron, I was so mad at him for doing that to you; the only thing I could think about was getting my hands around his throat. I wanted to kill him."

Draco smiled down slightly. "I know-" But Harry cut him off.

"No, I was literally trying to kill him, and I would have too if you hadn't pulled me off."

Draco stayed silent, and Harry looked up, but quickly shut his eyes at the look on Draco's face.

Draco moved his hand up to Harry's face, caressing the side gently. "Tell me what else. I know that's not all."

"When you pulled me off, I looked down at Ron and then I saw my hands, and I realized what I had almost done. I thought I was going to be sick. I-I swore after I killed Voldemort, I would never lay a hand on another being with the intention of harming them."

Tears were beginning to gather at the corners of Harry's eyes, and Draco brushed them away.

Harry went on. "And now I'm terrified that I'm losing control. That in the end, I'm going to be nothing but a murderer."

Harry's voice cracked and by now the tears were flowing freely. Draco pulled Harry's head into his shoulder, tears pricking at the back of his own eyes. Draco rolled Harry over onto his back and hovered over him.

"I want you to listen to me very closely Harry." Harry opened his eyes and focused his watery gaze upwards.

Draco levered himself down and cradled Harry's head in his palms. "You are not a murderer. You are a kind and loving person who happens to be fiercely protective over those he cares about."

"But I lost control, how can I ever trust myself not to do that again?"

"Harry, look at me. You were able to kill Voldemort because you felt you had to protect us, you great Gryffindor prat. You went after Ron because you felt he was threatening me. That's just how you are. Now, the difference is that Voldemort is dead, and Ron is not. Now why is that?"

Harry didn't say anything.

"Because now I'm here. And I know you are not a monster. And I know that you have control over yourself. But you need to know this. If you ever feel your control slipping, I'll always step in. I'll always be there to pull you back and I will never let you become some murderer. All you have to do is come find me. I will always be here."

Harry still said nothing. He just stared for a moment before pulling Draco down on top of him and burying his face in his neck. Draco slid his arms under Harry's back and rolled them over. Harry was now lying on top of Draco, his head in the crook of Draco's neck, and Draco's hands were pressing Harry down firmly, hugging the boy into his chest.

After a few moments Harry spoke, his voice still shaky. "I trust you Draco. And I'm sorry for being so emotional. It's all been so overwhelming."

Draco smiled against his hair. "It's ok; you're allowed to be a girl sometimes."

Draco laughed when Harry pinched his side quite hard. "If you want a girl, go fuck Parkinson," Harry grumbled and moved to roll off the bed. Draco caught his arm and rolled them so Harry was beneath Draco once more.

Draco threaded his fingers through Harry's hair and settled his hips on top of Harry's.

"I only want you. For the rest of my life."

Harry smirked. "Now who sounds like a girl?"

Draco shrugged. "So be it. I love you Harry. And I will, for the rest of my life."

Harry smiled. "I love you too. Now can we please go to sleep? Today has been exhausting."

"Not yet." Harry groaned, but Draco just smiled.

"I need you to sit up."

Harry sighed heavily, but pushed up and leaned back against his headboard, legs stretched out in front of him.

"Close your eyes."

Harry closed his eyes without protest and Draco began rummaging around with something on the floor. He found what he was looking for and came back to sit on Harry's lap. Harry's hands landed on Draco's waist to steady him.

"I've been carrying this around for a bit now, but now that everybody knows, I see no harm in marking you as mine."

Harry's eyes flew open and he looked down. In Draco's hands was a black box. Draco opened the box and inside was a black ring made of a smooth, shiny stone. Harry's breath caught in his throat and he looked back up at Draco.

Draco smiled slightly, took the ring out of the box and picked up Harry's left hand.

"I'm going to take your silence as a positive note."

Harry looked back down as Draco slid the ring on his finger, and became even more gob-smacked when the second the ring touched his finger, it flashed silver before turning black again. He looked at Draco.

"It's recognizing you as my mate. Now no one else will ever be able to wear this."

Harry finally found his voice. "So . . . you're marking me?"

Draco smirked. "Yes I am. I want all those other little hussies to keep their hands off you."

Harry laughed. "I didn't get you a ring though."

Draco rolled his eyes and snorted. "Like I would allow you to choose my ring. I can only imagine what awful, gaudy Gryffindor-esque ring you would find. Mine matches yours, but you'll have to perform the incantations yourself."

Harry laughed again. "Just for that, I'm going to buy you some ugly piece of jewelry and charm it so you can't take it off."

Draco growled and pulled Harry down onto the bed. "You do that, and it'll start something I know you won't be able to finish."

Harry pressed his body firmly against Draco's. "Maybe I'm only looking to finish you."

Draco groaned and covered Harry's mouth with his own. The kiss turned lazy after a few moments and their lips moved against each other with a feel of familiarity that meant more to them than a lifetime of sex.

Finally Draco pulled back and settled next to Harry, his head on Harry's shoulder with Harry's right arm around Draco's shoulders, and intertwined their fingers on Harry's stomach. Draco played with the ring on Harry's finger and smiled. Harry sighed contentedly above him which caused Draco's smile to double. It was about time.