7 Years Later

Draco took a deep breath as he stepped in the front door of their cottage. He took off his cloak and slumped against the door for a moment. He could hear the sounds of Harry moving around the kitchen and he could smell the delicious aroma of whatever Harry was making for dinner.

The dark-haired man was actually a surprisingly good cook. Draco had been very impressed until he'd found out how Harry had become such a good cook. That little episode still made Draco cringe. For a while, he'd forbidden Harry from stepping a foot in the kitchen, but it had quickly become apparent that Draco was absolute pants at cooking. After a very long talk, Harry had finally taken over the cooking again.

Draco pushed off the wall and made his way to the kitchen. He stood in the doorway for a moment, observing his family.

Harry was standing at the sink with his back to the door washing dishes. Teddy, now nine years old, was sitting at the table working on his homework. And the two newest additions to the family were also present.

Scorpius, four years old, was playing with his blocks on the floor; and Lily, who had just turned one, was sitting in her high-chair, contentedly eating some Muggle cereal Harry insisted on buying.

Draco smiled. Scorpius had, in all honesty, been an accident. Neither he nor Harry had even been aware they were capable of carrying children. With Lily, they'd done a lot more research and they'd known what they were doing. Harry had carried both of their biological children and had loved every minute of it.

Finally making his presence known, Draco stepped fully into the kitchen. Scorpius looked up and smiled widely.


He launched himself at Draco who caught him easily and lifted him up.

"Hello Dragon. Have a good day?"

The young boy merely laughed and jumped down after giving his father a sticky kiss. Draco walked over to Lily's chair and reached down to give the top of her head a kiss. She gurgled happily and raised her hands to Draco's face.

Next Draco moved on to Teddy. Draco stood behind his chair and set his hand on Teddy's shoulder. Teddy closed his eyes and leaned tiredly against Draco. Draco glanced at the calendar. Tonight would be the first night of the full moon.

Teddy didn't change, and the specialists they'd taken him to said he may never, but he still became very tired and sometimes ill during the full moon. The Wolfsbane potion seemed to not have any effect on his symptoms, so Teddy just had to suffer through it.

Draco bent down and cradled Teddy's head. "How do you feel cub?"

Teddy whimpered. "Not so good."

"After dinner, we'll go have a lie down, alright?" Teddy nodded and set to finish his homework.

Finally, Draco stepped in behind Harry. He wrapped his arms around his husband's waist and settled his chin on his shoulder.

Harry smiled. "You're late."

Draco kissed him lightly on the neck. "I know. One of the new Welsh's got a bit upset and they punctured her wing trying to calm her down. So I had to make more burn salves and then a salve for her wing. Then, I was the only one who she would let close enough to put it on her. Everybody else she smoked out. Finally we got her back in her pen and she went to sleep."

Harry laughed. "Of course. You would be-friend a dragon who hated everybody else."

Draco smirked and tightened his arms around Harry. "You know it. When's dinner? I'm starving."

Harry glanced at the timer on the side. "About ten minutes. Will you set the table?"

Draco pulled away with one last kiss to Harry's neck and began putting the dishes on the table.

"Scorpius, it's time to put your toys away please."

The good-natured four year old began putting his blocks in the basket and soon the family was seated around the table. Small talk filtered around the table until finally the food was gone and the children were sated.

Draco glanced at Harry who nodded and the two stood up. Draco picked up Teddy who clung to him and whimpered while Harry took the two smaller children. Draco changed Teddy and placed him in his and Harry's bed, knowing he would just end up there anyways. He turned off the light and kissed Teddy on the head before leaving him, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Draco then went into the nursery to help Harry. Harry was currently trying to wrestle a giggling Scorpius into his pajamas so Draco turned to Lily who was watching her brother.

"Hello there my little monster." She reached her hand up to Draco and he hugged her close before setting her down on the changing table. He made quick work of changing her nappy and putting her in a clean onesie.

As Harry was settling Scorpius into his bed with a story, Draco summoned a warm bottle and sat in the rocker with Lily. This was his and Harry's favorite part of the day. It only could have been better if Teddy had been there to join them like he usually was.

Draco looked down, and Lily was only half-heartedly sucking, her eyes already closing. Draco carefully placed her in her crib and noticed Harry was doing the same to Scorpius.

After checking the monitoring spell, the pair headed out to the kitchen. Once there, Harry pressed Draco up against the wall, his lips attacking Draco's neck.

Draco stifled a groan, his hand going to Harry's waist and slipping underneath his shirt.

"Happy anniversary love."

Draco smiled and titled Harry's head up.

"For a moment I thought you'd forgotten."


The two kissed languidly for several moments before pulling apart.

"It's too bad we aren't able to celebrate properly tonight." Harry smiled indulgently at Draco's slightly petulant tone.

"You know that next weekend Blaise and Hermione are coming to watch the kids and it'll only be the two of us at the cabin for three whole days. We'll do as much celebrating as you think you can handle."

Draco smirked evilly. "More like it will be as much as you can handle, old man."

Harry scoffed and turned to finish the dishes. "Please darling, you're the same age as me, and we're not even close to being old."

Draco laughed and pinched Harry's side lightly before picking up the rest of the table and putting the clean dishes away.

"So how was school today?"

Harry smiled. Draco asked him this almost every day. "It was alright. Nobody managed to break anything too big today. Some of these kids are absolutely huge. They dwarf Teddy. It must be the Romanian blood. Speaking of Teddy, is he in our bed?"

"Yeah, this one seems to be hitting him pretty hard. Good thing it's the weekend, we'll be able to keep a better eye on him."

Harry nodded. Finally, they finished cleaning the kitchen and Draco this time pushed Harry against the counter. "Just because we can't celebrate properly doesn't mean we can't celebrate a little bit."

Harry wound his arms around his husband's neck and pulled him down. They had just started kissing and moving against one another when the soft sound of moving feet sounded down the hall.

Draco pulled away, groaning lightly and stepped away, adjusting his pants to hide his erection.

Harry groaned as well but turned towards the hall.

"Teddy, what's wrong?"

Teddy didn't say anything, he just groaned and bent over. In a flash, Harry was at his side. He picked up the boy and held him over the sink as Teddy emptied his stomach. By the time he'd finished, tears were running down his face and he was shaking.

Harry cleaned the boy's mouth and pulled him close. "Come on my cub. Let's go back to bed."

Harry picked up Teddy and the tired boy curled into Harry's chest. Draco checked the locks and wards and extinguished the lights before following them into the bedroom. Teddy was tucked into bed again and Harry was changing into his pajamas. He climbed onto his side of the bed and picked up his book.

Draco changed into his own pajamas and climbed onto the other side. He leaned over Teddy and kissed Harry lightly before lying back and pulling Teddy onto his stomach. The boy settled comfortably onto his father's chest and Draco rubbed his hands over his back. "It's going to be a long night."

Harry smiled tiredly and moved closer to Draco, also putting his hand on Teddy's back.

"Yeah, but would you rather be anywhere else?"

Draco kissed his boys and smiled. "Nowhere in the world."

Well it's over. I must say I'm quite proud of myself for finishing this. I tried to incorporate some of their daily lives in Romania here, and I can never resist some Draco/Teddy fluff. Hope you liked it. Messages give me great warm fuzzies!