There you are, under the bleachers, crying your heart out uncontrollably, with just onequestion in mind. Why? Why do I love her? Why do I want her so badly? Why do I want to kiss her? Why do I want to hold her? Why do I need her? Why won't she love me back? Then you remember it. You try to push it to the back of your mind but you can't, you just don't have the strength to.

You walk to her with as much confidence as you can muster up inside you and you take a deep breath once you're behind her. She hasn't noticed you yet. 'I love you.' You say. She jumps startled at the sound and turns around to look at you. She's about to say something but you don't let her talk, you can't let her talk or you'll loose all of your confidence. 'I love you. I don't know why. Actually I do. I love you because of your smile. It's the most beautiful smile I'll ever see. I love you-' You're crying now but you keep talking, not caring about the tears streaming down your face. '-because of your eyes. When I look into them I can see your whole soul. I love you because of your lips. I just want to kiss you so badly every time I look at your lips. I love you because of your laugh. It's the sexiest laugh I've ever heard. I love you because you are the most beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, hot, caring person I know. I love you because you have the strength to go on even after everything that has happened to you. I love you for who you are. I love you because I never believed that someone could be perfect but then I saw you broken and now I know that you can be perfect just by being imperfect. I love you, Quinn. Please-Please, say you love me back, please.' You're begging but you don't care. You want her to love you back. 'Santana… I-I…' You close your eyes because you can't see the tears in her eyes. You turn around and run to the bleachers. You run with everything you have and once you get there you start crying and you don't stop.

Suddenly you feel a pair of warm arms wrapping around you and you can know right away that they belong to the blonde that stole your heart and broke it just moments ago. 'What-what-what are you doing here?' You manage to ask through your sobs as you look at her. She smiles at you and pulls you closer. You try to fight back but you're so weak, so broken you end up giving in and crying in her shoulder with you arms wrapped protectively around yourself. 'Why?' You whisper into her shoulder. 'Why won't you love me back?' 'Santana, look at me, please.' She pleads. It's all it takes because even if she broke your heart you still love her and you still do everything she asks you to. You look her in the eyes. 'I love you.' She chokes out. Your eyes wide at her admission. 'I love you and I was just surprised and- and shocked that you said you love me back.' She says and tears keep falling down your eyes but happy ones this time. She cups your face with hot tears falling down her eyes as well. 'Can-can I kiss you?' She asks you and you can't believe that the girl of your dreams is actually asking you that. 'Yes.' You whisper. She leans in and everything else is a blank because all you can think is why? Why didn't I told her I love her before? Why does she love me back? Why?