All right, here we go...

Note, entirely in my POV.

Texsh woke up curled around the other figure in his bed. His eyes slipped open slightly, then widened. "Since when did Kor' 'ave black 'air?" I think it was the accent that woke the other person.

"AHH!" She screeched. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" She spat on him, and instantly his skin started to sizzle and he cried out in pain.

"Wha' was that!" I think the accent made her want to spit again.

I stood in a corner of the room, half present in the story. "Why is she so familiar... And this was never in my plan!" I shouted in frustration, then used my magical author powers to send a message over the intercom system. "If anyone finds someone you don't know, then bring them to the Grey Room!" I called, before teleporting there and starting to read a book I plucked out of thin air.

Within a minute, Roxas appeared. "Hawk, we're in a meeting. You may want to come." He advised.

I sighed, stood, then teleported myself to Where Nothing Gathers. I looked around the room, where there were seven empty thrones. Two I could account for, but the others...

"Right, where are Xirama, Leixym, Korrax, Exneri and Krixae? And who are you five?" I asked the five people gathered in the middle of the room.

"Who are you!" One asked, a girl with a familiar voice. All five had their hoods up.

"The author. Meaning that I could basically do anything to you."

"You wear a blindfold." One stated.

I heard a door burst open, and span round to see a friend of mine, Destiny, emerging from the Corridors of Canons. "Destiny? What are you doing here? You never fully materialize into these stories." Both of us have a habit of half-forming into other stories, watching from the sidelines. But she'd never fully entered mine...

"I know!" She shouted. Everyone else was staring at the two of us. She looked round, then back to me. "Come into the Corridors. Now." She ordered, dragging me by the ear into the Corridors.

"This better be important." I cautioned, a little nervous. "Look, my Organization's having a meeting that I wasn't planning, and I need to know what it's about."

"I know what it's about! I think." She hissed. I stared at her through my blindfold.

"What is it then?"

"Look, I went into the Grey Area because some of my characters were out of place, and standing there were five of yours!"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Five. Of. The. OCs. In. Your. Story. Suddenly. Appeared. In. Mine." She forced her words out.

"You're serious?"

"Completely. Hawk. Five figures were standing in the middle of the Round Room. I'm willing to bet those are mine."

"But… how?"

"I've heard of it happening before. Long ago, authors would swap characters to get a sense of that canon and those characters. That was voluntary. But I didn't choose for my characters to get swapped. Xenri's in your story, and she's five months pregnant! Axel's already freaking out! When he hears that it's part of a 'weird author thingy' he'll go through the roof!"

"Keep him in control. You're an authoress. It's your job."

She turned her gaze to the floor. "I know, but… I'm sorry. I'm panicking. I just didn't want this to happen."

"We'll figure something out." I reassured.

"I suppose…" She muttered. "I'll make the best of it."

"Good. I need to get back to my characters. You take care of my five, okay?"

"You take care of mine." She replied, and we went back to our own canons. And that's how the adventure of our characters being swapped started.

Short start, I know. But this is just the beginning.