Hello again! You're probably confused :P, thinking 'GOD! I thought was train wreck of a fic was finished ages ago!' Sorry to disappoint you but since this was my first fanfic and it FAR FAR from perfect, I'm just tweaking a few things hehe! If you'd rather not read it again I won't be offended, promise! I won't change too much anyway xD!

Lots of mushy love and shit! – Cherry !

Hey Guys :). I've been reading a few fan fictions for stand by me (bigg fann)

and I thought i'd have a go myself :P. This is my first attempt at a fan fiction

and if you must criticize please be gentle :).


I ran. I didn't know which direction. I didn't care how far. All I wanted was to get away, to escape the shit hole I called life. All I wanted was to run, my feet pounding to the beat of my heart, the wind blowing through my hair. Nobody could judge me. Nobody could pity me while I was running.

I collapsed on a nearby tree regaining my strength. I slid down its silvery bark and drew in quick but deep breaths. I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to sleep, I didn't particularly want to sleep here, in the middle of a cold, dark forest. But apparently my body had different idea. My eyelids began to flutter closed when I heard it, an unmistakable sound. All had seemed still but it wasn't. Something -or someone- was watching me. My eyes scanned the dense woodland straining to see when its moon yellow eyes connected with mine. We stood there, the coyote and I, staring at each other. Almost listening to the hum of the silent night, but in one dreadful moment that all changed, in one moment the coyote's moonlit eyes tuned from curiosity to malice. It was that moment that I knew, this coyote was out for the kill.

The Boys

They all sat up with a start as a frightened scream echoed through the eerie woodland:

"It's that Brower kid!"

Exclaimed the crazy Teddy DuChamp, scrambling for his thick black glasses, eyes wide:

"His ghost is out walking in the woods!"

Little Vern Tessio rose up slowly, frightened by what Teddy had said, when another piercing scream startled him His chubby frame dived under the blanket. Terrified, Vern curled up into a ball chanting:

"I promise I won't hawk no more dirty books, I promise I won't say no more bad swears, I promise I'll eat all my lima beans!"

Creeping over to him Teddy did his usual "two for flinching" game. Which nobody really found amusing, except for Teddy of course. Chris Chambers hadn't even realised he had grabbed his father's gun and was clutching it tightly, he gulped:

" Maybe it's coyotes?"

There was doubt in his voice.

"It sounds like a woman screaming"

Muttered Gordie LaChance. His brown doe-like eyes alert. Chris gave it a thought, could someone be in trouble? Could he leave this on his conscience?:

"c'mon guys!"

He said trying to sound enthusiastic:

"Let's go check it out."

Vern leaped out from his mountain of blankets:

"Where going to what?! N-no, I-I'm not going."

"Then you can stay here."

Chris muttered loading the gun.


Teddy said menacingly, with an evil look on his face.

"All alone, in the middle of a dark forest, with no one to hear you scream as the angry ghost of Ray Brower rips out your…"

"Shut up Teddy!"

Gordie yelled, trying to be as calm and brave as Chris. Vern was nearly crying.

They set off. It took about twenty seconds for Vern to lose it and come bounding along after them. Chris lead the way, a thousand thoughts rushing through the thicket of his mind. He listened closely, the others following him more than the noise.

The voiceless screams echoed, bouncing off of every tree. The farther they got from camp the more human the screams sounded. they slowed to a walk.

"I don't know about this guys"

Vern squeaked

"Were getting pretty far from camp, and we don't even know what were following anyway"

Chris just shook his head. Slowly Teddy crept up behind Vern, he tapped him on the shoulder and side stepped quickly, leaving Vern flustered and paranoid, he done it a few more times. And the fourth time instead of stepping away he just stayed then, when Vern turned around he yelled:


Vern screamed, Gordie and Chris flew around to see Vern puffing and screaming:

"I hate you!"

At Teddy who found it quite hilarious.

Just when Vern screamed the other screaming stopped. And Gordie and Chris let out a deep sigh:

"See what you did you wet ends!"

Gordie yelled in frustration:

"It was totally worth it!"

Said Teddy laughing. Gordie rolled his eyes and looked to Chris.

"What do we do?"

chris didn't know. He, like Vern wanted to head back, but found he couldn't, there was an inkling that e couldn't really explain. It wasn't a feeling but he felt it, it wasn't a voice but he heard it.


He began.

He didn't know what was happening to him, but he new he couldn't turn back.

"just go a little further"

He ran ahead before anyone ad time to object. The others glanced at each other and then followed suit.

Somehow he knew where to go, Chris had no idea how he found her but he did and just in time. She was huddled up, hiding in a tree. Then he saw the coyote, death in its acid yellow eyes. It was like an instinct. He pointed the gun upwards and fired, making the coyote whimper and scurry away. He looked up at the girl who was staring at him with wide tearful eyes:


He said smiled nervously.


When I first saw the blue eyed boy, he reminded me of Eyeball Chambers, the very person that I been running from. But when he smiled at me I knew it was not the same person. He had a vibe to him like he was damaged and broken but not enough to let him get it him down. He looked honest his smile was as honest as the grass was green.

Just then, three other boys ran up beside him. This made me nervous. Panting, a boy with a slender figure and floppy brown hair yelled up :

"Can you get down?"

I thought about that, I got up okay and I wasn't exactly high, I could probably jump it. But I didn't answer, I didn't trust them at all:

"Can she even speak?"

A tall boy with sandy hair and coke bottle glasses yelled impatiently. Offended by this And as usual, doing things before thinking it through I leaped from the tree in a fluid motion and walked away, leaving myself and them gob smacked. I began to walk away:

"Whoa, Whoa Wait!"

The blue eyed boy said as he grabbed my arm forcing me to face him.

"Who are you?"

He asked wonderingly searching me with his sea blue eyes. I turned to walk away. He stood in front of me blocking my way:

"Why were you up there?"

He asked gently.

He probably didn't deserve the reply he got he did save me after all but I wasn't in a particularly good mood so I snapped at him:

"Having a fucking party! What do you think I was doing?"

"Ahahahaha I like this girl!"

The one with the glasses exclaimed:

"She's feisty!"

He held out hand and smirked:

"Teddy DuChamp, the one and only."

One, by one they introduced themselves.

I paused a little when I found out Chris's surname, realising why he reminded me of Eyeball, they were brothers! Poor Chris he must get abuse every day. Vern interrupted my train of thought by saying:

"Soo.. whats your name?"


I said:

"May Brower."

They all fell silent.

Never fear! I shall update soon if people enjoy it and want me to continue! Thanking youu!