Hi I am reediting and posting the few chapters in just add water because I was not happy with what I had so here it goes. Also I don't own H20 or twilight I also adopted this idea from Reldanfiregirl. Also im very sorry it took me nearly a year to do this school just kinda took over but enjoy the story.


I like it here but being around all this rain is a danger. The only reason I stayed is

1) Because I cant afford to buy a ticket home

2) It took all I had to convince chief swan not to report me as a runaway kid

And 3) my tail is injured

Yes I did say tail as in mermaid or fish tail whatever you prefer I don't care. See when I was 15 my friends Cle Emma Rikki and I stole this kids boat but we ran out of gas in the middle of the ocean. So we paddled over to the nearby island and Cleo fell into a hole. After that for some reason probably against our better judgment we jumped in after her. There were no exits in the cave but an underwater exit under a reflecting pool.

When we all were in there the full moon passed over the hole in the ceiling and the water started to bubble then it just stopped. We got out of the cave just fine but starting the next day whenever we came into contact with water we turned into mermaids.