A Parfit Gentil Knight

Kagome woke up in her own bed, grinning. Finally, a whole day at school! And maybe she'd be able to wheedle an extra one, if she told Inuyasha she had a test. She didn't have much hope of catching up – she'd need a year of cram school 24/7 to even have a chance at that – but the thought of walking to school just like any other student, having lunch with her friends at their desks, even the clean-up chores...it all seemed so wonderful, to be able to partake of it, just like old times.

But now the afternoon sun was making the classroom so very warm, and she had forgotten how truly confusing English class could be...

Kagome was drifting off.

She gasped, took a sudden deep breath, and sat up straight. No way, I am NOT gonna waste this day! Focus, Higurashi, FOCUS.

Kagome ignored the glances her friends were giving her, kept her own eyes on the book in front of her. The chapter they were studying was using a poem from Chaucer as an example. Maybe the fact that it was a medieval poem made it harder to understand. Or maybe she wasn't ever going to learn enough English to even just pass the class.

She sighed.

There was a little illustration in the margin, a picture of one of the original manuscript pages. It looked like a knight on horseback, but the style was weird...

Kagome began to drift again, her thoughts wandering pathways of their own.

Knights are brave. They rescue damsels in towers, they fight dragons. They're noble, and kind.

Not rude. Not arrogant.


There he stood in front of her, a little breathless from the battle. His chain mail, peeking out from under his tattered red tunic, caught the sun, sparkling as if it was made from silver, rather than iron. His shield hung from one arm, dangling a little from a broken leather strap. The aftermath of adrenaline made the warrior momentarily careless; he held his sword at rest, the tip angled down, almost touching the earth. She couldn't see his face, but a long tail of white trailed out from under his helm and tangled around his shoulder in the afternoon's breeze.

The knight took a single step toward her, then stopped. His shield and sword were quickly laid on the ground. He straightened, reached up, and removed his helmet, revealing golden eyes and inhuman ears.

"Sir Inuyasha," she breathed, awestruck. The knight – her hero, her protector – knelt before her, took her outstretched hand in his and looked up, meeting her gaze.

"Milady Higur – "

" – ashi, identify the double negatives in this stanza...Higurashi? Higurashi!"

Kagome bolted up straight in her seat. She tried to stammer an answer, but it was no use. Her friends giggled and her face burned with embarrassment. Maybe she wouldn't try to finagle another day at school, after all. Clearly, she was in no shape for studying. Time travel had broke her brain.

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Yes, I figured out how to reference Chaucer in an InuYasha fanfic. I'm a life-long medievalist, what else was I gonna do with a prompt like that? :)