Sinbad smiled charmingly as the slave girl poured him another cup of wine. He watched the girl flush and return his smile with her own shy one before quickly scurrying off to her other duties. Sinbad sighed and sat back in the pillows spread around. He was once more in the company of stuck up nobles who he really didn't have the temper to deal with, but it was needed if a treaty was to be formed between the two nations.

Just one week. That's all he had to deal with. He took a sip from his drink, he knew it was useless and unwise to try and get drunk but at least it might make it a little bearable.


Sinbad frowned before putting on a grin and smiling at the old King. "Your Highness." The old but strong man joined Sinbad on the cushions, two scantily clad giggling women on each arm.

"I'm glad to see you decided to stay up."

"I am too. The rumours about you are right, you do throw…grand events." Sinbad liked a celebration as much as the next person but tonight he couldn't enjoy himself. One thing was on his mind, the one thing he bothered to stay here for.

Sinbad lurched forward when the King's hand slapped him roughly on the back. He coughed as he choked on the wine and glared back at the older man. The King just laughed and motioned to the centre of the room. "I have a show for you tonight, Sinbad. A treasure of mine."

One of the girls whined and stroked her fingers across his chest "But what about us? Aren't we your treasures?" The King laughed and pulled her onto his lap. One of the other girls wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressing up against his back while the other two subtly ran their hands up and down his thighs, fighting for attention.

"You all are." Sinbad frowned when the King's eyes darkened as he stared over to the group of women and young boys entering. "But this is my prize."

Sinbad's curiosity was roused and he turned his attention to the group that now stood in the centre of the grand hall. The young dancers where dressed in colourful silks and delicate cloths. Their young, toned bodies on display for the lecherous men and women to judge and want.

But Sinbad wasn't interested in any of the young gems, he only had eyes for the centre piece.

Gold bangles hung on slim ankles. Loose black pants fit snuggly on curved hips. A tanned midriff shined under a layer of gold dust. Two lovely arms slowly raised above a dark head. Two piercing red eyes lined with dark Kohl stared straight at them.

This was what Sinbad was here for.

The drums started and it began. Each movement flowed with the beat; each flick of his wrists, each swing of his hips, everything pulled Sinbad in. Each dancer was talented but this one was beyond comparison. The bangles and jewels clinked as he spun, his delicate feet guiding him across the floor. Sinbad's eyes followed every move, taking in every detail from pointed fingers to the twitch of tense muscles on the boy's stomach.

"He's beautiful isn't he?"

Sinbad forced his eyes away from the dancer and over to the large man next to him. The girls were still all over him but he showed no interest in them. He watched the dancer with lustful eyes. Sinbad remained silent.

"I found him a few years back, he was working in a brothel as a dancer. I wanted him… and so he is here."

It was clear to all how much the King wanted him. Sinbad tensed and his eyes narrowed but the King didn't seem to notice the change in his guest's behaviour, he was too caught up in his own lewd thoughts.

Sinbad scowled and turned back to watch the dancer. The music had slowed and the other dancers had left except three. The boy with red eyes still in the centre. A slim arm rose above his head as he moved his hips to the beat; slow drawn out circles that held Sinbad's eyes. Sweat trickled down his chest which heaved as his breaths came out in pants.

All too soon the music stopped. Sinbad joined the audience in their applause as the dancers bowed. They rose. Red clashed with Gold. Such captivating eyes. Sinbad was the first to look away when the King spoke.

"It is rare to find such a beauty in this rotten country Sinbad. When men do find one, they aren't willing to let them go."

The man watched Sinbad, the look in his eye challenging him to deny his own want for the dancer. Sinbad clenched his fist. The meaning behind those words was clear. He smiled politely. "Well, you are a lucky man then."

The King was silent before he pushed the girls off him and stood. He nodded at Sinbad and turned to leave.

Sinbad watched him as he walked away. "But you know the thing about treasures," The king paused. Sinbad smirked "There will always be someone there to steal them."

Sinbad's smirk grew when he saw the old man tense before storming off. Sinbad laughed before taking another sip of wine. Things were getting interesting here. He swirled the red liquid. Very interesting.

He looked up when a slave approached him. "I-I'm to show you to your room."

Sinbad looked the girl up and down. She was young and tonight she had been made up to loo her best. He looked her up and down, taking in the girl's supple body. Her wide hips, slim waist, large breasts and exotic face. No doubt she was meant to keep him company tonight. The girl squirmed under his gaze. Sinbad frowned.

"Fine." He finished the wine and stood, letting the girl show him out of the hall and down a grand corridor. Once at his door Sinbad took the girl's small hand. It shook in his large one and she watched him with wide eyes. He placed a soft kiss on the back and smiled charmingly.

"Thank you for your assistance; that is all I need form you tonight."

The girl blushed a deep red and Sinbad chuckled. He let go of her hand and entered the room, closing the door behind him. There was silence before he heard her footsteps walk away. He stretched his arms above his head and walked over to the plush bed. The night was still young but Sinbad really didn't feel like spending any more time with those people. He'd seen what he wanted to. He grinned to himself. What a secret this place held. He chuckled to himself, which then grew and grew until he couldn't stop laughing.

He collapsed onto the bed and closed his eyes once his laughter died. Sinbad's breath soon evened out as sleep took him, pulling him into a dreamless sleep.