Prologue: Joining the team

I'm running from a cheetah! I thought as I ran down a narrow alleyway. I turned the corner hoping to find a fence that I'd be able to jump over escaping the big cat but a brick wall blocked my path instead. I turned around ready to face the beast. I clenched my fists and soon flames were rising up my arms to my shoulders. I took my fighting stance ready to launch a massive fireball, that was growing in my hand, at the beast. But to my shock the cheetah that was chasing me seconds ago morphed and transformed into a boy about 16 years old but strangely enough this boy was green and had pointy elf like ears. As soon as I noticed that it was a person I powered my fire down. As he stepped forward another boy about 17 jumped down from a roof top and landed next to the green boy. He was dressed in green tights with steel toed boots and a short green shirt underneath a red armored vest with a yellow R on it over his left pectoral. I instantly knew at once who one of these people were. ''Man you are a hard person to find I'll give you that.'' the green and red clad boy known as Robin who was the leader of the Teen Titans said.

''What do you want from me I've done nothing wrong.'' I said staring at Robin wondering why he was after me.

''You see we'd like to recruit you as a member of the Teen Titans.''

I was shocked any metahuman teen or teens with special abilities had heard of and wanted to join the Teen Titans it's what we all aspired to and they wanted me. ''Really you want me as a member of the Titans.'' I said excited to be given this honor

''Yes we'd be honored if you joined us.'' Robin replied.

I accepted his offer and then me, him and the green boy walked back to meet the rest of the team. When we met up with the rest of the Titan's I was struck by the beauty of a girl with grey skin, shoulder length violet hair who wore a dark long sleeved leotard and an indigo colored hooded cloak with matching cuffs on her wrists and matching ruffled ankle high boots. I did my best not to stare at her but she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen since Katie but I pushed those thoughts from my head as I didn't want to dwell on them.

''Everyone this is our newest member...''

''Jacob'' I inserted. ''Jacob Maxcy at your service.'' I stated flourishing my hand.

Robin then introduced the rest of the team. He first introduced a half robot half man known to the team as Cyborg he shook my hand and said ''Welcome to the Teen Titans.''

Next I was formerly introduced to Beast Boy the green kid from the alley.

Next I met Starfire a sexy tan girl with long auburn hair with green eyes and wore a dark purple tube top that showed her sexy toned stomach with matching mini skirt and thigh high boots, silver arm bands and a matching piece of neck armor.

Next I met a girl with straight blonde hair, a black turtle neck with a yellow T on the chest, baggy brown gloves, brown belt with bags on it and yellow denim shorts. She was known as Terra.

Next I met Bumblebee a slender black girl with with a long necked yellow and black horizontal stripped tank top that stopped just above her stomach she also wore tight black pants with matching go-go boots and she had wings coming out of her back.

Finally I met Raven the girl I had tried not to stare at before.

After meeting everyone I excused myself for a second to grab my duffle bag off the ground. When I had seen Beast Boy as a cheetah running at me I had dropped it a few feet away in a panic. Once I had it back I got into a car with Terra and Cyborg as they escorted me to the Titans headquarters. It would take about twenty minutes for us to arrive there and all the time driving there they were talking trying to get to know about me. Even though I was honored to be recruited to their team I had just met them minutes ago and I didn't make friends easily but I knew I would be more comfortable in the morning. Twenty minutes later we were driving down a long road with no road lines and we were traveling towards a T shaped Tower on a small island in the middle of Jump City Bay. When we arrived we drove around to the side of the tower and into a giant garage like room. Cy, Terra and I stepped out of the car while Robin parked his bike leaving everyone else to land on the floor with Beast Boy transforming from a bird back to his normal human self. They led me over to the elevator, which was only one of two ways up Robin informed me there was a staircase up but it was hidden as were the entrances to it and with that everyone gathered in the elevator and Robin pushed the button taking us up to the top floor. Once we were on the top floor they led me to the common room, straight across the hall from the elevator, which tripled as a kitchen, dining and living room. I marveled at the size of this room as I stepped in.

''Jacob you'll be given the grand tour later but for the nickel and dime tour the way you entered into the tower was the Vehicle Hangar obviously the place where we store Cy and I store our personal vehicles as well as the tools we use to fix and maintain them. This is the General Purpose and Surveillance Room which we shorten to the GPS Room.'' Robin gestured to the room which had a kitchen area to the right with an island which had stools around it which is where meals were cooked and eaten as a team on the left side it was rather bland with no furniture there save for a few decorative tables with lamps on them. In the front of the room was a giant red upholstered couch in the shape of a semicircle in the middle front half of the room facing a glass wall which made for an impressive view and hanging on the glass wall was a massive 115'' flat screen plasma T.V. with an impressive entertainment system with a Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, with a massive library of games and movies in the shelf under them as well as a bookcase filled with even more movies and games on the front left wall. On the right front wall there was a computer console built into the wall with a big screen that Cyborg informed me was the ''Surveillance'' part of the room as that's where the team gathered to find out the location of missions.

They led me to the big semicircle couch which was in the middle of the room facing a huge 115'' flat screen plasma T.V. After we all sat down Cyborg asked me what my powers were.

''I have Telepathy, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis and Thermal Resistance.'' I answered.

He then asked to what extent.

''My Telepathy is strong enough to were if I wanted I could read all your minds at once and link up our minds so we can seamlessly talk to each other via thinking. My Telekinesis is strong enough that I can lift 800 pounds easily and I can lift one ton and even though it's tough for me to do but more than possible, my Thermal Resistance allows my to be unaffected by hot temperatures and immune to fire in general but I'm only resistant to cold temperatures down to -20° before I really feel it and finally Pyrokinesis.'' I said before I demonstrated my basic techniques by forming two fireballs in each of my open hands. I then clenched my hands into fists and made the flames from the fireballs engulf my hands before making the flames rise up my arms to the shoulder then I funneled them into fire tendrils. I then formed the flame tendrils into a wall of flames. After I demonstrated the extent of my fire abilities I asked ''So what can you guys do.''

Before any of them talked about their own powers and abilities they were quite visibly impressed by my Pyrokinesis and the techniques I used to show it off.

Robin then started to talk describing his abilities by saying ''I'm a master acrobat, martial artist and stealth expert. I'm pretty well rounded and can perform most tasks easily and effectively.''

Starfire went next saying ''I can create energy in my hands much like your fireballs and I can throw them in the same manner as you. I can also fly and I have superhuman strength, agility, durability, lauangage assimilation via lip contact and endurance as well as accelerated healing.''

Beast Boy stated that he could transform into any animal. He demonstrated this by turning into a dog and he laid down on the couch.

Terra said ''I have Terrakinesis or Geokinesis meaning I can control the earth around me. Making rock pillars, walls and the like to give you an idea.''

Cyborg said ''My body is integrated entirely with robotic systems granting me superhuman strength, resilience to damage, the capability to fix many appliances, I also have unsurpassed knowledge of technology and robotics, as well as a sonic cannon built into each of my arms that can shoot sonic blasts from, as well as numerous other gadgets built into his body.''

Bumblebee said '' I can shrink and grow back to my original size again, I'm also resistant to moderate mind control and Telepathy but I usually let Raven in to talk to me so you shouldn't have a problem either. I can fly as well as use my wings to throw directional gusts of wind at people. I also use these weapons known as stingers that fire electric blasts.'' the last part she said while showing me her B-shaped stingers.

Finally Raven said ''Well much like you I have Telepathy along with Telekinesis plus I have Astral Projection, Interdimensional Travel and Umbrakinesis which let's me manipulate Darkness and Shadows. I can also fly, Teleport myself and others over great distances via my Soul Self, pass through solid objects and fire and I have a great mastery of magic and other spells ''

After we talked a bit more Robin asked ''So besides Jacob what do people call you as a hero name?''

''Blaze.'' I answered.

After that it was time for bed and while everyone went to there respective rooms Robin led me out of the common room, known as the GPS Room, we turned right out of it and walked down the hall. Once we were at the second door on the right we stepped in through the sliding metal door. I looked at the size of and it was huge compared to the small places I had been living.

''Each room comes with a bathroom attached with a washing machine and dryer in it to the right of the door as well as a closet and dresser for your clothes.'' Robin said pointing to each.

The walls were white and clean while the room had a smell of not being used. The carpet was dark grey and soft as well as a dark wooden bookshelf that was bare with two matching nightstands with simple lamps upon them too.

''This is amazing.'' I said as I walked over to my king size bed.

He bayed me good night and then left the door shutting behind him. After it closed I set my duffle bag on the bed and I unpacked the two extra pairs jeans I owned along with the one extra shirt, two pairs of boxer briefs and three pairs of socks all of which had already been worn once. I hadn't had money the past few weeks to wash them as crime had slowed recently. Also in my duffel bag I had an old beat up shoe box hat had old newspaper clips within it from previous cites I'd lived and fought in regarding a special person I was dreading of seeing again but knew he wasn't far behind me. I placed it under my bed frame near the head of the bed and then I then looked at the time on the alarm clock on the left of the two side tables and it read 12:30 A.M. I walked to my bathroom and I pissed before walking back out into the bedroom and I stripped of my old, stained and torn leather jacket, ratty old boots that were slowly falling apart along with the rest of my clothes except my boxer briefs. I crawled into my new comfy bed and stared at the ceiling as I threw the cover over my body.

''My room.'' I said softly unable to believe it because lately I had been sleeping in abandoned building, benches in the park and near the homeless moving from place to place with in the city. I was frankly excited to the point of taking forever to get to sleep despite the fact I was exhausted as I fell asleep in what was to become my new home.

(Dear Readers I just wanted to take this time to say I'm currently rewriting and fixing this story but don't worry the plot itself is remaining the way it is and I'm still writing for both this and the holiday story. Now I will be adding mostly to the very early chapters as I feel I need to improve them as my writing has gotten better over the years but the major plot is still the same I can't stress this enough but in addition to the small additions to chapters I am also going to be unifying my words for instance it will be the T-car instead of T-Car and t-car, GPS Room instead of GPS room and other little minutia like that. Mostly capitalizing the areas of the tower however I m going to be changing the chapter numbers but not the days as I'm going to combine Day 2 and First battle into one as they take place during the same day. I've also been asked where chapter 38 is and to that I say I have it written but I like to have a back log of chapters done as a safety net before I post them that way if I've got writers block I can still post something for you guys. I thank you for reading and enjoying the story as well as for your continued support.)