Chapter 22: Day 191

The next three days after mine and Raven's fight had been a roller coaster. When I awoke the next morning I was angry at Raven for what she had done not only to Katie's obituary but also for the fact that she was jealous of her. Also the words she had said ''Well I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' replayed over and over in my head. I took my morning shower and then I got dressed. I then walked out of my room and down the hall to The GPS room. When I entered Raven was sitting at the kitchen island eating her breakfast. I didn't pay any attention to her except for the fact that we both in the same room. Raven saw me come into the GPS room and I walked past her and grabbed a plate and put my food on it and I went over and sat at the end where Bee usually sat. Everyone could feel the tension between us but nobody was brave enough to ask what the matter was in front of us and everyone ate breakfast in silence.

After breakfast was over Raven left the room swiftly and promptly meanwhile I stayed and I played video games and watched T.V. with most of the rest of the team. I stayed in the GPS room while Bee made lunch and then the team that wasn't in there already filtered into the GPS room and we sat and ate lunch in the same silence as we did at breakfast. I ate quickly wanting to get out of there as fast as possible so I spent minimal time around Raven. I then went to my room and sat down on my bed and I started to meditate but I knew it wouldn't work by itself due to how angry I was. So I hit the play button on my stereo with my TK and then the soothing sounds of Native American flutes and drums came out of the speakers and this helped my meditation to be effective at calming me down. I meditated for several hours and then I walked out of my room and down the hall and into the GPS room for dinner. The entire team was there and we sat down and ate dinner with more talking then the two previous meals but neither Raven or I spoke at all.

After dinner both Raven and I left the GPS room to return to our rooms. She read while I looked at the pile of confetti that was Katie's obituary and I took the pieces and I carefully tried to rearrange them so the paper was readable but to no avail. I decided to leave the pieces in a pile on my side table until I could figure out what to do with them. I then undressed and then I laid down in my bed and called it an early night. While I tried to go to sleep and for some reason I repeated the last words Raven had said to me ''Well I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' slowly and aloud. It was strange but I couldn't figure it out it was Raven who said it and while she was mad at me I knew it wasn't like her to say something like that. I decided to continue thinking about it tomorrow right now I was thinking about bed as my eyes drooped.

The next morning I woke up and I was still feeling a little angry but more than anything I was feeling a mixture of confusion and guilt. I was still angry that Raven was jealous of my love for Katie and that she ripped the obituary into confetti. I felt guilt feeling that I pushed her away with my obsessive and stubbornness about my role in catching her killer or lack there of. My confusion came from what Raven said ''Well I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' The words haunted me. I got out of my bed and I went into my bathroom to shower. After my shower I stepped back out into my bedroom and I got dressed and then I walked out of my room and down the hall to the GPS room. I walked through the doorway and everyone was sitting there eating breakfast. I sat down closer to Raven but I still kept my distance and everyone was talking, joking and laughing with each other except Raven and I. Our eyes met but we were to afraid to say anything to each other so instead we dropped our heads and continued eating. After everyone was done with their breakfasts and we digested our food Robin, Cy and I went down to the vehicle hangar to do some maintenance on our vehicles. After we did this maintenance it seemed like lunch was upon us as Cy, Robin and I and we walked to the GPS room.

Lunch was already on the counter when we walked in so we strode over to the island and we each grabbed a plate and put the food on them and we ate our food. After I ate my food I went into my room and I laid in my bed and I continued to think about what Raven and said and how it didn't sound like her. This was the one thing that confused me the most. I decided to start meditating with my soothing Native American flutes and drums coming from the speakers. As I attempted to clear my mind the words Raven had said were swirling in my head and it finally hit me as to why it sounded weird coming out of her mouth. I quickly grabbed a pen and a note pad and I started to write. I wrote the words ''Well I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' = Raven. As I looked at this I didn't see it the way I was in my head but then I remembered that her eyes had turned red like in her demon form but without the extra two eyes. I then wrote ''Well I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' = Raven = red eyes. As I looked at this I started to see a connection but it wasn't fully fleshed out until after looking at it for a few minutes I remembered the time I had chased after and then I started to strangle Raven that after we had made up she told me that my eyes had turned red. I then wrote the words down on the pad of paper. ''I chase Raven and strangle her.'' = Red eyes. As I looked at pad of paper I saw that they both Raven and I had the words red eyes by our names. I decided to keep with that theme of red eyes. I was about to look at the news paper clippings when suddenly there was a knock on my door. I quickly stashed the shoe box under my bed and the pad of paper under my pillow.

I strode over to my door and opened it to see Star floating inches above the floor.

''Friend Maxcy the night time meal dinner is ready and the team is waiting for you to join us.'' she said coming to tell me that I was late for dinner.

''Sorry I was meditating and I must have lost myself in my trance.'' I said with a convincing lie.

''Friend Maxcy you need not lie to me I know what you were doing in there.'' Star said with a wink at me.

''What do you mean?'' I asked not sure what she meant.

''You were thinking of ways for you and Friend Raven to end your fighting and how you wish to do the making up with her.'' Star said.

''I can't get anything by you Star.'' I said knowing that she was right and that I should apologize to Raven.

''Do think we could keep this a secret for now I want to surprise her with the apology.'' I said to Star.

''Sure.'' Star said as we walked and floated respectively to the GPS room to join the rest of the team for dinner.

We entered into the GPS room and I apologized for being late to dinner saying that I was lost in my meditation. I sat down and as a team we ate, talked and joked. Even Raven and I talked to each other and for the first time since our fight we were having a good time as a group but I could tell that Raven was still a little mad at me and I knew that tonight was not the night to try going to her room and try to talk to her in private. After dinner had been eaten and we digested our food I left and went back to my room to continue working on my theory. I started to skim the news clippings I had in my shoe box for any use of the words red eyes and after skimming the dozens of news paper clippings I found three that met the criteria. One was from when I was living in St. Louis, another when I was in Denver and lastly one from my time in Seattle. I then read all three and they were similar enough to mine and Raven's situations that I wrote them down too. I also remembered the guy that came at me the first time I met Logan in St. Louis.

My chart now looked like this

''Well I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' = Raven = Red eyes.

''I chase Raven and strangle her.'' = Me = Red eyes.

''Mark held down wife Clare while Logan burned her right leg up to knee.'' = Mark = Red eyes.

''Henry suddenly strangled wife Jillian to near death.'' = Henry = Red eyes.

''Mary held down husband Robert as Logan burned his left arm up to elbow.'' = Mary = Red eyes.

''Robber I chased down alley in St. Louis the first time I met Logan.'' = Red eyes.

As I read and wrote down my notes I soon guessed that this is what Katie's ghost meant when she told me that Logan had the ability to control people to make them do what he wanted and whenever he did control them their eyes would turn red signifying that he was in control. I soon felt violated because of the fact that he had controlled me to do something terrible remembering the time I had chased Raven out of my room choking her.

While I thought about all this there was a knock on my door. Before I answered it I asked ''Who is it?'' through the door.

''It's me.'' Terra's voice came through answering.

I unlocked the door with my TK and it slid open and Terra walked in.

''Hey Terra what's up?'' I asked.

''I just came to talk to you about the fight you and Raven had and if you knew how things can be okay for you two again.'' Terra said.

I told Terra everything except for Raven's eyes turning red and my theory about Logan. She consoled me with a friendly hug after I told her about what Raven did to Katie's obituary. Afterwards she asked if I'd be okay to talk to Raven in private if Raven also agreed to which I said yes. Terra thanked me for telling her everything and then she walked out of my room and down the hall to Raven's room to talk to knocked on Raven's door and was let inside where she relayed some info to Raven and she talked to her getting her side of the fight between us. She then asked Raven if she'd be willing to talk with me privately to which Raven responded with a yes.

The meeting would take place in Raven's room at 8:00 the next evening. Terra came back to my room to let me know this and then she left for her room. After she let me know this I thanked her and then I continued working on my theory of how Logan's mind control ability might work. I worked on this all night not making any head way on my chart so it looked exactly the same as it had for hours. My eye lids drooped as I had worked through the night on trying to figure out why when Logan would control somebody their eyes would glow red. I soon heard the alarm to wake up go off and I now realized that I had stayed up all night. I had been so focused on working on my theory that I must have lost track of time. I then after realizing this walked into my bathroom and I turned on my shower and while I waited for the water to reach temperature and while that happened I used the toilet to relieve my full bladder. After a few minutes the water was heated and I undressed and stepping into my shower. I washed my body and hair and then I stood there and I let the water massage my body as I stood in the stream of the shower head.

After my shower I stepped out of it and I dried my body off before I wrapped the towel around my waist and I stepped out into my room and walked over to my closet and I grabbed a T-shirt, pants and then I turned towards my dresser and I pulled out a pair of socks and a pair of boxer briefs. I then walked over to my bed and placed my clothes on it and I dropped my towel and put on my boxer briefs on and then my jeans then my T-shirt and finally my socks. After I was dressed I sat down on the edge of my bed and I used my TK to bring my boots from over by the door to me. I put them on and then I walked out of my room and I grabbed my leather jacket off the hook by my door as I left and started off down the hall to the GPS room for breakfast. I walked in and only Bee, Terra, BB and Star were in the GPS room. I sat down at the kitchen island and waited for the rest of the team to come in for breakfast. Over the next few minutes Robin, Cy, Jinx and Raven filtered into the room and sat down and as a team we ate the morning meal.

After we ate and digested everyone sat on the couch and watched the T.V. except for Raven who left the GPS room and used the elevator to go up to the roof. She levitated and she flew towards the city She flew for several minutes before she landed on the steps of the library. She walked in and used one of their computers and the opened up the Internet and used Google to search for ''Katie Sandoz obituary.'' She found the correct one after a few clicks and she read it before she printed it out on a printer up by the front desk. She held on tightly to the piece of paper and she flew back to the tower. After several minutes of flight she landed on the roof of the tower and she then walked through the elevator doors and took it down. Once she went down one floor she walked out down the hall to the right and she went in her room and she used her TK to cut just the article out of the paper and she put it in the drawer of a side table as a part of her apology/surprise gift.

The rest of the day went the same as the two previous had where Raven and I held up in our rooms. In the morning we meditated instead and then we went to lunch in the GPS room where the team ate lunch. After lunch Raven and I both went back to our rooms where instead of meditating we each thought about what we were going to say to the other. As Raven and I thought about what we needed to apologize for we found that dinner quickly came upon us. The team met in the GPS room for dinner which was good. After we ate everyone except Raven sat on the couch while Raven went to her room to set up her surprise in case the the apologies went very well. Once she was in her room she had some unlit candles on her side tables and she put an invisibility spell on them to keep them from being seen along with the bottles of massage oil also under the invisibility spell.

8:00 came quickly and I had been waiting outside Raven's room for the past five minutes. At 8:00 I knocked on Raven's door and a few seconds later the door slid open and I walked into Raven's room and she gestured for me to sit on the edge of her bed with her. We sat and for a few minutes neither of us said anything until I broke the silence.

''Raven I'm sorry for saying I love Katie, but I want you to understand that I love Katie for who she was and how I remember her. I love you for who you are and who you will be but I will always love you both for two different reasons from two different times in my life. I'm also sorry for saying that all the people that Logan has hurt and killed are my fault. You're right I shouldn't feel guilty for what happened to them.'' I said as I explained my love for both Katie and Raven.

''I also promise that I'm going to work on my anger issues and I'll try not to be so quick to anger.'' I told her knowing that I had a short fuse.

''Max I apologize for how I reacted, I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way about my mother. While she may not be alive anymore I will always love her and I treasure the memories I have of her from my younger life. I'm also sorry for saying ''I hope you two will be happy together in death.'' I still have no idea where that came from, but mostly I am sorry for ripping up Katie's obituary. So today to keep it a surprise I went to the library and I printed and cut this out for you.'' Raven said as she reached across me and opened her night stand by her bed and she pulled out the obituary that she printed off earlier today to replace my original one.

I took it from her with tears in my eyes as she handed it to me. I read it remembering Katie I then looked up at Raven and I leaned towards her and gave her a tight hug in thanks.

''Thanks Raven but you didn't have to do this I have her obituary memorized. I'll never forget it but this is a nice gesture.'' I said as I looked at her.

''It's not a problem, Terra explained the guilt thing to me and last night I realized that the fact you feel all this guilt is what makes you such a great hero and this team is lucky to have a person that cares so much.'' Raven said.

''I too am going to work on my jealousy issues.'' Raven said not wanting to be resentful of the relationship Katie and I had.

Raven and I continued talking for hours before we made up and kissed each other passionately at which point we took off our boots and Raven and I started to take off her cloak and my jacket off of each other along with her belt. We were standing by the edge of her bed and once her cloak, belt and boots were off as well as my jacket and boots were also off she pressed closer to me and soon pushed me onto her bed which we gently fell onto it still in a passionate lip lock. As we laid down on the bed together we continued kissing for several more minutes before we had to break it for air. At this point Raven spoke the words ''Azarath Metrion Zinthos'' to reveal her surprise which was two familiar bottles of massage oil and a couple dozen unlit candles on both of her side tables by the head of her bed. I looked up after she said these words and I saw the invisibility spell lift and I saw all the items she had on the tables. I looked back at her and I smiled having an idea of what her plan was and I leaned my head back up to meet hers and I kissed her again and while we kissed I used my PK ability to light all the candles.

As we continued kissing Raven lay on top of me I soon felt her hands roam down my body and they grabbed the bottom of my shirt. She soon started to raise her hands up my body bringing my shirt with them and in a few seconds we broke the kiss as my shirt was taken off. After my shirt was off she sat on my waist straddling my body. She placed her hands on my chest and she rubbed my sparsely haired chest sensually making me groan as she did. As I lost myself in the sensual rubbing Raven was doing to my chest I didn't feel her hands travel down my torso and stop at my waist were she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Raven then lifted herself up on her knees slightly and with her TK ability my pants flew off my legs in one swift motion she took my pants off and they flew off my legs and onto the floor. After my pants flew off I soon realized what had happened and Raven was now sitting straddling my waist while I was in nothing but my underwear. I was slightly aroused what with Raven rubbing my chest sensually and also being in my underwear with my beautiful girlfriend on top of me straddling my waist and she could feel my cock harden under her crotch. As Raven sat on me she leaned over to the side table and she grabbed two bottles of massage oil and held both up asking which one I would like her to use on me. I thought for a few seconds before I said ''Vanilla please.''

Raven then leaned back to put the cinnamon bottle back and as she did she raised up a bit allowing me to roll over onto my stomach. Raven then flipped open the top and poured some oil into her hands which she then spread over her hands before she put them on my shoulders. She started to used her thumbs and the butts of her palms to massage and press the knots out of my back. I groaned loudly as I felt Raven massaging my back and shoulders. She moved her hands down and my muscles screamed in relief as she started down my back. She soon massaged each of my legs skipping over my underwear and once she was done she laid down next to me and we kissed while the oil dried. After the oil on my back dried I flipped over onto my back and Raven started to do the same to the front of my legs. She first massaged my right one then my left she soon moved up to my stomach and she rubbed it sensually with the slippery oil on her hands. She soon rubbed my chest as she had before and my massage was complete.

After Raven had given me my massage she laid down on her stomach next to me and we kissed each other passionately while the oil on my stomach dried. After it had Raven rose off her bed and stood next to me facing away from me. I reached over to the back of her neck and unzipped her leotard and she slowly took it off sliding it down her long arms and then finally her body. I watched as she wiggled and undulated her sexy body. I could see her familiar black bra strap and matching thong panties as they stood out against her light grey skin. She bent down to take her legs out of the leotards leg holes and since she was still facing away from me I could see her entire sexy firm round ass and her thong cradling her womanhood as it stuck out towards me. After her legs were out of the leg holes I grabbed her body and playfully threw her to the bed. We were both laughing and giggling as I started a tickle fight with Raven. We rolled around on her bed tickling each other for several minutes before I pinned her down I slowed caressed my lips against hers and planted a long slow kiss on them where our tongues fought for dominance in their usual swirling writhing dance.

After I kissed her I lifted up on my knees and Raven rolled over onto her stomach underneath me. While she did this I leaned over to her table and grabbed the cinnamon bottle and asked Raven which massage oil she wanted me to use on her. She decided on vanilla like I had and I used my TK to float the other bottle back over to the side table. I flipped open the top of the bottle and poured some of the liquid into my hands. I spread it around my hands and then I grabbed Raven's shoulders and I started to move my thumbs in a circular motion while I pressed them firmly into her shoulders. She enjoyed the massage and she started to moan her pleasure as I rubbed the tension from her body. I traveled my hands down her back and then to her legs and once there I released my hold on her and we let the oil dry before she flipped onto her back. Once she was on her back I poured and spread more oil into and around my hands. I started by grabbing one leg with each hand and I massaged them ascending them as I went up to her thighs. She moaned her appreciation and then I moved my hands over her hips and up to her well toned stomach which I massaged lovingly as my thumbs rotated in circles on her torso. At this point her heart rate had increased and her breathing had become ragged and heavy. As I moved my hands from her stomach to her ribcage beneath her breasts she started to squirm as this was a ticklish spot but as I moved my hands up slowly. She suddenly grabbed my hands and she guided them up and underneath the cups of her bra and I soon felt her bare breasts for the first time ever. I continued moving my thumbs in circular pattern on her nipples which hardened as I did this and she moaned loudly as this continued. I soon changed to my usual squeezing and light pushing on them which still felt nice to her. As I played with her tits the combination of that plus the oil which was making her nipples a bit more sensitive than usual which was causing her to arch her back in pleasure.

As she arched her back she said in between breathes ''Max...Take...My...Bra...Off...Please!''

I took my hand off tits and out from under her bra and I reached them around her body and quickly found where the two ends attached. I grabbed each end and I slowly unhooked all three hooks and her bra sat loosely on her body as I brought the straps up her arms and she quickly slid them out and I was now seeing Raven's bare tits for the first time. I marveled at the sight of them. I stared unblinkingly for several minutes at their beauty, they were in my opinion two perfect light grey mounds sitting delicately on her chest. Each was topped with a little medium grey nipple that sat there proudly. I couldn't help but stare at them for several minutes.

''Max. Max. Max!'' Raven said bringing me out of my trance.

''What?'' I asked once I was done staring at Raven's naked chest.

''Why were you staring so intently at my breasts?'' Raven asked.

''I was just reveling in their and your beauty.'' I said.

Raven looked at me questioningly before she asked ''Is this the first set of breasts you've ever seen?''

I blushed as she asked my this question which I answered with a ''Yes.''

''Really you never saw Katie's?'' She asked.

''I never even touched them.'' I said.

After I was done staring at them I placed my hands back on them and I continued the massage. I only massaged them for a few second before I moved my hands up to her shoulders and collar bones. After I finished the massage I left my hands on her shoulders and I kissed her lips hard. We kissed each other for a few minutes before I made my move down. As we kissed I slowly started to trail kisses down her neck to her clavicle and them finally her cleavage. She was moaning steadily as I kissed and licked the vanilla flavored oil off her cleavage. I then moved my head to her left breast and I started to lick it flicking my tongue every now and again on her nipple which sent shivers of pleasure down her spine. This made her move her hands up and she grabbed my head and she pushed it against her left tit shoving her nipple in my mouth.

''Suck it.'' she commanded.

I did as she told me and I grabbed it with my right hand and I started to suck her hard nipple. She was moaning loudly as I sucked it lovingly. I fought her hand on the back of my head pushing me and I switched to her other breast and started to suck it. While I was sucking her tits I didn't notice that her eyes were now black as her emotions were not under control she was lost in horny bliss at the moment.

''OH GOD MAX I'M GONNA CUM!'' Raven yelled and she slammed her eyes shut as she felt her pussy walls contract as her orgasm arrived.

As she screamed during her orgasm she arched her back and threw her head back against her pillows in pleasure and she involuntarily grabbed her dresser with her TK and without speaking her incantation she lifted it up off the floor. After it ended she dropped it with a loud thud. I quickly took my mouth off her breast now that she had reached her orgasm and I saw that her dresser was rocking from side to side lightly. After she had ridden the wave of pleasure that was her orgasm to completion her body fell back onto her bed limply and she lay there in orgasmic bliss breathing heavily. I lay next to Raven embracing her and she cuddled into me. After a few minutes of her breathing heavy from her orgasm she rolled in my arms and she faced me and she snaked her left hand in between our bodies down to my groin and she reached into my cotton boxer briefs and she grabbed and lightly stroked my fully erect cock. My head started to spin as she did this for several minutes. I almost came before she stopped and took her hand out of my underwear. After she did this she rolled in my arms again and I faced her back and I hugged her lightly and I placed my right hand over her body and I cupped her right tit and rubbed it lightly and we fell asleep minutes later.

(Sorry for the one day delay in this chapter life got in the way. I thank you all for your understanding.)