Chapter 23: Day 192

Raven awoke at 6:30 the next morning to the feeling of her bladder screaming to be relieved. When she felt the feeling she quickly opened her eyes and looked around to make sure she wouldn't disturb me when she got out of bed. She saw that I was on my back my left hand touching only her waist and then she slowly got of from under the covers and she strode to her bathroom and once she had slid her thong down enough to be clear she sat on her toilet and emptied her full bladder. Afterwards she pulled her thong back up and she walked out of her bathroom still topless from the night before. She strode to her bed and carefully got in making sure not to wake me as she did. She found the warm spot that she had left and positioned her body on it feeling it's heat radiate off her matress. She lay in her warm spot before she rolled over on her right side and she rested her head on my left shoulder and collarbone and while she did this her left hand was lightly rubbed and stroking my chest.

I started to stir just enough to know that it was her as she did this and I rolled over onto my left side and faced her. I lazily opened my eyes halfway and I saw Raven staring at me with her beautiful violet eyes. I reach my right arm out and I wrapped it around her placing my hand in the small of her back and I pulled her into my body and she cuddled against me. While we cuddled her naked breasts and nipples rubbed against my shirtless chest which I had to admit felt very nice during this early hour of the day. As we cuddled I warmed our bodies and I leaned my head towards hers and I placed my lips against hers. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue which she rubbed on my still closed lips for a few minutes before I too opened my mouth and stuck my tongue into her mouth as she had mine. We kissed each other good morning while our hands roamed over the each others body and we lay there enjoying the feel of the others hands glide over our bodies in the peaceful morning hours.

As we cuddled against each other gliding and roaming our hands over the others body quickly turned into a tickle fight. While we tickled each other our laughter started as giggling and soon it became raucous as we were tickling each other vigorously.

''Could you two please keep it down some of us are trying to sleep here!'' Jinx said from her cot a few feet away.

''Sorry Jinx.'' Raven and I said but we were shocked to hear Jinx from across the room as we thought she had spent the night in my room while I was here and Raven had walked right past her when she went to the bath room about thirty minutes ago and didn't even see her there.

Raven and I stopped our tickling and we gave each other a quick kiss and then I put on my pants after floating them over to me via TK. I grabbed my shirt, socks, jacket and boots and I carried them to my room with me. After Raven's door closed behind me Raven walked to her bathroom to start her shower. I walked down he hall to my room and once inside I put the jacket and boots on my bed while everything else I placed in the hamper. I started for my bathroom to pee and bring the water in my shower up to temperature before I stripped my pants and underwear off to get inside the steamy shower.

As I got in my shower Raven was doing the same in her room. We wet, soaped, shampooed and washed our bodies before we got out and dressed in our usual attires. While we were busy showering the rest of the team had awaken and started to morning routines as Raven and I were finishing ours. We met up in the GPS room after our showers and we decided we'd make breakfast for a change giving Bee a break. I made the batter for waffles while Raven started to cook the bacon. Right as I was pouring some batter onto the waffle iron Raven and I heard a scream.

We quickly ran out of the GPS room and into the hall when we heard another scream coming from Raven's room. We knew it was Jinx and we quickly made our way there along with Bee, Robin and Star. We were all in Raven's room and Jinx came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her body. Star, Bee and Robin were likewise in only towels.

As she ran out of the bathroom in shock at who she saw. I asked her ''What's wrong Jinx?'' She on the other hand just pointed at the door way and those of us in Raven's room saw as a teen about sixteen step into view. He had lean muscles and red spiky hair which made him appear taller than normal. He wore a seamless two piece spandex body suit. The top was all yellow with a red lightening bolt on the chest while his pants were all red. He also had yellow boots and long red gloves that flared out and ended at his elbows and a head mask that covered his entire head with the exception of the two big eye holes and his mouth, chin and nose are completely exposed. His T-Communicator is hidden in the two lightening bolts coming off his suit where his ears are located.

''Hey guys what's up?'' the cocky young man asked the group that was there.

Everyone got out of the fighting stances when Wally showed himself. I was uneasy but I did as everyone else did.

''Friend Wally what are you doing here?'' Star asked in her usual cheery voice.

''I was in town so I thought I'd come see you guys.'' Wally said looking more at Jinx than anyone else.

''You should have called first.'' Jinx said angrily at him.

''What so I can be told not to come?'' he asked.

Robin now interjected by saying ''Look Wally you should have given some heads up and the rest of us should get out so we can finish our showers'', Robin gestured to himself, Star, Bee and Jinx, and breakfast.'' he finished by gesturing at me and Raven.

Everyone agreed and Raven and I were joined in the GPS room by Wally who had grabbed his duffle bag off of Raven's bed. He came into the GPS room woth Raven and I dropping the bag on the floor and he sat on one of the stools at the island while Raven and I continued making breakfast.

''So who are you?'' he asked me.

''I'm Blaze to the public, Maxcy or Max to you.'' I said as I stopped pouring waffle batter into the waffle iron.

''So what are your powers?'' he asked.

''Telepathy, Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis.'' I answered him.

''And you're Kid Flash.'' I said knowing who he was.

''Yeah that's me.'' he said in a cocky tone.

Raven and I continued to make breakfast and talk to him until BB, Cy and Terra came in since their morning routines weren't interrupted like the others had been. When BB, Cy and Terra walked in they saw Wally and the four of them came over and shook his hand and Terra hugged him in welcome. They talked while Raven and I continued making breakfast. Terra asked why the others weren't here yet so Raven and I explained.

After Raven and I were minutes away from being done Bee, Jinx, Robin and Star walked into the GPS room now that they were done with their morning routines. As they came into the GPS room everyone but me and Raven sat down as I had a waffle to take out of the waffle iron and Raven got out the plates and the cups and mugs for juice and coffee. She placed them on the counter and everyone grabbed a plate and the drink container for their intended drinks. Raven and I walked around to the other side of the island and we sat next to each other with Jinx to my left at the end so she could be as far away from Wally as possible. We all ate and we all talked and joked save for Jinx who ate quickly and then she left for the room her and Raven shared. After the rest of us ate our breakfast we adjourned to the couch and we continued to talk and while we all talked Bee thanked Raven and I along with putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

Wally talked with everyone for about thirty minutes before we all dispersed to train and Etc. Wally joined Robin, BB, Cy, Bee and Terra in the danger room while Star, Raven and I went into my room where we were going to meditate. As the three of us sat down and were about to start our meditation we heard a knock on the door. I stood up and walk over to my door answering it and found Jinx standing there.

''Hey Jinx what's up?'' I asked her.

''Hey guys I was wondering if I could join you. After the surprise I had this morning I need to calm down so I figured I could join in meditation.''

''Sure no problem Jinx come on in.'' I said gesturing for her to enter.

She walked in and sat down at the foot of my bed with Star and Raven I shut my door and joined them at the foot of my bed on the floor. After I sat down and crossed my legs with my hands resting in my lap I said my prayer while Star and Raven both said ''Azarath Metrion Zinthos.'' The four of us meditated for a few hours and then afterwards we ended our session and we all gathered in the GPS room for the lunch with the rest of the team. Bee had made sandwiches and soup for lunch which we all ate and enjoyed again with the exception of Jinx who wanted nothing to do with nor be anywhere near Wally so she ate fast and left the room promptly. After I digested lunch for a bit I walked out of the GPS room and I took my jacket off and I hung it on a hook by the door. I decided to go down to the gym two floors down and while there I worked on my cardio by running on the treadmill and afterwards I lifted weights for both my arms and legs.

This took a couple of hours to do and once I was done I went up to the top floor and once the elevator doors opened I walked to my room and when I got there and the door opened I saw Jinx sitting on my bed. I was about to ask her but she raised a finger to her lips indicating that she wanted silence. I felt out with my TP and connected with her mind.

''What are you doing in here Jinx?'' I asked her

''I'm hiding from Wally because I don't want anything to do with him after what he did to me and I don't feel like explaining what he did before you ask either.'' she stated while cutting me off before I could ask another question.

I continued to do what I was going to so I took off my shirt and threw it in the hamper and then I stepped over to my dresser and got a fresh one from the drawer. Before I put it on however I walked to my bathroom and I wiped the sweat from my body before I reapplied my deodorant and then I put on the shirt. I walked back out into my room and before I left I walked over to my bed and I sat down. Jinx who moments before had explained as much as she wanted to gave me a questioning look before I reached my arms up and I hugged her in a tight friendly hug. She hugged me back and a few minutes later I broke it and I walked out silently so as not to give away her location. I walked down the hall to the GPS room and sat down to watch T.V. with Wally, Star, Robin and Terra. We watched until Bee announced that dinner was ready when we shut it off and walked over to the island where we sat and served ourselves. Everyone was there except for Jinx so I used my TP to reach out to her consciousness and let her know that dinner was ready. A few minutes later she walked into the GPS room and she ate with the rest of us.

While we ate Wally asked Robin ''Hey Robin is it okay if I take your extra room?''

''You'll have to ask Max since we gave it to him.'' Robin said gesturing to me.

Wally asked if we could bunk up together.

''Sure after dinner we'll get a cot, extra pillow and blanket for you and make room for your clothes and things.'' I said.

''Okay thanks.'' he said as he went back to eating.

After dinner was done I digested a bit before Wally and I grabbed a cot out of the storage closet in the GPS room and we took it to my room and set it up. After setting up the cot in between my closet door and bathroom door just like Raven and Jinx had done I made room for him in my closet and dresser and then I grabbed an extra pillow and blanket from my closet and gave them to Wally and he made his cot. While Wally was making his cot there was a knock on my door which I answered and once I did I saw Robin standing there.

''Hey Max could I talk to Wally alone for a minute?'' he asked.

''Sure.'' I said as I walked out into the hall and I walked down it to the GPS room where everyone else was sitting watching T.V.

I sat down next to Raven and she placed her head on my shoulder after giving me a kiss. While I was here Robin and Wally were having a talk in my room.

''So Wally I wanted to discuss somethings with you.'' Robin said as he sat on my bed and Wally on his cot.

''Like what?'' he asked.

''Well since you and Jinx used to date I need to know that you can handle her dating again and when we're on a mission that you two can get along fine?'' Robin asked.

''Yeah I can if she can.'' Wally replied.

Robin went over the rest of the rules now that he and Jinx were going to be working together again and the punishments if he or she broke them and he explained that he had talked to her earlier today as well. Afterwards the two of them rejoined us in the GPS room and we watched T.V. until bed.