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There was a long-lived joke between Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.

The origin of this joke took place one pristine April morning at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The air was sweet with the scent of the blooming wildflowers that dotted the sloping lawns. Hagrid's garden was bursting with sweet-smelling flowers and plants that he had taken to growing as a hobby, under the watchful eye of Professor Sprout. The trees were just shedding their blossoms as new leaves took their place, the fallen petals swirling around the chatting students like snow. The light breeze carried the sounds of the students' laughter as they ducked outside into the spring weather to escape the stress of the ever-nearing exams.

It was a picturesque day, and almost everyone was outside. Some were playing with the Giant Squid, some were practicing Quidditch in the Quidditch pitch, and some were just lounging on the lush, spring-green grass, chatting or doing homework.

Two of those students were Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.

Ginny had reluctantly brought out a stack of potions notes and a large textbook upon her friend Hermione's insistence. Ginny was a fifth year, and to Hermione, that meant one thing. O.W.L.s. Ginny didn't much care about the upcoming exams, but Hermione was determined to push a textbook in front of Ginny every waking moment. Ginny loved her dearly, but Hermione, like Ron and Harry had found out the hard way just the year before, was a study nut through-and-through and was becoming increasingly irritating as the exams loomed nearer.

Harry, a frequent victim of Hermione's study-induced wrath, had promised Ginny to help her with Potions (which was, like Harry, the subject Ginny was struggling with the most). Harry agreed to help not only because he was a loving boyfriend, but also because Hermione had taken to pestering him about "distracting Ginny". Oddly, both Ginny and Harry believed that Harry was not proving to be a distraction, and both liked each others' company more than studying anyway. But even Hermione had to admit that helping Ginny study was beneficial, though she warned them that she would be watching for what she deemed to be a diversion.

So Ginny and Harry had been studying in the common room while Hermione, like promised, analyzed their every move, while quizzing Ron about Fwoopers for his Care of Magical Creatures finals at the same time. Hermione was a very skilled multi-tasker, after all.

But apparently today was also the Gryffindor Gobstone Tournament, which made studying a bit difficult.

"What are the properties of a Diricawl fe—"

"MATTHEW DUPPET IN THE LEAD AFTER A SPECTACULAR MOVE!" yelled the commentator of the game, standing up and banging his fist on the table.

"The properties of—"


"THE PROPERTIES OF—oh, bloody hell, Ginny, let's go outside."

So, in effort to be able to talk without screaming and to dodge the goo sprayed everywhere by the erupting Gobstone pieces, Harry and Ginny sought refuge elsewhere.

They ended up sitting on the grass under the tree by the lake, whose branches were covered with a mixture of blossoms and leaves. Harry started to quiz her on the uses of Jarvey fur in potions.

"According to this random name I can't pronounce, but who evidently discovered Jarvies, what are the three uses of Jarvey fur? What do they do to a potion?" Harry asked, sliding a finger down the page in the book to check for reference.

When Ginny didn't answer, he propped himself up on his elbows to see what was wrong. Apparently, Ginny wasn't listening to Harry. She had plucked a long blade of grass from the ground and was twirling it between her fingers. Her idle gaze had strayed to some point in the lake. "The Giant Squid's active today," she observed spontaneously, tucking a long strand of red hair behind her ear and plucking another piece of grass from the lawn.

"Wonderful," Harry declared sarcastically. "Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with this bloke in your textbook. Or Jarvies. Or potions, even."

"Not true," Ginny countered. "I bet the Squid's somehow distantly related to Jarvies. Just look at him!"

Harry turned and glanced at the lake and saw the Giant Squid propelling himself rapidly across the water with his multiple tentacles. "Uh, Ginny? Sorry to break it to you, but Jarvies are supposed to look like overgrown ferrets."

"Exactly! Don't you see some ferret in him?"

"Oh, absolutely."

"Case in point," Ginny murmured absentminded, either missing or pointedly ignoring Harry's sarcastic tone.

Harry sighed. "Ginny, Hermione's going to kill me if we don't get anything done. You value your boyfriend's life, right?"

"For the most part," she replied nonchalantly.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Jarvies. What about them?"

"They look like overgrown ferrets, for one. Their fur…is used in potions because it…does something to counteract the…the thing in the potions…Oh, I don't know. Can we call it quits, just for today?" Ginny gave him her big brown puppy-dog eyes.

Harry smirked. "Those don't work on me."

Ginny threw her hands up in the air, exasperated. "What will make you change your mind? A good snog?"

Harry pretended to look thoughtful. "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to try."

"Fine." Ginny leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

They broke apart after a few seconds and sat with their foreheads together. "Close the textbook, Potter," Ginny said, trying to sound threatening. It was ruined, though, by the smile that she was unable to get off her face.

"Yeah, about that," Harry answered, acting like what he was about to say was going to give him serious grief. "I've thought about it, and I've realized that Hermione has been on a rampage as of late, so it wouldn't be the wisest choice to go against her right now. So, tell me about those Jarvies. What are they? What do they do?"

"Hermione's not on a rampage! C'mon, Hermione's never had a boyfriend, so what would she know? I bet you she'd ditch exams if she had one, too!"

"Not on a rampage, you say? Did you see what she did to Ron?"

"I'll never, ever forgive you, Potter," Ginny declared fiercely as she resigned to studying. "Never, ever, ever!"

"You won't forgive me?" Harry repeated looking unconcerned. "What a shame."

"That's right!" Ginny said, suddenly growing attached to this idea. "Never! I don't care if you save the bloody world, or—or get elected Minister of Magic! You are always going to be left unforgiven my me, Ginevra Molly Weasley. And you know it's true, because I pulled the middle name card."


Ginny huffed. "You'll be sorry, Potter. Just you wait."

And that was when it started.

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