What's up people! Ok I've had story in my head for a while, but I couldn't quite figure out how to make the events happen, but know that I do know, here it is! This fic is an altoshipper, if you don't like this pairing, then leave. Also, Ash, May, and Misty are 18, Brock is 21, and Max is 14.






Pallet Town, 12:30 PM, weather: Raining, mood: Sasuke-styled (Depressive for those who don't watch Naruto)

It was a sad day in Pallet. 7 years had passed since the mysterious disappearance of one of the town's trainers: Ash Ketchum. So far, no one had any idea how it had happened, but one day, Ash had banished while on his way back from Hoenn, right after an 'attack' from Team Rocket.


Ash, Brock, May and Max had just gotten out of the victory road leading to and from the stadium, the three other humans and Pikachu all trying to cheer up their friend.

"Come on Ash, it's not that bad, there are still more leagues you can compete in!"

"Yeah, you shouldn't be so down!"

"Come on Ash, I know you better than this, cheer up already!"

"Sorry guys, it's just…it's just always the same routine: I get the eight badges, have a problem or two trying to get one, I get to the league, get high up, get my hopes up, and get crushed down by someone with amazingly strong Pokémon…" Ash's head suddenly shot up. "Hey guys, could you go on ahead, I need some time to myself…" They left him walk in the back for a while, even Pikachu, when Team Rocket attacked. They started their Hoenn Motto when Ash's head snapped up again, before holding out his hand and shooting out an Aura Sphere, which plowed straight through the balloon, from which a small blue ball fell, and exploded. Not in smoke, as team rocket usually does, but an actual bomb. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

The pained scream of Ash had sent the four of them in a panic. They all screamed his name, only to get no answer. The smoke cleared up, and it showed that the only damage done to the landscape was a small dot of burnt ground, but Ash was nowhere to be seen…


The officers had said that he would be marked down as a missing person, but if he wasn't found in seven years, he would be marked as dead. Everyone was taking it badly, but none as bad as Ash's Pokémon team from Hoenn. His Poke balls were the only thing that were left after the explosion, making everyone believe he had been completely obliterated by it, but his poke balls survived because they were made of metal. They felt worse than anyone because they felt like they had failed Ash. To make things worse, a strange figure had appeared in Altomare on the exact day of Ash's Birthday, 4 years after the incident, a man that called himself 'The Guardian of Altomare'. He was an Aura Master, dressed in the same way Sir Aaron had, that didn't use Pokémon when he fought; he used his own aura to fight off any threat to the city. The man was hated throughout all Pallet. He was everything Ash had wanted to be: Strong, capable of protecting others, and the man had gone and won the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn leagues using some Pokémon he did have. Strangely, his pokedex identification was also set for 'The Guardian of Altomare', so no one knew what his real name was. The professors were all baffled at how someone could make their identification say that. Anyway, today was Ash's funeral, honorary, seeing as there was no body to be buried. Ash's mom, Delia, took a microphone.

"Thank you all, for being here today, to pay your respects to Ash… he…he was the world to me, my little baby…" That's as far as she got, before breaking down in tears and wails of despair. Prof. Oak took over next.

"Ash was a great trainer, and a great person, if the people attending aren't proof of that I don't know what is…" It was true, almost every single person Ash had met was there: The elite four of each region, the gym leaders of each region, the people he met from the adventures with the legendaries, hell, even his old pokemon were there, the ones he had given to someone else or set free: Pidgeot, Primeape, Butterfree… The only ones not present were Bianca and Lorenzo "Ash is now in a better place, of that I am sure, and we will all remember him in our hearts…"

When the Professor finished, all the guests stood up, each holding up a white rose. They went and put them over Ash's grave, all of them were crying. Until…

A strong rumble crossed the ground, before a gigantic robot appeared, a red 'R' emblazoned in its chest. Its upper hatch opened to show a man in an orange colored suit, with a Persian besides him. He seemed to enjoy seeing the people below him in pain and suffering.

"Finally. Now that the little runt is officially out of the way, I can take over the world, and what better way to show my respects, than TO CRUSH HIS HOMETOWN FIRST! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Misty, Tracey, Brock, May and Max all jumped to their feet, completely outraged by the desecration caused on their friend's funeral.


"Yes, I can. You're mourning, and thus you're too weak to fight, and that means I can start to take over without that little bastard getting in the way! Now, tremble against the power of my robot, the Dark Destroyer!" He went back to the cockpit.

The robot's left arm rose, and a huge missile was visible inside it. The people and Pokémon made no attempt to move; they knew that there was no way they could escape the impact or the blast radius in time, and it was too big for a pokemon to deflect. They closed their eyes, ready for the end, the missile was fired…

"AURA SPHERE!" A powerful blue sphere rocketed out of the woods and into the side of the missile, sending it into the mountains in the west, exploding without harming anyone. "Figures, I leave for a few years and what happens? The whole world is in danger; again."

Everyone turned around to see a figure coming out of the forest, clad in the robes of Sir Aaron…the Guardian of Altomare. Misty got even angrier at the sight of the man. She took out her mallet and ran towards the man.

"YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE, YOU BASTARD!" She brought down her hammer with all her strength, but the figure blocked it…with one finger.

"My, my, my, Misty, I'm so disappointed." Said the Guardian, with mock sadness in his voice. "Is this how you welcome an old friend? I thought you were nicer Miss Waterflower"

Misty was about to pound the man into oblivion, but the figure pushed her aside, and faced at the giant robot, hate visible in his aura as it flared to life.

"Giovanni Rocketto, your mere existence proves to be a threat to Altomare, and any threat to my city…" A HUGE Aura Sphere formed in the man's hands, so much that a Lucario brought by one of the trainers to the funeral had fainted, the amount of aura overloading its senses. "…will be DESTROYED!" The aura sphere flew, rippling the air around it because of its sheer power, and when it impacted the robot, the implosion caused was so strong, everyone had to hold on to something heavy to avoid being sucked in. "Threat… eliminated."

The man simply turned around and headed back to the forest, but didn't make it before an Ice Beam went across his path. He looked in the direction it had come from, which was from Misty's Staryu. She ran at the figure, trying to contain her rage so as to leave some of the man for the others to attack.

"You're not getting away you little bastard!" The man jumped out of the way of her hammer, showing everyone his extreme agility and speed, before countering with a war-hammer made completely of aura. "Rip-off!" She lunged at the man, intent on taking him out, but the Guardian's hammer was much stronger than hers, so she was blown back by the attack. Pikachu jumped on top of Swellow.

"EVERYONE! ATTACK THAT SON OF A BITCH!" The Hoenn team attacked first, but they were quickly defeated by a single Aura wave. All of Ash's pokemon attacked in reverse order, the newer ones first and the older ones last. By the end, only Pikachu and Charizard remained. Pikachu launched a thunder wave in hopes of paralyzing the man, but he stopped it with an Aura Shield, Pikachu then attacked with a thunder, but the man jumped over it.

Big mistake from his part.

Charizard took flight and struck the man with a Flamethrower, burning of his mouth mask. The man landed and shot an aura sphere at the Flame Pokemon. The man tried to hide his face, but was forced to let go because of a powerful thunder attack. Everyone stared at the man's now visible face. Delia was the first to recover from the shock.

"A-Ash?" The man looked at a puddle caused by squirtles' water gun and saw that his face was perfectly visible.

Before anyone could do or say anything, he took out several old-looking pokeballs.

"EVERYONE, RETURN!" All of Ash's Pokemon, even Pikachu, were sucked into the spherical containers, and the man made a run for it while whistling an old, slightly melancholic tuned, his whistling was unnaturally loud. It was Lugia's Song. Soon enough, the gargantuan creature shot out of the water, its neck craned in a way that would allow the guardian to mount it. "Lord of the Seas, could you please take me home?" The creature nodded and prepared to take flight. The man, clearly Ash, turned to the crowd. "Farewell, old friends." And with that he was gone.

Ash's regional companions looked at each other.

"We are going to follow him, right?"

"Of course we are..."


We see an old man, somewhere along his 80's, slowly working on a gondola, with two near identical young women assisting him, while a little girl of about 3 years was playing on the floor, away from the tools of course.

"Mommy, when will daddy come home?" Asked the little girl to one of the young women. The girl didn't answer vocally, but psychically.

'He should be getting home soon sweetie, as soon as he finishes his work.' The girl's father actually had a very good income from his job, so his family never lacked anything. A loud sound came from the outside. 'Looks like his here!'

"YAY!" the little girl ran towards the door, her disguise dropping out of excitement. She now looked like a human, except she had two red wing-like limbs sprouting from her shoulders, and her hair, forehead, the back of her arms and hands, her legs, and her back itself were all red, and from the nose down to her stomach were completely white. Her hands were pretty much human, except for the claws. The minute the door opened, revealing a young man in blue clothing, she pounced at him. "DADDY!"

The man caught the little girl, spun her around once before setting her down, and then walked over to one of the 'twins' before kissing the telepathic one.

´Welcome home Ashy, how was the job?"

"Simple. Giovanni is gone and so is team rocket. The bounty I got for defeating them was enough to keep us going for at least a year or two. How was my lovely dragoness today?"

The 'girl' giggled at her parent's interaction

"Exhausted. Ritias has been keeping me on the move today. She finally learned how to levitate, and soon after began to dart around town, and learned how to turn invisible on the way."

Ash's eyes widened, before going over to lift his daughter to his shoulders.

"That's my girl! I told you, you would manage to do it soon!"

"Thanks daddy!" their little family reunion was interrupted when the door was smashed open. Ash put his daughter down and jumped in front of his family, an Aura Sphere charging up in his hands.

"ASH KETCHUM EXPLAIN EVERYTHING NOW!" He sweat dropped when he heard the voice, identifying it as Misty's. Before he could answer, however, he was crushed in another hug from his mother.

"OH ASH! YOU'RE ALIVE!" and then things went for the worst "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! WE WERE ALL WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU! AND HAVE YOU REMEBERED TO CHANGE YOUR…" She was silenced by Ash putting his hand on her mouth.

"Let me set something straight: I am no longer the Ash Ketchum you knew. I am Ash Ketchum, Guardian of Altomare, protector of the soul dew, and…" He lifted Ritias to his shoulders again. "…Proud father and husband."

The minute he said that, Brock broke down in tears.

"I can't believe this! Ash got a girl, got married and had a child before me!" While he was in despair, Delia's eyes got full of joy again.

"OH! I'm a grandmother! And to such a cute little girl!" Ash looked up to see that his daughter had reassumed her human disguise. (A/N think of a 3-year-old Bianca for the human form, and Google humanized latias for an idea of how pokemorph form Ritias looks.)

The little girl giggled at the complement.

"Daddy, who is the nice lady?"

"This, Ritias, is my mother. Your grandmother from my side of the family."

"Like grandpa Lorenzo is from mommy's side?"

"Correct my dear."

Professor Oak took a step forward, noticing something odd.

"How come she doesn't have baby speech?"

"She's incredibly smart. She began to talk at 3 months." The professor was about to let it go, until May accidentally tripped and her pokedex fell from her bag, opening and pointing at Ritias' mother.

"Latias, the Eon pokemon: They make groups of small herds. They use their glass-like down to refract light and change their appearance."

Ash and Latias tensed, both hoping that they would pass it up as a pokedex malfunction from dropping, until Ritias spoke.

"Daddy, what's that? And how does it know so much about mommy?"

'SHIT!' Three seconds passed before the next few things happened: Delia fainted, Brock's eyes actually opened in surprise, Max jumped at Ash, trying to get information on how life was with a Pokemon, Misty and May's eyes nearly pop out of their sockets, and Prof. Oak was trying to get Ritias off Ash's shoulders. Ash grabbed the professor by the neck. "You lay one finger on my daughter, and I swear to Arceus you will not see the light of another day, got it?" The professor nodded frantically. "Now, I believe you all want an explanation?" Everyone nodded. As soon as Delia woke up, Ash began his tale. "So this is what happened."


Ash had noticed the blue sphere falling off from team rockets balloon. It was a simple smoke-bomb, most likely to be used in their escape. Ash grinned as he thought of a plan. He fired a small Aura sphere at the bomb, setting it off with a slight explosion. He took off his poke balls and left them on the floor, and then silently ran to the forest. Once he was far enough, he decided to go over to Cameron Palace to train with his Aura powers, all he could do were Aura Spheres that were only powerful enough to pierce through a few things, like team rocket's balloon. He spent two years there, slaving over the scrolls of Aura techniques. After that, he went to Altomare, looking for the one he had yearned for: Latias. Of course, the second he got in the Secret Garden of the Lati, Latias tackled him to the ground, thinking he was an intruder, before realizing who it was.


"Good to see you too Latias…"


"…and two years after that, three years ago, when Ritias was born, I became the Guardian of Altomare. I went back to the regions to win the leagues and get some money to sustain my family, with a part-timer job here helping Lorenzo make the gondolas, and I go after some bounties when money starts to falter." Everyone, except for Lorenzo, Latias, Bianca and Ritias were awestruck. Ash now had enough power to take down anyone that threatened the city, or more specifically, his family. "My family, in case you're wondering, is composed of my wife, Latias, my daughter, Ritias, my 'sister-in-law' Bianca and my 'father-in-law' Lorenzo. Any questions?" Professor Oak raised his hand. "No, you can't take Ritias for studying." Oak's hand went down, followed by Tracey's hand shooting up. "Yes, Tracy?"

"Would you allow me to make a quick sketch of you and your family? I've never had the chance to sketch a poke-human hybrid, so…"

"Ok, Tracey, you can, BUT only if you can come up with a cover story to keep people from us."

"I thought you were going to say 'don't show it to anyone'."

"If I did, I would pretty much jinx myself, and then someone would accidentally see it and I would have to Aura Storm (Lucario's Smash Final) them away."

"Oh, ok" Tracey took out his sketchbook and began to draw the posing family. Ash and Latias were right besides each other, holding hands, er, hand holding claw actually, while Ritias stood between them giving a sharp victory sign. Bianca stood on Latias' left while Lorenzo stood on Ash's right. "And…done!" He showed them the sketch, which had turned out pretty well. "Thanks a lot Ash, Latias, Ritias, Lorenzo and Bianca!"

They spent a few more hours speaking, before the clock on the workshop began to sound, marking the arrival of another hour.

"Wow it's pretty late already, I think you guys should get back home, and you, little miss, have to go to bed."

"But daddy, I don't wanna…"

"Ritias, if you go to bed now, I'll take you to the candy shop tomorrow, ok…" The minute he said candy, Ritias had already flown out of the workshop and straight for the garden. Ash and Latias excused themselves before leaving, Latias flying, Ash using one of his Aura techniques: The aura board. They arrived to the garden to find Ritias standing outside the small shack Ash had built for them to live in, asleep. "Guess she forgot that I locked it before leaving…"

He opened the door and carried his daughter to her bed, before turning to his wife.

'What are you going to do? Let them know you live or take away their memories?'

"As long as they don't pose a threat to Altomare, they can remember, but the minute one of them shows any signs of risking us, their memories will be gone." Latias nodded in agreement, it seemed like a good plan. "Now how about we go to sleep, my dear?"

Somewhere else, very far away from Altomare.

We now see a prison, a good one at that, with its alarms blaring and spotlights illuminating the perimeter, looking for a group of escapees. The mentioned escapees are currently underground, digging their way out of the prison. The group consists of 7 people and one pokemon: Jessie, James, Annie, Oakley, Cassidy, Butch, and the Iron Masked marauder, along with a meowth.

"Come on people, we're almost there!"

"Yeah! And den we can get revenge on de remaining twoips!"

"Screw them, Oakley and I are going to finish the job that got us in there: Capture the Latias of Altomare."

"Are you two nuts? You know there's this new guy, the Guardian of Altomare that will take down anyone that poses a threat to the city. You saw the news, he took down the boss's strongest robot like it was nothing!"

"Then how about we team up, form a neo-team rocket?"

I'm gonna leave it there for now. Next update will be for the Hero and the Moon, so stay tuned for it. Bladeofthepoet, logging out.