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The two armies charged against one another. The Hunters, empowered with the Shadow Crystals, against the Sacred Guardians and the Allied army. Both armies had power of the likes none had ever seen, and this battle was undoubtedly going to be cataclysmic… for both sides.

"FOR ALTOMARE! FOR AURA! FOR FREEDOM!" Dragon yelled over the sound of the running warriors, his voice carrying over the battlefield.


The two armies closed in, their generals in the front lines. Aura met steel in a dazzling show of battle cries, roars, and the sound of metallic weapons clashing against one another. For the first time in hundreds of years, the powers of good are entangled in a war against the powers of evil. The second war of Aura has begun… Bodies were ripped apart by the Berserker as he fought along with the Mechanic Soldiers and their creator, Fan, who was viciously fighting with his Bo Staffs, bones crushing under their strikes. The Fire demons wrought havoc along with the Guardian of Flame and their summoner, Celosia, her Rapiers glistening with a coat of fresh, crimson blood as they pierced through the Hunters. Dragon, with his Katana, cut Hunters to shreds as the armed Soldiers of the Ship of Blades fired at them. Fighting alongside him was Blade, his own sword cleaving the soldiers that were unlucky enough to step in its way. However, despite all this, the battle was still beginning. The Hunters were also rapidly eliminating many Demons, Mechs and Soldiers, whose skills were not sharp enough to dodge the shadow infused bullets…

"Hey, DRAGON!" Kaiba yelled out, his rifle ready. "Karn is mine!" He yelled as he hurried in the direction of said Sniper. Karn, stoic as ever, simply said:

"Hey, Jacquie, you take care of them" Karn told Jacquie, using his Aura Bullet technique to go towards his opponent. Before she could react, however, a pair of curved swords fell in front of her. She turned to face her attacker, a Guardian wearing a blue set of robes. Both fighters felt like they knew the other one, but no words were exchanged, only blows. Jacquie sent a wave of Ice Shards at her at her opponent, who only deflected them with her swords, the sound of the ice shattering being drowned by the clashing armies. Jeanelle countered with her blades, rushing towards her opponent. She felt some sort of connection with this ice cold woman, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. Jacqueline decided to even up the field, and froze the humidity of the air around her, creating a pair of swords of ice. Their blades met in a shower of sparks and chipped ice shards, their eyes locking as fiercely as their weapons in their deadly dance of swords, and a light of recognition dawned in their orbs. As shock registered in her mind, Jeanelle dropped her swords, the deathly blades dissolving into the air. Jacqueline watched in confusion as her opponent dropped her weapon, despite finding her awfully familiar. Jeanelle steeled herself, and asked:

"Tell me… does the Ecruteak Orphanage mean anything to you?" Jacqueline's eyes widened as she finally recognized her opponent, even through her mask. The one person she had considered a friend, until the day she had been adopted…

"J-Jean?" Her voice trembled slightly, her swords shattering against the ground…


The Ecruteak Orphanage was one of the most renowned houses for orphans. The place was known for having what was possibly the kindest caretaker, as well as all the kids being friends with each other… but the kids knew better. While the caretaker was a kind woman, there were several kids who liked to bully the others. One of the bullied was Jacqueline, whose innate power to control Ice made her the 'freak' of the orphanage. They mocked her daily, calling her a freak for her abilities and her naturally-streaked hair. She hated all of them, and more than once the caretaker had to take one of the bullies to the hospital with severe cases of hypothermia. She was a freak in the eyes of all… but one. Her best (and only) friend, Jeanelle. The two were nearly inseparable, and Jean would often beat up the bullies that came after Jacquie… but that all changed when Jean was adopted. She was left alone, and the bullies had renewed their efforts to make her miserable. One day, she got tired, and encased them in a shell of ice before running away. She was taken in by the Hunters soon after, who were incredibly interested in her abilities…


The two young women could only stare wide-eyed at each other, even as a war was unfolding right behind them…

Meanwhile, a few yards away, the Sniper of each team was in a stand-off with the other, the wind howling around them.

"So, you are the legendary Evil 9, the Master Sniper of the Guild of Deathly Evils…" Kaiba said, his hand itching towards his rifle.

"And you are the Angel of the Void, world renowned Sniper, capable of making shots that, according to rumors, even Arceus himself would call impossible. Rumor also has it that you have mated with a filthy Zoroark" In the last sentence, Karn almost showed some emotion, but he managed to suppress it. "It seems fate is not without a sense of humor…" He added

"Two expert snipers… Both legends among the Sniper community." Kaiba added, readying his weapon at the same time as Karn.

"I guess we shall finally see who the best Sniper is…" Karn said, his voice as monotone as ever, as he loaded his weapon of choice. The clash of the titans of sniping had begun, as both rifles, both just as ominous, were raised. Both of them fired their weapons in a flash, their sonic boom spreading through the war field as blood seeped into the floor. Karn dodged the attack by using his Aura Bullet technique to move out of the way, and Kaiba opened a rift into the Void, sucking the bullet into the never ending darkness. But just as the void closed, he heard a soft, female voice pleading to him.

'Please… let me help him… please…' The fact that someone wanted to help Karn had confused the young sniper, but he didn't have the time to worry about it as he had to create another rift to prevent a bullet from hitting him.

"Ah, so that is how you do it…" Karn said as he eyed the rifle his opponent had. "You can open rifts and redirect bullets if you miss… a useful technique, to say the least." Kaiba grinned slightly. It was the first time someone had been able to figure out his technique. Before continuing, he sent his consciousness to the void for a second, and looked… and looked… and looked… and when he found what he was looking for, he opened another rift. Three ghostly entities appeared from it, the only thing they had in common was that Karn had been the one to end their lives. Kaiba was sure that seeing his previous victims would be enough to paralyze his opponent... but was proven wrong when an aura coated bullet went straight through one. "That technique might've worked on someone else… but not me." Kaiba groaned as he prepared to open another rift, and once more, the voice rang.

'PLEASE! I can stop him, just let me through!' It said. This time, he noticed it was definitely female.

'But who could possibly think she can stop this madman!?' Kaiba thought to himself as he dodged yet another bullet before retaliating with his own. He knew he was in for a very long battle, and he knew that the others would need his skills in the battlefield, so he decided to take a leap of faith and opened another rift, allowing the spirit of the female that was calling to him to go through. The minute she appeared, Karn stopped dry, his rifle nearly falling from his grasp, but he managed to reign his emotions before the got out of control. Floating in the middle of the field, staring at him with sad eyes, was a Froslass.

"So, you think you can get to me by summoning the spirit of my dead, cheating mate?" Karn asked, his voice betraying him as some anger managed to sneak through, even as a lone tear fell from her eye.

'I never cheated on you…'

"BULLSHIT!" Karn yelled, losing control of his emotions. "Every day, for two months, you vanished, and you didn't return until nightfall, and were always too tired to do anything. And the day I followed you, I saw you leaving that house. SO DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME!" Right now, Kaiba could put together a very good picture of what had happened, but wisely kept his mouth shut. "If you weren't cheating on me, then what the hell were you doing!?" The froslass sighed sadly as her former mate yelled, before pointing at the bullet pouch he always had with him, despite the fact he hadn't opened it ever since he had gotten hold of a load of bullet mags. Karn reached down into his pouch, expecting to find nothing other than bullets. Instead, he felt something. Something slightly large and rectangular in shape. He took it out of the pouch, revealing the object to be a gift wrapped box. With trembling hands, he undid the ice blue wrapping, and found a small music box inside. He turned to look at his froslass, who was smiling sadly.

'You had said you really liked that music box, so I got a job as a babysitter in a house nearby. The shifts were long, but I knew the pay would let me get you that box for your birthday. I didn't tell you… because I wanted it to be a surprise' She told him sadly. Tears began to fall down Karn's good eye, while he was sure the hole under his eyepatch would be watering too. Suddenly, a powerful strike of guilt hit him… all those lives he had taken… all those Pokemorph children he had killed… Guilt and dread rose from his gut, suddenly realizing all the innocent blood he had in his hands… he slowly turned to Kaiba, and uttered two words that shocked the other Sniper…

"Kill me…"

Xi Elinika softly sighed as he raised his bow to his violin's strings. He began to play an upbeat tune with his violin, and the very elements came under his control. The wind began to pick up, striking down the Hunters like an invisible phantom. Fire and water rose from the ground, taking on the shapes of warriors that began to cleave their way through the enemy. The earth began to grow spikes, impaling the soldiers that tried to get too close to the silver-haired violinist. The elements had become a part of the song as they ripped through the opposition they faced, and the wind was the effect, the fires and waters were the dancers, and the earth was the stage. The soldiers were no match for Xi's 2000 year old techniques. The music kept on going, even as all the soldiers around him were already dead.

While the violinist played his tune, the Guardians had begun to take a more active part of the battle. Draco Meteors fell from the sky, fires raged around the enemy troops, ice beams were leaving them frozen before they were shattered. The hunters were fighting even harder, though, their weapons clashing against all that was in their path, clashing against the metallic armor of the mechs and the burning bodies of the Demons. The military personnel was shooting down all Hunters they could, the land being dyed red with their blood. Amaya and Shikyo had become a deathly duo as their swords rapidly ended the lives of the hunters. Tien's bow and arrows were causing Hunters to lose their minds, and her own special ability, which she liked to call Divine Madness, was causing mass destruction among the enemy troops as they turned on one another. Mayumi was eliminating several foes at a time with her battle fans, the winds slicing her foes apart. Mind, using his Berserker powers, was ripping through the soldiers, and the Berserker Aura Beams were crippling hundreds. Steel and Poison had taken a powerful stand, with Steel gutting Hunters that got too close and Poison leaving them to die with her poison laden throwing knives. Stone's Warhammer was crushing down all Hunters enough to try and get in his way. Thunder and Web had stationed themselves on top of some trees, and Shuriken and Arrows were raining down on the attacking army. What had started out as an even fight was now going very badly for the Hunters, especially now that Kaiba joined the fray again, although he looked slightly distraught. Even Ritias, Ritios and Ayame had joined in, the two Paladins and the Berserker wrecking everyone that crossed their paths. As for Deo…

When the battle had begun, the Deoxys army was heading in for the battle. The children knew that if they arrived, the Guardians wouldn't stand a chance. That's when Deo felt something… something powerful in his core gem. Focusing tightly on it, he felt his body changing into a form he had never taken before. It had the power of the Attack form, yet the durability and speed of Defense and Speed forms. He now had 3 sets of arms, one for each of his regular forms, and his head piece looked like a crown. A powerful light was glowing in his chest piece as he took off to face his kin. The corrupted Deoxys all fell, purified of the evil that once plagued them.

King Roland knew he had to do something soon, or his army of Hunters would lose… He slowly stood up, his thin, stick-like legs emerging from under his shadow hood. He held out his hand, and a large, Shadow Crystal Spear materialized in his hand. He knew, that if he could take down Dragon, the other Guardians would lose their will to fight. He took aim, and with a mighty yell, he threw the spear. The deathly projectile zoomed in to its target, who had neither seen nor sensed his incoming death…


All sound seemed to simply fade out. All of the Guardians were staring at the crystal spear, impaled on someone…

"Hehe, didn't see that one coming, did ya?" Fan managed to groan out, the crystal spear planted firmly through his torso. Blade and Celosia hurried to their fallen comrade, as Dragon watched in horror. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he called out for Jack Lee Kyrue and Charles, the medics, but he knew it was too late to save the guy. "Well, it has been an honor guys… see ya later…" As fan died, they all heard the evil laugh of King Roland in the distance.

"That's what happens when you mess with the King, you brats! And what happened to him, I will do to ALL your mates!" Only after he finished that sentence did he realize how screwed he was. Blade dropped his Katana and Celosia lowered her head, but not in submission, oh no. Instead, Blade summoned a pair of Katanas, one white, one black, with the Japanese symbols for light and darkness engraved respectively, and Celosia herself seemed to be on fire, and her flames were extending to her blade. But this wasn't as terrifying as what was happening with the Guardians.

Their prime techniques were all cackling with electric like volts, and they glowed in a light so harsh it could not be looked at directly. The rangers, who had been standing in the back of the fight watching, were brought to their knees from the sheer power they were exuding. Dragon's blade split into two claymores… Flame's tonfa's extended and caught white fire… Mind's Shield grew… Shadow's Halberd multiplied… Ice's axe froze… Thunder grew two pairs of Plasma arms with giant shuriken…. Steel's claws encompassed his fingers and grew longer… Poison's knives became longer and wicked looking… Shikyo's sword began to cackle louder… Joseph's Warhammer enlarged and grew an axe…

King Roland watched in absolute horror as power simply rolled off the Guardians, their power dwarfing his own. He knew now… he could not win. Before he could give the order of retreat, though, the Guardians, Blade and Celosia began to plow through his troops even faster than before, taking out at least 20 Hunters per second. He did the only thing he thought wise to do… he fled. He ran into the woods as he heard the sounds of his own soldiers dying in the back. He ran for what felt like ours… and when he finally thought it was safe, he stopped… until to find himself face to face with Tien Keres, the Guardian Angel of the Sacred Guardians. He tried to run, but found Mind. He tried to run in every possible direction, but every time he turned, another Guardian was waiting for him, until they had him surrounded. They did not say anything. They all fired their elemental attacks to the air, ranging from fire to aura infused chunks of the earth. Just as the attacks were going to collide, Dragoon threw a Draco Meteor, right to the collision point. All of the attacks fused together, causing brilliant flashes of light to emerge occasionally. All of the Guardians said the same thing at once.

"We are the Sacred Guardians of Altomare… Fear our Judgment." Just then, the sphere took on the shape of a giant, angelic white dragon. Its wings were decorated with the symbol for each element. With a mighty roar, it came down unto the evil king, the power of all the Elements raining down on him at once. Just before dying, he saw his sons, the three Princes from Almian legend, looking down at him, disapprovingly.

The war was finished. The Guardians had finally won. The King's Hunters were no more. But fret not, good readers, for the Adventures of the Guardians…

Have only just begun.

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