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An Invincible Summer

Chapter 20


Sookie was looking at travel guides to Barbados on the sofa with Eric's head resting in her lap. Sookie read him things that jumped out at her as he flicked through the channels.

Sookie had told him she was going downstairs so they weren't tempted, but Eric pouted and asked if Pam could carry him down with her. Sookie looked to Pam and shrugged saying, "I don't see the difference of him laying downstairs or here. Let him, or he will get grouchy and bite Ludwig's head off when she arrives."

Sookie nodded and Eric smiled as Pam picked him up gently and once again carried him like a child down to the first floor. Sookie was chuckling again at the comical sight and Nora teased, "We must put up the baby gates."

Sookie heard a knock on the door and began to move Eric's head out of her lap, but Eric said, "Nora, the door."

Nora shot him a look and said, "Excuse me, am I a doorman?"

Eric only shot her a look and she rolled her eyes and stood, walking towards the door.

Ludwig walked in with her medical bag and moved toward the large sofa where Sookie and Eric were.

"A change in scenery, I see," she muttered as she began looking him over.

She lifted his shirt and inspected where the bullet had gone in and nodded.

"Does that mean I am cleared for sex?" Eric asked.

Ludwig ignored him as Sookie shushed him, blushing at his blunt question.

"He has been sleeping easily, and he seems more...energized during the night," Sookie said, blushing as she thought about the night before.

"It will seem like that since he is primarily ingesting vampire blood," Ludwig said as she wet a gauze-like fabric with some type of cleanser and began to clean the wound.

Sookie watched and said, "I have been cleaning the wound as you said, and Pam and Nora are prompt with each feeding."

She only nodded and said, "It is difficult for me to tell you if he is better. He still isn't able to exert too much energy or he would be back to normal. I can't take vitals because vampires don't have them. My guess is to continue to do as I have prescribed until he is back to normal. Rest, blood."

"Sex?" Eric repeated.

Sookie slapped his shoulder this time and said, "Hush, now. I am serious."

Ludwig looked at Eric and said, "The little energy you have should go to healing your body, vampire, but if you would like to drain your body of the little energy it has to get yourself off then I can't stop you. I can only give my medical opinion."

"So I can?" he asked, looking up at Sookie with excitement on his face.

Sookie gave him an exasperated looked and then looked back to Ludwig and said, "I am his wife so I am the one you should talk to. I am not messing this up. So, no...um, intercourse. Is there anything else we should be doing?"

She ignored Eric and Pam snickering at the word 'intercourse'.

"Have you considered moving him? Vampires shouldn't stay in one place long, especially older ones with powerful positions," Ludwig said, giving Sookie a look.

Sookie nodded and said, "Yes, actually, were thinking of going to a different house where very few know of. I was told you would still be accessible."

"Location isn't a problem, so just let my office know the address," she responded as she began packing her bag. Sookie shot a look to Pam who nodded and dialed a number into her cell phone.

Sookie lifted Eric's head off her lap and stood. "I'll see you out."

She nodded and Sookie escorted her out, feeling Eric's eyes on her back.

She shut the door and said, "I want to thank you for your help Dr. Ludwig. I...I don't know what I would do without you."

Ludwig nodded and said, "He doesn't deserve a good girl like you. He is lucky."

Sookie smiled and said, "We are both lucky."

"I am suggesting relocation not just for him, but for you too," Ludwig said in a low voice.

Sookie remained silent and crossed her arms, "Me?" she asked.

Ludwig nodded and said, "I am one of the best physicians for supes...I hear things, child. Go on your vacation...and soon. I will be in touch. And make sure he doesn't overdo it. You probably can have sex, if you are the one to...do the work...but try not to. It won't hurt, but it won't help if you get my drift."

Sookie smiled and nodded before the doctor popped off.

Sookie looked over the lawn for a few minutes before she went back inside, locking the door behind her.

She walked over to Pam and said, "I need to talk to you."

She nodded and Eric called out, "What about?"

"None of your business," Sookie called out.

"I can always command her," he said in a teasing voice.

Sookie rolled her eyes and the two of them walked in the kitchen away from Eric and Nora, who were conversing in Old Norse.

Sookie said, "I need you to do something for me."

Pam nodded and waited for her instructions.

"I need you to...figure out someone to watch over Jason while we are gone," she asked, "Ludwig just said somethin' to me that makes me feel off and I don't want him unprotected. And I don't really want him to know about it either. Is...is that something you can do?"

Pam raised an eyebrow and said, "Sookie, Eric has had bodyguards guarding you without your knowledge many times before and probably will again. Yes, it can be arranged."

Sookie sighed out, and said, "Thank you."

Pam nodded and began heading out to the living room, but Sookie stopped her and said, "And Eric needs to be taken up to the bedroom and fed. By you."

Pam smirked and nodded and they left the kitchen together.


Eric heard everything that Pam and Sookie had said, but not what Ludwig had said.

As they walked back in Sookie said, "Time for Pam to feed you. Ludwig said you need to be moved back to the bedroom. Let's go."

Pam lifted him as he looked between the pair of them, but they both had good poker faces. Sookie's mood seemed...mischievous. Pam was her usual bored and amused all at the same time.

Pam set him in the bed and Eric was able to sit up by himself without much struggle. Sookie sat next to him and held his hand as Pam lifted her wrist to his lips. He bit and drank her blood, quickly so he could question Sookie.

Her wound sealed and he licked his lips and thanked Pam through her bond as she left silently.

He turned to Sookie who smiled and said, "I asked Pam to get Jason some protection for Jason before we left. And I think she should glamour him too, so that he knows we have gone, but not where we are or when we will be back."

Eric nodded and asked, "And Ludwig?"

Sookie smiled and crawled up the bed towards him and kissed his lips softly. He responded, but he was still curious what the doctor had to say.

Sookie began kissing him deeply and he quickly forgot about the doctor as he gently pulled her to straddle him. Sookie leaned him back against the headboard and ran her fingers in his hair, slightly grinding on him. Was she trying to kill him.

Sookie broke the kiss, but her lips began to trail down his chin as his fangs snicked out and he was hissing in passion as she licked, nipped, and sucked on his neck.

"Sookie," he warned in a low voice.

Sookie ignored him and she moved down his body, lifting his shirt and kissing his pecs and his nipples. "Sookie," he repeated, his teeth clenched and his hands fisting the sheets.

Sookie seemed to not hear him and soon had his shirt off as she greedily kissed back up to his neck. He panted and Sookie placed her mouth back over his as she once again ground against him. He felt her heat and the look in her eyes was...beautiful. It was wild passion. He growled, wanting her.

Sookie released his mouth and moved down and slid her hand in his track pants until she found him. Eric hissed and whimpered as she pumped him slightly, his hip moving instinctually towards her hand.

Sookie placed her other hand on his hip to steady him and said, "I spoke with Ludwig."

It was all she said as she took the tip of his cock and sucked him into her mouth, rubbing the tip of her tongue teasingly against his tip. Eric growled and thrust his hips in an attempt to get more, but Sookie's hands held his hips down and released his dick from her mouth.

"Behave," she warned in a whisper, "Or I will stop."

He whimpered and nodded and Sookie smiled as she kissed his head gently once more and then wrapped her lips around him and slowly took him in her mouth, maintaining eye contact.

Eric sighed in pleasure and his head fell back against the headboard as she sank lower and lower, taking him in.

Sookie released him and he looked down at her as her mouth began kissing around the base of his cock as her hand gently stroked up and down lazily. Her lips moved down and she licked his balls and Eric's eyes closed in wonder as she kissed and licked him gently.

"Sookie," he whispered as she took his balls in her mouth gently sucking and rolling them in her mouth. She released him, still stroking him and made her way back towards where he needed her.

Sookie kissed his tip and surrounded it with her lips, making them firm so that with every small bob his hips bucked. Sookie's hands were occupied and seemed to forget his hips as they now cupped his balls, gently massaging them, and running along his shaft as she bobbed, allowing her tongue to massage the underside of his dick.

She was driving him mad.

Sookie went deeper and deeper, her strokes harder and harder as she felt him begin to swell and when he came she sucked him in and he cried out. He spilled into her greedy little mouth and she took everything she could. Eric panted and his head once again fell to the headboard and he panted as if the air was needed.

"Sookie," he gasped out.

Sookie released him and moved up his body and said, "Now, we're even. So no more for a while."

Eric looked down at her and said, "That only made me want more."

Sookie chuckled and looked up at him, "Then get better and fuck me until I can't take no more."

He smiled and leaned down and kissed her softly. He tasted himself on her and closed his eyes in pleasure, his body tingly from the pleasure still coursing through his veins from Sookie.

He snuggled down into the blankets and said, "So I was thinking that after I am well enough, we leave Barbados and go to where I was born. So you can see."

Sookie looked up at him and her smile...he wished he had a camera to take a picture of it. It was so beautiful. She was beautiful. Her skin glowed, her cheeks flushed. Her eyes sparkled with love and happiness. This is how he would always see her.

Sookie rested her head back on his chest and whispered, "I would love that."

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