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The newest freak

Chapter 1

Harry waved a last time to his friends and the members of the order that stood in the station and followed the Dursley's out to their car.

The Dursley's had all seemed to have gone mute, after being threatened by Moody and the rest, as nobody said a word for the first half an hour of their journey. Harry who was enjoying the silence didn't mind at all that his relatives had decided to adopt the Harry-is-not-here approach again.

It wasn't until they'd been travelling for quite a bit longer that Harry started to get suspicious. It didn't normally take this long to get home from the station and looking out the window he wasn't sure at all where they were.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked after failing to recognise any of the landmarks outside. His aunt pursed her lips tightly, Dudley went bright red and uncle Vernon's hands on the steering wheel went white. But nobody said a word.

"I said, where are we going?" Harry demanded feeling slightly worried now.

"NEVER YOU MIND BOY!" Uncle Vernon screamed turning to glare at Harry, making the car swerve violently to the right. The car behind them honked furiously before increasing the distance between their cars should uncle Vernon swerve again.

"Think of you blood pressure dear." Aunt Petunia whispered worriedly into the silence that followed Vernon's shock outburst.

"Your fault boy…You and your freakishness." Vernon muttered through gritted teeth, his neck turning red. Petunia glanced at her husband worriedly again. Harry was feeling very confused. Was this about the train station? Had seeing the order members finally made his uncle snap?

Harry glanced at Dudley who looked a bit pale, his cousin opened his mouth as if to speak.

"NOT A WORD DUDLEY! NOT ONE WORD!" Vernon bellowed again making them all jump. Dudley face went first bright red then pasty white before he nodded silently ,under his fathers glare, to show obedience.

Harry was momentarily struck dumb. Never had he heard his uncle take that tone with Dudley before. Oh, he'd used it often on Harry whenever Harry had done any accidental magic but never pampered Dudley. Harry turned and looked at Dudley for an explanation but the other boy refused to meet his eyes and stared resolutely out the window at the passing motorway scenery. Aunt Petunia too refused to look at Harry and so they continued their journey in silence.

Harry debated whether or not to use his wand to draw attention to the fact that he was travelling in a car with his deranged uncle or if he should just suffer in silence until they got to where they were headed.

He didn't think the ministry would give him grief about using magic now that they knew Voldemort was back but then again it was the ministry and one could never be too sure when dealing with them.

Harry was pulled from his thoughts when uncle Vernon drove them of the motorway and into a small city centre just of the big road. They appeared to be in one of the small commuter towns outside London but Harry still couldn't work out where they were. They parked the car outside a small bungalow and uncle Vernon turned of the ignition.

"Stay! Don't move! Don't talk!" Uncle Vernon snapped before climbing out of the car. Aunt Petunia slowly got out as well and followed her husband up to the front door. As soon as it opened and they disappeared from view Harry turned to Dudley.

"What is going on?" He demanded. Dudley ignored him and continued to stare out the window. His neck and cheeks were flaming again and Harry narrowed his eyes. "I said, what is going on?" He demanded again, this time bringing his wand out.

"You can't use that." Dudley piped up looking worried and Harry snorted.

"Voldemort is back, and the ministry is far too busy to care about if I do a spot of magic." Harry bluffed, feeling pleased at the look of fear that appeared on Dudley's face. The door on Harry's side of the car opened suddenly.

"Put it away boy!" Aunt Petunia hissed into Harry's ear and he leaned away from her before hiding his wand. He could see a muggle woman waving from the house and aunt Petunia gave her a manic smile in return before moving to the side so uncle Vernon, who was behind her, could get to where Harry was seated.

"Boy! Move next to Dudley and do it fast or so help me god." Was hissed at him so quietly he barely caught it and Harry scooted over to the centre seat and stared in horrified fascination at the contraption his uncle was fitting into the car.

And the thing it contained.

"You wake it up and I'll not be held responsible for my actions. Do you understand me boy?" Uncle Vernon hissed quietly again before gingerly closing the door. Harry stared at the thing and it wasn't until they were back on the motorway that he was able to tear his eyes away from the tiny, dark haired baby sleeping just inches away from him.

Dear lord they've spawned another one, Harry thought to himself.

This was so not happening, Dudley he could handle but another one was too much.

The journey home seemed to go past slowly. Why they had left the baby so far away from their house and the train station didn't make any sense to Harry, but then nothing the Dursley's did ever seemed to made any sense to him.

Dudley was out of the car before it had even come to a complete stop and disappeared into the house as if chased by pixies. Aunt Petunia took a few deep breaths and left the car after a silent look at her husband.

Which left Harry, uncle Vernon and the baby in the car.

"You will leave the bird cage here in the car and I will bring it in when I've made sure no one is watching." Uncle Vernon said in a hushed voice. Harry opened his mouth and then snapped it shut when uncle Vernon glared at him homicidally.

"You will carry that…that…into the house." Uncle Vernon threw a coat at Harry and then glared at him when he failed to move.

"What am I supposed to do with your coat?" Harry whispered, after glancing at the baby.

"Cover the thing with it you fool! Can't have the neighbours seeing it ,can we?" His uncle snapped before staring at the baby in horror. The look passed when it became clear the baby hadn't woken from the sound and he glared again at Harry.

Something was so very wrong with the whole situation, Harry thought before glancing down at the resting baby again. His uncle came round the car and opened the door before unsnapping the car seat and motioning for Harry to get on with his part.

Harry carefully covered the baby's car seat with his uncles coat and carefully lifted it by the covered handle. Feeling as if he'd been dumped into a different reality Harry carried the baby into the house where an anxious looking aunt Petunia hovered by the door. Harry moved to hand the baby over but she pursed her lips in absolute disgust and stared at him as if he'd lost his mind.

"Oh no! I'm not taking care of it for one more second, you take it to your room and leave it there, I don't want to see it again!" She said. Harry stared at her in shock.

"You heard your aunt, take it out of our sight!" Uncle Vernon snapped, dumping Harry's things in the hallway, after closing and locking the front door.

"And then you'll come down for a long overdue chat. And bring Dudley with you." He sneered before heading for the kitchen muttering about needing a stiff drink. Aunt Petunia sent Harry another glare before hurrying after her husband.

Harry switched hand as the baby although small still weighed a fair bit in the carry thing. He grabbed hold of the cage holding a very disgruntled looking Hedwig in the other hand and climbed the stairs and entered his own domain.

There was a cardboard box in the middle of his bed filled with a small threadbare blanket, which looked familiar, soiled nappies had been left on the floor and the stench made his eyes tear up. He placed the carrier on the bed next to the box, let Hedwig out of her cage and hurriedly opened the window. When he turned back to face the room after a few breaths of breathable air he noticed other changes to his room. His desk had been emptied and now sported an electric kettle and what Harry thought to be a tub of baby formula. Several clean empty baby bottles stood arranged on the desk next to the tub.

So, his room had been made into a nursery for the baby he thought, shaking his head. He looked back at the covered carrier on his bed and wondered if he should remove the coat. It was pretty hot in the room, and he guessed the baby could suffocate under his uncles enormous coat.

Harry carefully pulled the coat off and again just stared in disbelief at the baby. What on earth had happened whilst he was away? Well they definitively needed to have that chat uncle Vernon mentioned. He moved to leave the room before stopping.

Was it ok to just leave the baby in the carry thing or should he take it out? Maybe not touch it as it could wake up he thought but he decided to move the carrier down to the floor in case the baby moved and it fell down. He eyed Hedwig who'd flown over to the cupboard, placed her head under her wing, as if stating her displeasure with having had uncle Vernon bring her into the house. He didn't think she'd do anything to the baby.

He banged on Dudley's door a moment later and waited for his cousin to come to the door.

"We're having a chat and they want you there too." Harry said before turning and making his way downstairs with Dudley dragging his feet behind him.

They entered the kitchen to find all the curtains drawn and his aunt and uncle seated by the table, a lone table lamp bringing light to the gloomy room.

"Whose baby is that?" Harry asked before he'd even entered the room fully. No one said anything and Harry drew a deep breath for strength.

"It's mine." Dudley whispered before Harry had a chance to ask anymore questions. Harry blinked in stupefied disbelief and looked at aunt Petunia who's lips had disappeared and then turned his look on his uncle who was drumming his fingers angrily on the table.

"Your freakish magic did this! That…the thing…it!" Uncle Vernon faltered and motioned for upstairs. Harry raised his eyebrows.

"I had nothing to do with the baby. I don't think even magic can just make them appear out of nothing." Harry said dryly making uncle Vernon stiffen.

"Don't you take that tone with me boy! We clothed you, fed you, cared for you out of the goodness of our hearts. You must have put Dudley under a spell when those Dementy things came last year. I know this is your fault boy!" Uncle Vernon snapped making Harry grit his teeth together. Well they had different opinions on that one.

"We could have handled it if it was normal! But it's just as freaky as you! And I'm not having it in the house you hear! Not again!" Aunt Petunia shrieked hysterically before putting her hands over her mouth in horror. The Dursley's all looked up at the ceiling in fear, but it would seem the baby was too far away to wake from the sound of her screeching.

"You will get rid of it, send it to one of your friends or dump it at an orphanage. I don't care as long as it leaves. But don't you dare let the neighbours see it!" Uncle Vernon spat venomously.

"Let me get this straight. Dudley got some girl pregnant, you, out of all people, have the baby, for some reason you think it has magical powers and you expect me to get rid of it?" Harry asked eyeing them with mounting disgust. They nodded as one making him shake his head.

"The trollop of a girl had the nerve to leave it on our doorstep. Our doorstep! After all we've been through with you. Well I'm not having it again!" Aunt Petunia sneered. "It made the curtains move and broke the kitchen light. It's obviously one of you." She said eyeing Harry crossly, before motioning with jerky movements to the empty kitchen lamp hanging over the table.

Harry couldn't believe that they were asking him to get rid of their first grandchild because the baby was magical. In fact he couldn't believe Dudley had managed to actually get someone pregnant in the first place.

"Who's the mother?" Harry asked, making aunt Petunia dig in her pocket. She handed him a crumpled piece of paper and Harry read the letter before crumpling it in his hand and stuffing it into his pocket.

"Well you sure know how to choose them Big D. Fourteen and from a strict family and school, huh? Haven't you ever heard of protection?" Harry sneered making Dudley blush. Harry was surprised when neither his aunt nor his uncle made a move to defend their son. It would seem Dudley had finally managed to push even them to the limit.

"So will you get rid of it?" Aunt Petunia asked after a moment making Harry grimace.

"You're serious about just giving the baby away? It's part of your family. And Dudley it's your kid!" Harry exclaimed eyeing them all in disbelief. How could anyone just dump a baby like that?

"I don't want her. Besides she's like you, you know, not normal." Dudley muttered, making aunt Petunia nod quickly. Harry started at his words and glared at them.

"We don't want a new freak disrupting our family with your unnaturalness." Aunt Petunia said standing up, she walked over to get an apron and slid the straps over her head. She turned to glare some more at Harry but before she had a chance to dig into him again, a sound from upstairs made them all look up.

"The baby is your responsibility now and I won't waste any more time on it. You'll feed it, change its nappies, keep it clean and most importantly, quiet." She said with obvious glee before turning away to start the cooking.

Harry gaped at her back.

"I don't know anything about babies!" He spluttered.

"You'll just have to learn fast, won't you?" Petunia said smugly.

"Why isn't Dudley taking care of her?" Harry asked making Dudley get out of his seat as if it was on fire.

"I'm going to the park." Dudley mumbled before slinking out of the kitchen. They heard the door open and close and then he was gone.

"You're just going to let him get away with it?" Harry asked, eyeing the two adults in disbelief.

"You heard your aunt, the freak is yours now. Get on with it." Uncle Vernon said, merrily raising his glass of scotch in salute. Harry gritted his teeth to keep from snapping at him. He hadn't thought the Dursley's could sink any lower in his eyes but clearly they had.

"What's the baby's name anyway?" Harry asked, making both of the Dursley's turn and stare as if he'd invited them to a Hogwarts family day.

"Why would we give the freak a name? We're not keeping it!" Uncle Vernon spluttered indignantly. Harry who still responded to their use of Boy wanted to scream at them, but the baby had now started crying for real.

"Get it quiet! I won't have the neighbours talking!" Aunt Petunia snapped. Harry turned and stalked out of the kitchen with clenched hands. He so wanted to hit someone and any of the Dursley's would work for him at the moment.

He pushed his bedroom door open slowly before entering the room. The cries got louder as he got closer to the baby and he winced. He approached the baby with caution, he couldn't remember ever having been this close to a baby before.

"Er, there, there little one. Everything will be alright." Harry mumbled awkwardly. He lifted the carrier onto the desk and just stared at the red, scrunched up, angry face for a while in terror. What on earth was he supposed to do now?

He looked around the room searching for anything that could help him. But the only things belonging to the baby were a few pieces of clothing, packets of nappies, the stuff on the desk and all of the soiled nappies littering the floor. Harry kicked one of the stinky parcels to the side and vowed to clean up as soon as the baby got quiet. Maybe it was hungry? He lifted the tub of formula and read the instructions, it couldn't be harder than doing potions. Warm water, mix the powder into it and feed the baby. Easy.

A few minutes later the bottle was made, but the mixture was boiling hot and Harry didn't think it could be given to the still screaming baby yet.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry." Harry muttered pulling his hand through his hair making it stand up wildly. He took a deep breath before pulling on all his Gryffindor courage.

He was going to remove it from the carrier.

He pressed the button that was keeping the straps connected and carefully grabbed hold of a tiny arm which he carefully manoeuvred out of the straps. His heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chest at any moment. The baby's arms were tiny. The baby was tiny, period. After the straps had been battled he stood deliberating on how to get the baby out, of the carrier.

The crying was making his ears ring, how was he supposed to think when it never stopped.

He slid one hand under the baby's back and slowly raised the tiny body out of the seat. It didn't seem to have any control of itself and Harry quickly put his other hand under the baby's floppy head. He held the baby stiffly and eyed it hopefully.

It didn't stop crying and Harry found to his disgust that the hand holding the baby's body was getting wet. He closed his eyes and steeled himself, he was going to have to change it.

He turned to one of the packets containing the clean nappies and then froze. He was going to have to put the baby down in order to open the nappy. He looked at the carrier then at the bed.

The box had to go, he couldn't believe they'd put the baby in a cardboard box but at least they hadn't left it in his cupboard.

He moved the box off the bed using his foot and then gently placed the screaming baby in the middle of his bed. He grabbed one of the nappy packets and stared at it in puzzlement.

It took him a while but after studying how the wet nappy was fitted he managed to get the new clean one on. The baby had not helped at all, it had continued screaming and had flailed its arms and legs wildly making Harry's job much harder.

He tried the bottle and found it much cooler and with a hopeful feeling in his gut he held the bottle to the baby's mouth.

Blessed silence filled the room and Harry slumped with relief on the bed. The baby suckled greedily on the bottle and Harry eyed the quickly emptying bottle with fear. Should he make another one? Would the baby start screaming again as soon as it finished? There was a small slurping sound as the last of the formula disappeared. He eyed the baby with bated breath. But no sound came out.

It didn't seem quite able to focus on his face and Harry worried that maybe it couldn't see very well. Maybe there was something wrong with it. He figured the Dursley's hadn't brought it to the doctors for a check up.

The baby gave a small cough and then spluttered out a fountain of the formula it had sucked down a moment earlier.

Harry quickly held the baby as far from himself as he could and only just managed to avoid getting splattered. The baby's bottom lip trembled and then it started crying again making Harry groan.

"Shh, it's alright, just a bit yucky. We'll have you clean in a jiffy." Harry mumbled sighing in relief when the baby actually stopped crying. He stood up and moved towards the door, he'd have to give her a bath.

Still holding the sticky baby away from himself, he made it into the bathroom where he realised he had no idea on how to bathe a baby.

He guessed that they didn't go into the tub as the baby was the size of his arm. He glanced at the sink and shrugged, it would have to do. Raising a leg onto the toilet seat he leaned the baby on his raised knee, freeing up one of his hands, he filled the sink with warm water and then focused on undressing the baby.

He finally dipped the baby gently into the water, adjusting his grip when she started sliding in his hand. She seemed to like the water as she just blinked and stayed quiet.

Harry lifted her out when the water started cooling and by the time He made it back to his room, with the towel wrapped baby, she was half asleep. She didn't stir when he put a clean nappy on a barely stirred when he struggled getting the new baby suit on.

He really didn't want to put her into the box but as she had no bed and he worried about rolling on top of her if they shared the bed, he really had no other choice. Placing his pillow in the bottom of the box to make it a bit softer, his pillow was of course the thinnest in the Dursley household, he then gently transferred her from the bed into the box and draped the blanket over her.

She was kind of cute, he thought, now that she'd stopped crying and spitting up things. Her hand was in her mouth and her short hair was curling as it dried. But she sure was small. Harry wondered if he should put her on her stomach in case she threw up again , so that she wouldn't choke, but didn't dare touch her now that she was sleeping again.

He looked round the room he had lived in during the last five summers and shook his head in dismay, why did they have to leave the dirty nappies on the floor? How hard was it to put them in the bin?

He quietly crept out of the room and went downstairs to get a couple of bin bags, he had a mess to clean up after all. His aunt and uncle were seated in front of the television enjoying themselves and Harry had no idea where Dudley was, but honestly he didn't care anymore, they were a selfish, rotten bunch as far as he was concerned.

He made quick and quiet work of all the smelly nappies and dumped the two nappy filled bags in the hallway. He didn't care what happened to them as long as the smelly things were outside his room. He dragged his trunk up the stairs and left it at the bottom of his bed.

Once he was back on his bed he glanced over at the baby who continued to snooze contently. He really should write a letter to Dumbledore and explain the situation but thinking about letters made him remember the letter from the baby's mother. He dug it out from his pocket and gave it a second reading.

For Dudley June 15th

My name is Charlotte and we met nine months ago in the park outside the liquor store. We made out in the bushes after you gave me your beer and then you had to go home with your friends. You said I wouldn't get pregnant but I did. I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant and my parents would kill me if they found out their precious, ,catholic, little girl had a baby. They think I'm still a virgin and we both know you took care of that.

I had to skip class today and had her in one of the toilets by the bus depot. I'll get into so much trouble for this with the nuns if they find out, so don't you dare try and find me.

I don't want her so you'll jut have to take her, I don't care what you do with her, as far as I'm concerned she never happened.


Harry shook his head, he hadn't thought anyone else could be as bad as the Dursley's but clearly the girl would have fitted in with the Dursley family just fine if it hadn't been for the baby.

He yawned and grabbed some paper from his trunk. Putting down the happenings of the day and a plea for help would have to do Harry decided he was exhausted.

Hedwig flew over from the cupboard and let Harry give her a stroke before he tied the letter to her leg. He watched her fly fighting yet another yawn before pulling his glasses of and lay down hoping for some sleep.

If he'd known what the night would bring he in terms of crying and bottle making, he might not have fallen asleep so easily.

End of chapter 1.

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