Hi! I hope you'll enjoy this new story.

ND was originally a fan comic I drew on deviantart. But it was just taking too long to draw the pages out because I have so much planned in the plot. So, I decided to make it a novel instead.

It's going to be a crossover with my other fanfic, Time and Again. So, I recommend that you read it too.

Finally, characters from various other series will make appearances. I hope you enjoy my failure story.

The five kids, Presea, the blue haired guy, and the girl with him © Keito The Pure

Evil © xNightxDwellerx from deviantart

The silver haired girl © Ventus-Fangirl02

1 The Five Youths- Opening

"My child, wear are you!" A voice rang out in the darkness.

"I'm right here!" A voice echoed back.

"Your family needs you! Can you hear me!"

"I'm here! I can hear you!"

The girl chased after the figures on wobbly short legs. She tripped and fell as she watched her family run, no fly away.

"Wait! Don't leave me!"

A loud crash rang out as a girl tumbled out of her bed to the floor. She grimaced and sat there for a moment. "I fell out of bed reaching for my glasses again... And what a dream!" She mumbled standing up and walking to an old cheap looking desk and getting her glasses off it.

After that, she walked over to the closet in her semi-small room. She took out a brown sweater-vest, a white button up shirt, and a gold skirt. She tossed them onto her messy captains bed, walked over to her old wide dresser, and pulled out a golden necktie and a pair of white leggings.

She threw them onto the bed and stared at her figure in the closet. "I still look like a baby..." she sighed in annoyance. She did indeed look very childish standing at five foot one, weighing about a hundred pounds, and having a youthful looking face. If you saw her, you'd say she was about fourteen or less likely fifteen. In truth, she was seventeen. She would be an adult in almost a year. "I suppose it doesn't help that I act my shoe size." she smirked sarcastically at her play on the phrase.

She fingered her short golden hair. People often thought it looked weird. It was short as a boy's hair in the back and on the sides, but it went just below her chin in front with tendrils reaching down to her collarbone. The part in front was layered over the shorter part and it tended to stick up on top at the front.

She changed her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror once more. "I just have to wear this stupid school uniform until Summer Vacation. In June, I'll celebrate my eighteenth birthday. I wish I knew the exact date though..." She shook her head and smiled. "I'll be able to find out my birthday soon after that though!"

'I'm here! Can't you hear me!"

Her dream flashed in her mind and she started shaking. "What if I never find you...?"

She glanced at the poster only she had on her wall. A familiar character smiled as she flew with pure white wings, in a pink costume, holding a star staff, and pink cards.

"Sakura... She never gave up because she had her invincible spell." The girl thought of the trials her childhood hero, Kinomoto Sakura, AKA Cardcaptor Sakura had gone through. Even when she cried, she reassured herself by saying a simple phrase.

'I'll try saying it...'

"It will surely be alright." She laughed after she said it. "It's so ridiculous!" The comedy of how unrealistic what she'd just said cheered her up. Cardcaptor Sakura was a bit goofy even though it had special meaning for her.

Feeling much better, she raced out of her room, and said to a voice in a distant room: "I'm going to school now!" She grabbed a uniform bag and headed towards the door. She had always wondered why her foster mother had put her in a private school complete with a hideous uniform. Perhaps it was because it was so hard to get in trouble and get away with it.

"Remember to come back at Five O'Clock! There's a couple who want to meet you coming to visit."

"Like I care! I'm almost eighteen! It's a bit late to find someone to adopt me!" She rushed out the front door before her foster mother could say another word.

"One more year, one more year, only one more year." The girl sang cheerfully with her childish soprano voice as she walked down the street." The neighbors knew that was just how she was. Anyone who didn't know her would find it odd that a high school senior had that sort of mannerism. It was also another reason she was mistaken for being younger than she actually was.

It just so happened that it would occur once again that morning. A college age young man was to be on the same road. His dark blue hair made him stand out a bit, but they were alone on the road. The girl was too entranced in her singing to notice him though.

He had been looking around as if he was trying to sense something others couldn't. When he passed the high schooler, he stopped walking casually and turned to look at her. His thoughts raced realizing the presence he'd felt dwelled nearby. As the girl got farther away, the feeling faded.

"That girl..." He said quietly. "Could she be..."

"Could she be the one?" He turned to see a high school age girl with long wavy black hair in a ponytail. She stared at him with turquoise colored eyes and watched the blond girl fade from sight.

He looked away silently and asked: "What are YOU doing in the Waking World...?" in an emotionless tone.

She laughed and said: "I received permission to join the mission from Mum. I also have a better cover ready for several more who joined. It's quite an exciting cover."

"Really...?" he asked sarcastically.

She made a frustrated face and clenched her fists. "Hey! I joined this mission because I wanted to see you and Sis! Aren't you glad I'm here!" She demanded.

"Not really. You're an annoyance that creates trouble..." he said coldly.

"You jerk!" Her face softened and she looked down hurt. "Didn't you miss me even just a little bit...?"

Meanwhile, in another world two figures stood in front of a black sea. They obviously weren't human. One was wearing a pink jester outfit. She looked to be about eighteen. The other wore a black jester outfit and looked to be a few years younger.

"The Dark Ocean sees everything. The New Era Ideya will be returned to Master Wizeman." He said with eyes staring at the colorless water. It was like he was looking through a crystal ball.

"HURRY UP!" The female demanded growing impatient.

"Relax, Presea. I already found the target!" he snapped back.

Presea regained her calm composure. "Okay, Evil. Who is our first target?"

"A girl, as pure as the White Ideya she carries inside her. A cute one at that." He commented as a joke to lighten the mood.

"Very well. I'll go after her."

Evil grinned twistedly. "And what if you finally get the opportunity to meet that bee you hate so much in the process?"

Presea smirked back. "I'll take them both to Master Wizeman. She'll get what she deserves for taking what is rightfully mine."

"Women in love truly are frightening."

Back in "The Waking World" the golden haired girl had just finished school for the day and was walking home with a girl with long straight black hair.

"The first day of school was great!" She chimed happily. It seemed she had a much more cheerful personality when she was in the presence of friends. In her room that morning, she'd been a much more sad scared person.

"And the day was great even though you got in trouble for drawing Yellow from Pokemon Adventures on your schoolwork." The black haired girl said with a sigh. She seemed to be more serious and composed than her friend. One could say she was a "fun sucker."

"We're in our last year of high school. You'd think that by now the teachers would realize I'm can't help wanting to draw," she mumbled. But then she smiled wide. "Let's go get ice cream! I'm starving."

"How do you eat sundaes all the time without getting sick!" The blond girl giggled and ran towards the nearest Dairy Queen while her friend casually followed her.

Neither of them noticed yet another mysterious girl watching them. Around her neck was an amulet of some sort. "That girl is the one? She doesn't look anything close to my age."

"Well, she has the presence doesn't she!" a voice in her amulet groaned. "She can't have that feeling for no reason."

Ignoring the voice in the ruby of her amulet the silver haired girl thought to herself. 'I pray you don't carry our kind's blood within you. I don't want to put someone so free spirited and happy through the hardships I've gone through my whole life. It's too sad there are no other options to save everything.'

"That was really good. I love vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and M&Ms." Our main character said to her friend. She'd had a small sundae but she was satisfied and happy at getting her treat after a hard day.

"HELLO!" A voice yelled from behind them at close range. The blond girl instantly started crying out of shock. As the girl with very short curly brown hair stepped beside the black haired girl.

"Wait a go, school ditcher. You made her have an episode AGAIN!" She shook her head at the new arrival.

"Y-you s... sc-scared me~!" The golden haired girl wailed like a toddler.

The brown haired girl grinned mischievously, if not a bit crazed looking as well. "She'll stop crying when she sees what I got while playing hookey." She reached in her pocket and pulled out five tickets. "I got tickets to a debut Idol Concert. The group just showed up out of nowhere with a record deal already signed." She stopped before saying: "I even got tickets for our two man slaves."

The blonde stopped crying and instantly cheered up because she'd been distracted like a small child. It was in a similar manner to a parent buying their kid a new toy because another child had bullied them at preschool.

"A debut! I wish I could do that!" She chimed excitedly.

"You love music don't you?" Her friends laughed at her because she was like their silly younger sister. They were all the same ages but they were so different. The brown haired girl ruffled her hair.

"H-hey! Stop it!" The short girl felt like they were making fun of her. She blushed in embarrassment. "Please!" Shse tried to grab her friend's hand and pull it off her head, but not only was she small, she was very weak. She was not strong enough to free herself.

Eventually, the brunette released her hand from her head. Then, she turned and shrugged. "Well, let's go invite the man slaves!"

With that, the three headed off to an apartment complex. They knocked on a door and it opened revealing two boys or men, it was hard to tell.

"Hey, what are you doing here," a blond boy with part of his hair dyed pink greeted. He stood out because he was abnormally dressed.

"You two are in your school uniforms! Are you crazy!" The other guy pulled them the the blond and black haired girl in the room, letting the brunette casually walk in. He then shut the door quickly and pushed up the derby with a skull on it he wore on his head.

"Well, we just got out of school."

"Yes, but do you want us to look like pedophiles targeting school girls!"

"No one would buy me to be an adult in the first place school uniform or not! Besides you're not pedophiles. You're under age too."

"Oh god. Be quiet!" Everyone face palmed at the blond girl. She certainly behaved like the stereotypical definition of one. "Yes, but we don't want anyone to know that! We live here under fake ids so we don't have to go into state custody," he said in a hushed tone.

The girl sweat dropped. "That would be bad... You would get taken away and we would all be separated. Sorry, I'll try to remember..." She was ashamed of herself.

"Hey. It's okay. You're just naturally an airhead," he joked.

"You're mean!" she pouted. "I'm going home to get changed before the concert," she stood up and walked out of the room and to the door.

"I need to create an alibi to sneak out of the group home tonight," the brunette said. She left next.

"I want to get out of my uniform too," the black haired girl said leaving last.

As she did, the blond haired boy raised his hand and tried to speak, but choked as she walked out the door. "And I wanted to ask her out tomorrow..." he got up and walked to the closet to get clean clothes for the show.

"No worries, my friend. You can ask her at the concert tonight." He suddenly crossed his eyes in confusion. "Wait, I thought you two were already dating."

"Sort of..."

Back at the foster home, the girl looked at herself in the mirror. She'd put her hair in a tiny ponytail in back, grabbed a gray shirt that said: "I'd reading be watching Eureka Seven," a pair of black baggy jeans, a green wristband labeled: "Gekko State", black and white checkered vans sneakers and four rubber bracelets.

One was rainbow colored and said: "Together we can find a cure." The colors represented different forms of cancer. She had another that was blue on one half and purple on the other side labeled: "Out of darkness" representing the ability to stop oneself from committing suicide. She had a black one with red letters that read: "Meth is death." Last but not least, she had a red one imprinted with: "Together we can inspire hope for a better life."

"Well, I'm all set." She was about to walk out the door when her foster mother called from down the hall.

"The couple who wants to take you out to dinner is here! They want to know you and adopt you! Come on out."

The girl's eyes went wide with fright. 'It's time to run away again... I can't let them take me! I have to find my real family.' She opened her window, climbed on her bed, and climbed out into the backyard. She opened the gate and ran down the street. "I need to see my friends right now!"

In the black haired girls house, she yelled at her parents. "I'm adopted! You never told me either! I HATE YOU!" she ran out her door too.

At the group home, the brunette exclaimed: "I'm not eighteen yet! You can't kick me out! I'll be taken away by CPS!" she ran off.

At the boy's apartment, the doors burst open. "You boys have been living here alone on fake IDs even though you're minors. We're calling Child Protective Services." The two boys knocked the people who'd came down and ran away.

All five kids that were almost of age ran to the one place they had in mind. The concert hall was where they could explain their situations. They would all discover they were in similar binds and those bindings were fate. Could they break their inevitable fortunes.

Chapter End