The sands of Love

My first fan fiction

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Lief the king of deltora arises and takes a stroll around in the warm lavender scented air which filled the heard light footsteps coming towards him and turned around his hand gripping the hilt of his blistering blade. "It's me don't behead me yet Lief" Jasmine joked. "I'm sorry Jasmine I didn't know it was you" Lief responded putting his sword into the sword case. "It's okay I guess" she said stubbornly. "Just like the old times" Lief said laughing. "What do you mean just like old times?"

"I meant that you always ge- he was interrupted by Jasmine who had bounced him onto the ground. Lief immediately stopped laughing and started to smile. "Sorry" Jasmine said as she got up and lent out a hand to Lief. Life toke her hand and lifted himself up. He enjoyed it whenever he made contact with Jasmine ever since he realized he was in love with her. "Sorry Lief you made me want to get payback." "Its okay you didn't hurt me Jasmine" Lief said smiling. Jasmine stared off into the sky and yawned. "You don't like to be here do you Jasmine?" "What do you mean Lief?" "I mean that you don't like living in the palace" Lief said. "No but having you here- Jasmine stopped and began to blush. "No but having you and Barda here its not all bad."

Marilen came running out of the palace gates and into the garden heading towards Lief. Lief! "We have urgent news from the library! "What is it Marilen?" Lief asked. "Its about an artifact hidden in the shifting sands." "Apparently Adin made it and hid it in their after he drove away the Shadowlord." It says that it could only be activated when the belt of deltora touches it." "I guess you, Jasmine, and Barda will be going on an adventure again" she said smiling. Lief and Jasmine ran towards the palace gates and into their rooms.

When Lief finished packing he ran out of the room and into Barda's. "Yes Lief what would you like? The bear asked. "Barda we found out about an artifact hidden in the shifting sands." "It seems it can only be activated when the belt touches it." "Well then we will set off tomorrow Barda said closing the door. Lief ran back into his room and realized he didn't tell Jasmine when they will leave. He ran out of his room only to bump into someone. They fell to the ground. "Jasmine I am so sorry" Lief said as he lent out a hand. Jasmine pushed it away stubbornly and got up.

She ran to her room, shut the door, and sat on her bed. There was a knock on the door. "Go away Lief I want to rest." "Jasmine I'm sorry I ran into you." Anyways we are setting off tomorrow at noon." Jasmine felt a tear run down her cheek and sat there for an hour thinking of Lief. She got up, unlocked her door and went into Lief's room. He looks so innocent when he sleeps "she whispered". She saw sheets of paper on his table and took one along with a pencil. She began writing even though she sucked. "Dear Lief I am sowy I was meen to you this day I was beeng stupid."

She set the pencil on the table and the piece of paper on his doorstep. She went out of his room and into the palace gardens. She laid down on her favorite tree and began to think. She eventually fell to sleep. Leif woke up and walked out of his room. He saw the sheet of paper and began to read. He ran into Jasmine's room and saw it was empty. He ran into the gardens and saw her sleeping on a tree. He smiled and shook her shoulder she woke up startled and stood up. "I forgive you Jasmine" Lief said as he showed her the paper. Jasmine hugged him suddenly and whimpered "I'm sorry." Jasmine let go of Lief and went to her room. She cried and later fell into a deep sleep.

She was surrounded by nothing but black. But she then heard Lief's voice off in the distance and she was then filled with happiness and joy. She was now outside of the palace with Lief, Barda, Doom, and Sharn. She looked down where she was sitting, on a plaid sheet and realized they were having a picnic together. Sharn gave her a piece of bread and a mango. She took them and thanked her. She took a bite out of the mango and everyon began to feast. Five minutes later they finished eating and began to talk about their lives. They all left Lief and Jasmine alone saying they'll be back. Lief stood up taking Jasmines hand they walked around the meadow for awhile until he stopped. Jasmine? Yes Lief? I wanted to say this to you for a while now. He took both of her hands and told her he loved her. He bent down and kissed her passionately. She deepened the kiss and said "I love you to Lief'.

She woke up a little later and felt her lips. It was just a dream she thought sadly. She stood up, made her bed, and put on a fresh pair of clothes. She hurried down the long halls and bumped into Lief. He caught her before she fell and set her on the ground. Good morning. I've been looking for you come on our horses are waiting outside. They walked together outside and saw Barda waiting for them. He stood up and said good mourning sleepy heads. Good morning Barda they said at the same time. They went into the kitchen to eat. They packed some food and water and went to the gardens again. They went onto their horses and sped away to get to the shifting sands.

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Me: Lief?

Lief: what?

Me: Jasmine loves you.

Lief: liar

Me: don't believe me? That's okay here have a cookie.

Lief: I don't want a cookie right now.

Me: Eat the cookie or die!

Lief: (Eats the cookie)

Me: Good boy. (pats Lief's head)