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Now where where we?

(This is going to be an Elena chapter)

Elena POV

I awoke from my slumber to feel the pleasantly warm breeze of the wind. The fire I made burnt out, leaving the black ash sitting there while smoke emerged. I got up from the ground and checked my surroundings. The same tree, Backpack on the floor, footsteps leading to a desert, and- "WAIT, WHAT?!" I grabbed all my things and ran, following the footsteps, into the desert…

Hours later~

*Pant* *pant* "Got to- keep Going… Need… water… Then my mind spoke to me. "You HAVE water you idiot!" I grabbed my canteen and gave myself a Facepalm… I took a long sip, drinking the water in serene, as it flowed into my mouth, splattering over my face. I still felt tired, but I knew I had to follow them. "Lief will be mine, Jasmine… not even you will stand in my way."

So I kept walking forth and eventually came across a large shadow not so far away. My bow drawn, arrow in it's place, I ran toward it. Not long after, I walked into an abandoned town. Once again, I checked my surroundings just as I heard a distant barking... I looked behind me to see three dogs running after me. "Are they- ON FIRE?!" On instinct, I ran the other direction not knowing what to do.

I glanced behind me and let go of my arrow. It zoomed through the air, nearly hitting a dog. "They're some sort of Demons" I said as I ran past several buildings. I tripped over a rock and fell to the hard ground as the Dogs were getting closer. I quickly stood up and drew my dahhers from their sheaths. "It's kill, or be killed" I screamed as I slashed at them.

As my dagger pierced one of the dogs, it instantly shriveled to dust and flew with the wind. I quickly discarded with the other one, leaving me with the last. As I tried to stab it, it bit my knife in half and spit it out. "Crap" I said as the dog trampled me to the ground. And led me into a death roll. it started biting at my face, but I stuck my fist into its face. It looked even uglier now as it whined and ran away. "Don't worry, you wouldn't have gotten a date anyway with that face!" i screamed laughing at the top of my lungs. Feeling tired, i went into the nearest building and into one of the rooms. I closed and locked the door and fell onto the bed instantly falling asleep.

What i didn't notice is that I wasn't alone in the room...

I was in a white room... I didn't know where to go. I felt lost. Then something cold fell onto me. It was snow. And looking around more told me that it wasn't a room. I was in a snow storm... I instantly fell to the ground. "S-s-so cold... Got to... get... out of... here..." then it came to me. I still had a few more Fire beads left. I reached into my bag, eventually coming up with the jar. I took one of the beads out and realized I had no wood to burn it with. I gave out a deep sigh and placed the heavy jar back into my bag and kept on going. The snow was heavily poring now. And a small shadow was coming closer. Within minutes she could resemble the figure as Lief. He was now running towards her with a sword aiming for her...she started running the other direction but he was too fast... The blade pierced her stomach with an aching pain and with that, her vision blurred out with blood... the dream was over.

I woke up, startled. I Jumped off the bed and ran down the stairs of the abandoned home. But it wasn't abandoned... Two fire dogs ran up towards me. On instinct, I ran back up the stairs and locked the doors. I ran towards the windows and smashed it open. my Hands bled from the miniature cuts from the glass, but i didn't care. i HAD to escape. I climbed up the cracked walls almost falling several times. as i reached the top i layed down and whispered to myself "Imagine Lief Slapping Jasmine... Imagine Lief slapping Jasmine..." I smiled and waved my hand through the air as if i was slapping Jasmine.

Jasmine POV

"Dont kill him!" I said as i trampled Lief to the ground, away from the knife. At that point, the figure realized who we were and put his knife away.

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