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Chapter 1: The long trip!

The sun began to rise, slightly blocked by a scorched building. Around that building were many more much like it, demolished. This place is called Ravenholme. Once a mining town occupied by some humans, it became a headcrab controlled until the big gas mask people tower exploded. I was away at the time; following a human named Gordon freeman. I was hired by an odd man with a suitcase that could stop time. After I finished that job I got to go home, or what used to be. At least I got what I wanted in the end.

Today I was faced with the challenge of getting my breakfast. A watermelon sitting on what used to be a corner of a three story building. The rest of the building was gone and the corner towered in front of me. The melon was just a shadow at the top. I really wanted that melon. I saw a building next to it that was mostly together, I could climb it. I jumped through the hole where the see though stuff used to be. When I got the top the watermelon was still high above me, it was within range of jumping though. I screeched and jumped at the green melon that was soon to be my breakfast. I made it I was now on top of the melon! Then the melon started to roll, I held on tight as it rolled and fell down the spire of bricks. I landed in a dumpster with my prize. I rolled it out and it fell on the ground, I soon followed. I walked to it and started to roll it to my home. On the side of a completely unharmed building was a little hole leading down into the cellar. I went in. It was dark, it always was but I did not mind. I was meant to see in these types of places. I rolled the melon over to a corner were a large knife was. I sunk my teeth into the melon and broke it open; I went to the biggest half and began to eat the red inside. Soon I had eaten my way inside the melon and it began to roll as I moved inside of it. It rolled over to the entrance of my home. Then it stopped. I was done eating so I got out and went outside.

I walked down the rubble covered streets around me were a few old traps, motors long out of fuel. I was about to do what I had been wanting to do for a few weeks. Leave my home. I was nervous, but I wanted to see the world, I didn't want to sit in a dark corner and eat watermelon for the rest of my days! And I was lonely, I missed the baby headcrabs, I missed the orange human, sort of, and I missed Lammar too, she was strange. Maybe I would find them someday, but now my mind was set on leaving my destroyed home, nearly stripped of all of its food. The sun was in the middle of the sky now, and I was out of Ravenholme. I was walking on a long road that seemed to stretch on to infinity. I stopped for a second "This is going to be tough." I murmured to myself. I looked behind me, there was nothing but desert and road. I kept going. On the horizon I saw something, something green. I picked up my pace and the green turned into trees, I could hear birds chirping far away. A forest yay! Now I was going to be out of this horrible desert. When I got to the forest I curled up in the shade and rested. Soon hunger and thirst made me get up. I found a river. I looked for a calm spot that was shallow and found one. I walked over small river rocks and waded a short distance into the water then I started to drink, when I was done I went back into the forest to find a snack. Someone else had the same idea.

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