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We crawled through the cramped tunnel; the sounds of the hunter became faint as we went deeper underground. Soon we reached the small hollow area beneath the rock. We started to expand the room by digging into the rock and the dirt. Soon we had a good amount to rest in. It was very warm; the rock had stored all of its heat from the day. I entertained myself by scraping the side of the rock to make pictures. Lammar just curled up and rested. Soon I became tired and curled up too.

In my dreams, I sat on a cloud. For some reason I did not care that I was floating above the ground, which looked small. Instead I pondered. Why were headcrabs like me on earth? What caused us to come here? "Hello, headcrab" I looked to see where the voice came from. The suitcase man was standing, no hovering, next to the cloud I was sitting on. "Hi figment of my imagination." I said walking up to him. He chuckled. "I assure you I am very real. You have done many remarkable things, Things that I was once able to do." The suitcase man walked onto the cloud and crouched down next to me. "So who is the orange suit man? I have been following him for a long time. I would like to know more about him." The suitcase man inhaled sharply and began: "Doctor Gordon Freeman was once a man of questions, a man whom strived to answer those questions. He worked in one of the greatest scientific compounds of his time." "Cool!" I said. The suitcase man began to speak: "I cannot tell you everything, but I can explain it simply. There was an accident that the freeman thinks he caused. He now spends his life cleaning up the mess that he and his team made." Then the suitcase man disappeared. "Well at least I know a bit more about him." I said to myself. Then I woke back up.

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