Smile Junkies

Chapter 1

"Stand still." A woman directed sternly but gently as her pokemon warily shifted while she pulled out an antidote canister, sitting at a table in the Café Cabin. On lookers watched the scene quietly. Her Buneary squeaked and the woman put her hands in her lap as it looked at her, the others doing the same. "I know you don't like the antidote but it only hurts for a moment." Her pokemon nervously looked down, "If you take the antidote, I'll get everyone Moomoo milk." Her pokemon clumsily climbed up into her lap with a new found eagerness, making their owner laugh. "That's the spirit. Hold still." Their trainer said and sprayed the antidote on their wound, relieving their poisoned temperament and the Buneary chirped happily and jumped down to let her owner get up and go to the counter of the café.

"Your pokemon are so cute." The server complimented and their owner looked back at them, smiling, reaching down and petting her starter pokemon, an Empoleon. "Yes. But sometimes they huddle around me so much I trip." The server laughed as her Empoleon, Ravage, nuzzled her hand.

"What are their names?" The Server asked and the trainer turned to her pokemon.

"This handsome Empoleon here is Ravage. The cute Buneary over there is Lala, the Luxray is Jasmine, the Cranidos is Raptor, and this cute little Budew is Dusk." The Woman explained and the pokemon reacted happily to their names. "I'm Lex." The Waitress smiled, "Could I get ten-" Lex looked back at her pokemon before looking at the saleswoman, "Make that fifteen, Moomoo milks?" the Woman looked surprised.

"Wha- Fi-fifteen?" the woman asked, the owner looking over. "They're 500 per bottle…" Lex withdrew, thinking about it.

"Is fifteen too little? Ok, how about twenty-five. We have a long way to go and I promised them Moomoo milk. I can pay the full price don't worry." Lex smiled and the sales woman stammered going,

"Tw-Twenty five! I don't even-!" She said before Raptor jumped on the counter and growled, scaring the woman enough to jump, "EEK!" "Raptor, don't get on the counter's please." Raptor looked at it's owner before it jumped down and rubbed it's head against her leg in a gesture for the desire to be pet. "I'm sorry about that. Would you just give me at least five to feed my pokemon?" The owner went over to the saleswoman stammered.

"Excuse me, is there a problem here?" The Owner asked and Lex looked over.

"Not at all. I just asked this woman for twenty five Moomoo milks and she seems to be having some type of problem in accepting that's what I want." Lex explained bluntly, "I have the money but if I can't get what I'm asking for then I suppose I'll have to, regrettably, take my patronage else where." Lex added, frowning sadly, gently petting Raptor. "I promised these guys Moomoo milk…"

"I'll ring you up, miss." The owner said, going behind the counter to do so. There was the clinking of the cash register before the total came up. 12,500. Lex paid without hesitation and with a smile, taking five bottles and giving them to Lala, "Take these to a table please." Lala smiled and the pokemon went to a table, waiting as their owner put the milks in her bag before sitting down at the table herself and helping take the lids off the milks, giving one to each pokemon, personally feeding each one. "Slow down, Raptor, there's lots more." She advised and Raptor's hurried gulps slowed to casual ones. When they had finished Lex smiled, "Ready to go guys?" They let out a union of mix-matched responses and she smiled, "Ok. Thank you." Lex said, waving to the owner, the pokemon waving good-bye as well before they all went outside. "Ok everyone, time for the poke balls." They stood in a single file line and allowed themselves to be put back in their balls without a fuss and she smiled, getting her bike off the bike rack and getting on.

Lex was a trainer who had gotten into her journey not too long ago and usually took the cautious route. Cautious as in, she would try to stay close to a poke-center when she could. But she was a good trainer who treated her pokemon like individuals, even though sometimes she treated them like children of her own she loved them none the less. Any pokemon she got she took care of with love and affection though she felt guilty leaving them in poke box. What was she going to do right now? Train them in the tall grass on route 210 of Sinnoh, with pokemon in their level range to level them up. This time she had encountered a Ponyta (Level 18) and called upon Lala for assistance. "Lala, test out that new Jump Kick move of yours!" "Buneary!" Lala responded, jumping up and kicking the Ponyta, almost knocking it out unconscious but it got back up and Lala ran back over to her owner as Ponyta whipped it's tail about, "Quick attack, Lala!" In the blink of an eye, the Ponyta was on the ground, passed out. "You did great Lala, thanks for the assistance!" "Buneary." Lala responded happily and followed Lex as they searched for more pokemon to battle.

"Here, you got hurt too, didn't you Lala?" Lex asked, kneeling down and spraying her pokemon with a potion, "There you go honey." Her pokemon happily hugged her leg and she picked it up, letting it perch on her shoulder as she walked around. Lala looked at her trainer as she walked, moving things out of the way for Lala and smiling at the Buneary. "You alright up there?" Lala nodded and her owner smiled happily. "That's good." Lala jumped down and Lex stopped. "What's wrong, Lala?" Lex asked as her pokemon began to glow vividly and grew size before the light faded and Lex blinked. Her Buneary had evolved into a Lopunny. "Oh Lala you're so pretty." Lala blushed and peeped, shyly covering it's face. "I think you should go in your ball now. I don't want you to get taken or anything." Lala jumped up and down before being pulled into her poke ball through a beam of red light.

Lex pulled out a max repel and took the cap off, spraying it on her clothes before riding her bike the rest of the way to Veilstone City, riding to the Poke Center and healing her pokemon. She went to the PC and put her Budew in the box and pulled out her Noctowl, Owly. She pulled out a key to a storage room in Veilstone that she had . Lex had been training her pokemon to overcome the awaiting challenges but she wasn't sure if they were ready for it. She wasn't sure if she was ready. She took a deep breath and left the poke center, opening the poke ball of her Cranidos.

Raptor growled and then snorted, calming down and nudged his muzzle under her hand and it looked up at her bright smile. "Hi there Raptor." It gave a half growl and looked down. "We're going to be fighting a lot. You ready for it?" Raptor snorted affirmatively to her question, ready for anything she was and Lex laughed, looking through her bag for something, and Raptor looked over, seeing a tall, pale man with spiky blue air. Raptor watched the man suspiciously. The man seemed to be looking directly at Raptor, who had other blue-haired, strangely dressed people with him. No- he was looking at Lex

Raptor glanced at his trainer before looking back at the man who was just standing there and staring. Raptor barked and ran over, Lex perking up when she heard the bark and looked over,. "Raptor!" She exclaimed before her pokemon rammed into the man's stomach, knocking him onto his butt. Raptor growled warningly at the man as Lex grabbed her bag and ran over to where her mischievous pokemon had run off to.

"Raptor!" Raptor glanced back and got off the man, running over and jumping up, Lex catching him before he caused harm to himself. "Oh my, I'm so, so sorry! I didn't know he'd run off," Lex apologized and Raptor growled at the man, his associates helping him up. One of them began yelling at her.

"Who do you think you are, letting your pokemon running rampant like that?" they yelled at her and Lex stood her ground despite how she became a little nervous from the yelling and Raptor roared at the man, jumping from her hold and knocking them down too before standing in front of his owner. "You and your stupid pokemon better watch where you're going- AH!" The other person yelled, Raptor slamming them down too and barking.

"I'm really sorry, I hope you're not hurt." Lex said to the fallen people and the spiky-haired man as she picked up her Raptor. The man looked at her, "If there's anything I can do to make up for it, then please tell me, otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to leave…"

"No. It's…fine." The man said, "Your pokemon must have thought I was a threat of some sort." The man looked at her and she locked eyes with him. "It was only being protective."

Lex smiled warmly, "Yes. I truly am sorry. Please accept my apologies again but I must go." she said, bowing to him and continuing on to the store house as the man stood there while she left.

"You and your adamant nature get me in a lot of trouble sometimes." Lex told Raptor who rubbed his muzzle into her cheek. "Silly boy." She smiled and pet him affectionately as she went to the warehouse. "Raptor, be my look out, ok?" She asked as she set Raptor down on his feet in the old and dimly lit warehouse. Raptor stood there, looking around as she used the key in the door before there was a snap and she twitched. "Ah-" she said, Raptor looking back as she held a broken key end in her hand, "It- it was so rusty and old that it broke…" She sighed, "That's a bad omen. Come on Raptor, the door's open now." Lex voiced and Raptor happily followed her as they entered a small room that held a desk with a laptop on it and a chair, as well as a staircase that went to the above floor. "Well, you want to do first?" She asked Raptor who growled and struggled up the stairs. Lex laughed and picked him up, carrying him up instead of letting him struggle with a task that he couldn't finish.

On the floor above there weren't many other trainers, just Team Galactic members. Raptor needed no help knocking out the opponents in front of them- and knocking down their owners too before following his trainer, and after a while, he was leading the way despite how he got lost repeatedly. Thankfully he had his owner to help redirect him when he was too far off the path. "Here, I'm going to put this on you so don't lose it, ok?" Lex told him, taking off the strap she kept her poke balls on, a putting it around his neck, "Those are all your friends." Raptor puffed up his chest proudly before following her until they came to a hall way that made her stop, there were two grunts trying to rush her before a pokemon battle.

Lex was thrown to the ground and a exclamation coming from her throat before Raptor stepped in and roared, a bright light filling the hall made his owner and the enemies covered their faces from the brightness of the burst. When it faded, a huge blue and black dinosaur stood before them and in front of Lex. Her Cranidos, Raptor, had evolved into a Rampardos and it's roar shook the walls, and the Team Galactic members nervously attempted to continue their attack on his trainer before Raptor spun around and smashed the both of them into the wall with it's long tail before exhaling from it's nostrils.

"Ra-Raptor?" She questioned and it pushed it's muzzle into her hand to be petted for it's good work. Lex pet him and Raptor growled happily. "Look at you, you're so big!" Raptor stood proudly and she laughed as he looked down the hall, "Yeah, alright, I get it." It helped her up, the black strap of poke balls still around his neck as they continued on down the hall, battling, before finally getting to the Office that held the Boss of Team Galactic, and their target. "Raptor." Raptor looked at her as they stood outside of the door, the key card to the door mechanism in Lex's hand. "No matter what…those pokemon they… they have to be saved." Raptor grunted and nodded. "Even if I get in trouble you have to save them." she told him, "Ok?" Raptor nodded and she swiped the key card. "Here we go!" She proclaimed and Raptor crouched, ready for action as the door opened to reveal the man Raptor had knocked down but she didn't pay attention.

Lex ran down a hallway to the right as the man called in guards and Raptor skidded to block the door way for his owner, growling at the man. It was the same one Raptor had head butted- and the guy didn't seem to forget either. It tried to stand it's ground as other pokemon were called out. Raptor roared and fought them on his own, the man running past him while Raptor fought. Raptor knocked out the pokemon, attempting to chase the man down before his lackeys got in the way.

In the control room, Lex pushed the Commander guarding the machine in the room that held the red 'release' button, and slammed her fist down on the button. This released the pokemon, but not before the Commander got back to his feet. He wrapped his arms around hers, locking them against her sides and lifted her up and away from the machine as the three newly freed pokemon left, "Put me down!" She yelled, struggling, her back against the man's chest as the blue haired man came in. "I didn't give you permission to do such a thing." The man with blue hair told her, Raptor coming in and roared, growling at the man.

"Yo-you're the mister from earlier!" Lex said in surprise, Raptor growling louder.

"Yes. Your pokemon knocked me down. I think you should take responsibility for that and releasing my specimens." The man said, reaching for her, then receiving a violent kick to the stomach. "NGH!" He grunted before other pokemon surrounded Raptor who growled at them, "You defiant little-!" He hissed and Lex yelled. "Raptor, Get out of here, quick!" Raptor twitched and hesitantly turned around, running off down the hallways, not knowing where he was going. He skidded to a stop before whipping back around. His claws dug into the slick metal floors to keep him from sliding before running back to the area his owner was in.

But she was gone. Along with the Blue haired man and the blue haired commander. Raptor roared angrily and sat down, roaring and barking broken-heartedly.

~O~O~ With Lex ~O~O~

"Get your hands off of me!" Lex said sharply before she snatched her cuff-bound wrists from Saturn, the blue-haired Team Galactic Commander, and she hastily tried to hit him. It only resulted in pushing him away from her and to the other side of the black town car that she had been dragged into.

"Stop being so violent," Saturn said, trying to get her to stop but his actions were in vain and his boss, Cyrus, watched with interest and somewhat amusement.

"Saturn, that's enough. Leave her be. Can't you see she's in a state of shock?" Cyrus said and Saturn withdrew, sitting somewhat begrudgingly on the other side of the car seat and Lex scooted over to the other side. She looked down, trying to calm down, her face flushed a light cherry color from her frustration and flustered temperament. She was scared and confused. Was Raptor alright? How was Lala? Ravage? Jasmine? Owly? She covered her face with her bound hands. "Are you frightened?" She blinked and looked over at the man across from her.

Lex lowered her head, looking back at the floor, too embarrassed or too prideful to admit it. "There's no need to be. I'm sure you need an introduction-"

"You're Cyrus, and this one next to me is Saturn." Lex said bluntly and he chuckled. "Very good. I wasn't joking with what I said. You have caused me a lot of trouble and you're going to pay me back for it all." Cyrus said and Lex twitched at the following sentence that passed his lips. "Don't worry, your pokemon will be taken care of."

"You-!" Lex said, her face turning redder, "Don't you touch them!" She ordered, not going to let some scum bag hurt her friends. "You're not in a position to give orders." Cyrus pointed out and Lex looked at him sharply, hate and defiance mixing in her deep blue eyes. "If you…" Lex started, "If you hurt them, I'll jump out of his car. At the speed we're going I'll be dead once I hit the pavement." She finished and Cyrus laughed.

"Playing the part of the martyr? If you don't try to run away, they'll be unharmed." Cyrus offered his deal but even as sweet as he tried to make it sound, it left a bitter taste in Lex's mouth. She thought about it before sighing softly.

"Y…" Lex swallowed down the lump in her throat, "I won't run." She told him and Cyrus leaned back against the beige leather of the seats.

"I didn't hear your name." Cyrus told her and Lex looked at him, "I also suggest that you heed my…suggestions." Lex glared at him, "Such as sitting on my side of the car." Lex felt the car pull off and slowly roll to a stop before she reluctantly moved from her seat and sat far away from him on his side as the car started moving again. The rush of movement made her wobble and lose her balance, falling into him in an oh-so-cliché way but he smirked. "You learn quickly," He commented sarcastically as she pulled away before he grabbed her bindings and pulled her back roughly, forcing her torso to be tightly pressed against his. "I haven't heard your name."

"…Lexia." Lex said quietly, Cyrus raising an eyebrow as she looked away from him to hide the fact that she hated her name. "Just 'Lex' is fine." "Cyrus." "I know." The car came to a stop and Saturn got out first, Cyrus unlocked Lex's wrist restraints and they clicked to the floor giving Lex enough time rub them before Cyrus grabbed her wrist and tugged her out of the car roughly. "Stop-!" Lex said, pain wrapping around her spine from the violent and brutish actions of him dragging her here and there, so much she couldn't pay attention to her surroundings and she fought against him. "Please!" Cyrus halted and turned halfway to her as she stood there, panting lightly from the exhaustion of trying to fight his vice-like grip while having her arm feel like it was about to detach from it's socket.

"What did you say?" Cyrus asked and she looked at him with faintly red cheeks.

"Stop." "After that." "Please." Cyrus stood in front of her, "Say it again." He said, Saturn holding the elevator open. "Please." Lex said and he stared at her for a moment, as if contemplating what to do before she added, "you're hurting my arm." He continued to stare at her in silence, before looking back at Saturn who jumped to attention.

"Take the stairs." Cyrus ordered and Saturn quickly exited the elevator as Cyrus took it for himself and he newest captive, pressing the button for the pent house and when the doors shut and the elevator began to move he released her, watching her rub her wrists as if to numb the pain he had brought to them. "Smile." He said and she looked up at him, confusion on her features and in her eyes. "Smile for me." Lex hesitated on this strange request but remembered the first day she met Ravage and she smiled happily.

"Is this alright?" She asked and Cyrus nodded, looking her over. Even with her gentle smile that was fading ever so quickly, she hugged herself as if to protect herself with her arms crossed over a red plaid dress that didn't look too well on her. It covered her chest but from where he was standing he could see the deep line of cleavage and how it didn't adequately hide her curves, even with her black ankle boots or her long dark brown hair. "Don't look at me like that." Lex said, turning away from him and his strange-feeling gaze. "It's making me uncomfortable." There was a chime and the elevator doors opened and he pulled her to a room before she even got a good look at things.

She was thrown on a bed and she twitched as he towered over her on his knees while pinning her under him. She felt like a mouse in the clutches of a cat, "Your eyes." Cyrus said and she looked at him, "Look at me when you smile." He ordered and she flushed.

"This is really sudden and really confusing. I just want to go home-" Lex started before he kissed her and she pushed him off. "Stop it."

"That smile you made, when we first met today, made me feel strange." Cyrus confessed and she blushed heatedly, not liking this situation at all. "You're never leaving here." Tears swelled up in her eyes as he told her this and ran down her face, "Your emotions are so wasteful but if you keep smiling then I'll-" Cyrus stopped, seeing how she was on her side, covering the lower half of her face as she cried. Aside from the occasional intake of air, she didn't make a sound. She laid there, crying and shaking slightly.

"Just let me go." Lex sniffled, looking at him and turning to lay on her back, "I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. I just wanted to help them…Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie…" She covered her face, "I'll pay you back for the damages but my pokemon- they must be worried sick and scared. I can't leave them alone." Cyrus narrowed his eyes, staring at her.

"As I said before, you are to take responsibility. You're not leaving and you can't run away. You agreed to these terms." Cyrus told her, touching her hair. It was soft and silky and before he knew what he was doing, he had buried his face in it, taking in the strange smell. Nanab Berry. Yes, her hair smelt like nanab berry but he liked it. "They'll be fine." He said softly and she attempted to push him off the bed and he attempted to fend off her blows before the both of them fell to the floor, Lex on top of Cyrus, the bed sheet having fallen with them and tangled them together tightly. Her left hand was on his shoulder and her right hand was on the floor, helping her support herself while his hands were on her thighs just below her butt. Tears still remained in the corners of her eyes as she sniffled and stared at him with a embarrassedly flushed face and he stared back. "You're like a mother…" Lex twitched, "Who got separated from her children. I see that you have some type of strength about you, both physical and mental. If you calmed down perhaps we could talk like adults."

"Never. Unhand me you pervert-" Cyrus's finger brushed against something warm and she shivered, letting out a quiet moan, "Do-Don't touch me!" She flushed and Cyrus looked at her stoically as she squirmed to escape his touch but the sheets constricted her movement further. She was scared and embarrassed and now she was trapped against him.

"Once again you are in no position to be giving me orders." Cyrus repeated himself, on the basis that perhaps she had not heard him clearly before. "Why are you struggling?"

"Because I don't know anything about you and all of a sudden you separated me from my pokemon, brought me here, started talking strange to me even though we have no relation what so ever, and started molesting me." Lex said, tears in the corners of her eyes, "I…I'm scared and you're saying embarrassing things that make me even more scared and embarrassed." Cyrus stared at her. "I can't smile like this." She added, covering her face as he thought about something before he began to writhe as well, getting his arms free and began to tug at the sheet. It tightened around them, making her squeak

"Just hold on." He instructed coldly and she laid down awkwardly on his chest as he unbound the sheets from them. She got up and left the room as he threw the sheet back on the bed, looking out of the door way into the living room and family room, able to see the kitchen and the front door as well. She hadn't left, but she sat on the couch, playing with the ring on her left thumb. Now that he noticed it, she had a ring on either thumb finger, as if it was some type of universal symbol for something he didn't know nor comprehend. She stared at the rings as she turned them around on the delicate fingers they rested on, as if it was a technique to calm herself. Maybe it was, what would he know? "I think we got off on the wrong foot." He voiced from behind her, then sat in a chair opposite of her and she looked at him warily. "I am Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic. Your pokemon knocked me over today for staring at you and when I saw you smile I got a strange sensation in my chest that I quite liked. I would appreciate it if you smiled more." Cyrus explained and she looked at him.

Did he mean that… he fell in love with her smile? Her cheeks felt hot again, "You're going to stay here until I say otherwise." Lex looked down and Cyrus watched as she quietly played with the rings on her thumbs, before he got up and took of his Team Galactic ring and slid it on her wedding ring finger, putting his hands on either side of the couch behind her head and looked at her silently.

"And…until I 'repay you' I'm guessing I can't leave unless I'm with you." "Very perceptive." "I've read this type of situation in books…eventually the girl falls for the guy or she runs off with someone else." Lex said, and Cyrus just stared at her. "Will you run off with someone else?" he asked earnestly.

"I can't leave so I guess I can't…"

"Then fall for me." Lex looked up at Cyrus in surprise. "You'll smile a lot more if you do, right? Then fall for me and do it quickly." Lex was annoyed by his cocky and arrogant attitude and his stoic expression.

"You have to put forth effort too if you want something like that to happen!" She yelled at him and Cyrus withdrew from the yell, relaxing, he just stared at her. "You can't just wish for it to happen." Cyrus stood up.

"You're right, Lex." Lex shivered from the way he said her name. "I will put study on this matter and then you will fall for me and smile without hesitation or holding back." Cyrus concluded and Lex frowned as he left, sighing and wondering if her pokemon were ok.