Smile Junkies

Chapter 7

All of Cyrus's bank accounts were the same, even four years in the future-and his money ad tripled but he was still uneasy as he stood in the safety deposit box vault, his safety deposit box on the table and Dialga next to him. "Is this amount…really enough?" He wondered aloud, looking at the paper statement from the bank clerk, a few pokeballs in his deposit box. "Is this amount really a good net to raise a family on?"

"I think it's far more than enough." Dialga said and he looked at the legendary pokemon, "You shouldn't over think things like this." Cyrus grabbed a pokeball and closed the box, putting it away before leaving to go back to the small house.

"Welcome home." A warm voice greeted him when he entered the small house out in Eterna, Lex kneeling on a small cushion on the edge of the wood flooring that entered the house and he nodded, "I made dinner. Would you like some before you go and train?" She asked and Cyrus nodded again before she stood up, "Then please excuse me. I'll go make you and Dialga a portion." She said and left for the kitchen as Cyrus leaned his head against the wall, unable to look at her. Dialga happily went into the house and into the kitchen for his meal.

Since the arranged meeting, the two had started living together in this quaint house that had once been one of his safe houses. Even so, he still had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that she had agreed to marry him and he had asked her, not to mention they were to be wed in a few mere months. The thought of having children with Lex was so sweet that the sound of their laughter filled his head, but the process of conceiving and the intimacy that would produce such results unnerved him. "Come eat Cy-" Lex said, stepping into the hall way, pausing as he gloomily leaned against the entry wall, "Cy-Cyrus? What's wrong?" She asked and Cyrus looked away from her, putting his shoes back on.

"I'm going for a walk." He said bluntly, turning and leaving the house as she stood there, a hurt expression on her face.

"Alright but be back soon or your food-" "Will get cold, I know." Cyrus interjected and shut the door behind him as she watched him leave, sighing and looking at the floor.

It must be me. He does this everyday. It must be me. Lex thought wryly, sighing again and going to the kitchen to sit at the table. "Looks like it's just me and Silver Star." She smiled weakly at Dialga who looked up at her from his meal.

"Yeah, ok. I like the name you gave me." Dialga answered and they ate with minimal conversation.

-A Park near the House~

Cyrus sat on a bench and watched the children playing, smiling, and laughing with their parents. Would he be a suitable parent? All the things he had done to Lex- Why had she accepted his 'heat of the moment' proposal? The half-hearted offering that he needed to make the ground for his full-hearted confession? He needed her but was this the best way to go about it? "May I sit here?" Someone asked and he nodded, scooting over a little as someone sat next too him while he was wrapped up in his own thoughts. "Can I…ask you something?" He broke free from the mental whirlwind of questions and looked over, Lex sitting next to him and this made him blush faintly. "Am I- doing a bad job?" She asked, a Tupperware bowl in her lap with a spoon on top. "Do you leave for walks all the time because I'm doing a bad job?" She covered her face. "I'm trying really, really hard you know with what I have to work with." Cyrus frowned as he listened to her. "You always leave for a really long time when you get to the house and you hardly eat. You won't talk to me and you're gone for hours on end… Am I the problem?" Cyrus realized that he hadn't even considered the repercussion of his actions. She was on the verge of tears because he had been so self-absorbed he had forgotten about her.

He reached over and took her hands away from her face and she looked up at him before he kissed her and she blushed darkly, "Cyrus-" "It's not you, it's me." He told her and she stared at him, before he held her hand and looked at the playing children. "I come and watch them. They're all replicas of their parents. Each and every single one." He said, referring to the children, "I have dreams and day dreams of our own but I'm…shaken…by the thought that perhaps I am not the best person to be a parent." He told her and she stared at him, "I don't think I'm intimate enough to go 'all the way' to help make them either. I would be helpless in the bedroom. You want children and I want to give them to you, but these are the blockades that stop me. I didn't think that not considering your opinion on my own problems would distress you."

She smiled. "These things you think about are the types of things we both must think about." She told him, opening the Tupperware bowl, "Please eat and if something crosses your mind we can discuss it." Cyrus took the bowl and helped himself as she smiled and he kissed her cheek.

"I think the way things were before was best." She blushed at his words. "We should resume that type of relationship." Lex frowned slightly, and he pulled out the poke ball, "Accept this as a late wedding gift." "You mean early wedding gift?" "Just accept it." She took it and put it in her pocket.

"I plan on going to the Pokemon League." She told him and Cyrus looked at her, "So, I'm going to start training at Victory Road soon. I wanted to know if I could borrow Dialga. I think he'd make a good addition to my team." Cyrus thought about it. Victory Road? That meant- she was thinking about going to the pokemon league? An image of her, pregnant, and fighting against the elite four all by herself popped into his head.

"If you're going to the Pokemon League, then I'm going with you." Cyrus said bluntly and she looked at him,

"But, uh, your pokemon need a lot of training and mine just need a bit." Lex pointed out, "Since I brought this all the way over here, could you please eat it?" She asked, offering him the Tupperware and he accepted it, opening up. The food was still warm and still smelt great and he helped himself.

"Your cooking unnerves me as well." Cyrus admitted as he ate and she frowned, "Really?" She questioned and he nodded, "It's because- if I don't eat it quickly and take in the flavor and the aroma, I might never stop gorging myself on it." "Is that a compliment that my cooking is really good?" "Yes."

'What now? This period of peace definitely won't last forever.' Lex thought as he ate and finished his food.

"Is there more at the house?" Cyrus asked and she looked over, "Yes." She replied and he stood up and tilted her chin a little, "Have you finally fallen for me yet?" She laughed, smiling, and he grinned before they both left the park.

-Next Morning-

Cyrus stretched in his bed, yawning and looking over, the other side of the bed empty. 'That's right. We don't sleep in the same bed.' He thought, expecting to see Lex sleeping next to him. He got up and turned on the shower, washing himself off before exiting the shower and pulling on a fresh pair of boxers and pants, exiting the room. The Kitchen smelt of warm food again, and a large breakfast still fresh from the stove awaited him with a note that Cyrus picked up,

'Went out for an exercise, took your pokemon with me, Sorry. Be back soon. -Lex'

"How hasty." Cyrus said, sitting down as Lex panted else where, running through the forest, her own team of pokemon behind her as well as Cyrus's as they jumped over fallen logs and through tall grass,

"Come on, let's go go go!" Lex cheered and the pokemon cheered enthusiastically behind her until they returned back to the house, the pokemon ran rugged with the extreme exercise program. Cyrus's pokemon were bent out of shape while her own team was still hyped up and ready for more. "Let's take a break!" She went into the house, Cyrus sitting on the couch with a pile of books next to him, slim-frame glasses on as he read one and she stood there in awkward silence.

All of the titles of the books facing her. All of them about sex.

"Welcome back." He greeted, getting up and she turned away and went directly to the bathroom and shut the door behind her. "Is there something bothering you?" He asked from the other side of the door as she drew the water for a bath and the steam from the hot water fogged up the mirror and the glass of the window. "Is it the books?"

"No, Cyrus, it's the fact that you're wearing glasses." She said sarcastically as she got in the bathtub and he self-consciously took the glasses off. "Why are you reading stuff like that?"

"I'm educating myself on the procedures and processes of intercourse and making you happy." Cyrus said bluntly, "I know nothing of the subject so I thought I'd study-"

"Don't study in the house, not in the house! It's making it really awkward in here." Lex called back, sinking into the hot water, a dark blush on her face. He'd get ideas from that book and she'd start to be the guinea pig and that's not what she wanted. Cyrus collected the books and left to sit in the backyard.

"You got a letter in the mail." Cyrus said and Lex washed herself off, "Do you want me to slide it under the door?" He asked, setting his research down and picking up the letter,

"A Letter?" Lex said curiously, "Ok, slide it over please." He slid it under the door and it slid across the floor before hitting the tub and she picked it up. Who could it be from? She wondered. It had no return address. She opened it up and pulled out a strange green-crescent moon necklace with a red bead as well as an old, worn out pass of some sort, and a note. She took the note out.

'This necklace a Lunar Wing necklace. It ward off bad dreams. There also be a pass enclosed. It a member Pass that will allow you entry onto Newmoon Island for special event you have been invited to. You can come only by the ferry at Canalave City.' (A/N: It is purposely made to look like this.)

Lex's eyes lit up with excitement, "A special event?" She said, finishing up and leaving the bathroom in a towel, going to the second bedroom (her room) to change and Cyrus followed her but stood outside until she was dressed. Last time he tried going in she beat him up with a pillow. She put on the necklace and exited the room, the necklace attracting Cyrus's attention.

"Who gave that to you?" He questioned and she looked at him,

"Don't know." She answered, "I got a pass to some special event though."