Ugh, he had a stomach ache. It was hurting pretty bad too! Germany sighed but showed no pain! He was strong! So He had to continue training with a stomach ache. Italy was flopping all over while running, this was annoying Germany very much! Just keep still! Is that too much to ask? Japan was not here, he had to go and tell Greece about the cancellation of the world conference. Usually, Greece was too lazy to check his e-mail.

"Hurry up! Don't waste your time!" Germany yelled at Italy, "Also, stop moving around like that! You may fall!" Italy just wanted to get the training done! He really didn't listen to Poor Germany.

"It hurts! It hurts!" Italy cried.

"Work harder!" Germany yelled out to him.

"Can't I stop?" Italy whined, "Pasta. . . I miss you. . . . . Veeee~"

"If you don't get serious about training then I'll throw you to the British army!" Germany had not realize what he said until he had said it. Italy ran 60 MPH! Germany wanted him to run fast but not this fast! AURGH! DUNKOFF! CAN'T HE EVER BE SMART FOR ONCE?

"ITALYYYY!" Germany roared out.

It took awhile for Italy to stop, Germany had to trip the poor sucker. Germany was getting more stressed out and his stomach ache wasn't helping! He pulled Italy back home. Italy was complaining about how the British may come and kill them (he also said it was mean to make mean jokes!), like usual. Germany dropped Italy on a couch and went to his room. He wanted to take a nap (thanks to Italy!) but he couldn't. Although, he did doze off a few times.

Italy started to sing an Italian song that could make Germany just fall asleep (right about now.). Italy had a sweet, gentle, nice voice. Germany kind of actually wished he could of been like Italy (except for being weak and stupid). It must be nice, not to be scary all the time, relaxing, not worrying about your big broth- (Wait, Italy does actually have to worry about Romano. . . . .Sometimes.). It must be nice for people to like you. it must be nice. . . . . to have friends. Germany was silent. He didn't talk for awhile. He just listen to Italy sing. Nice and smooth. Nice and smooth. . . . . . . Nice. . . . And smooth.

"GERMANYYYY! I'M GONNA GO AND VISIT ROMANO AND ASK HIM IF HE WANTS TO SEE THE RECORDING OF OUR TRAINING THAT HUNGARY TAPED!" Italy yelled out (Although, Romano would yell at Italy for just visiting him. Nice big brother.) He opened the door and skipped out of the door (but he did close the door!). Germany heard the yelling Italian and wished he can just shut up for once! Wait. . . . . . Italy is gone. . . . . . Maybe he can actually for once eat something without pasta on it. Germany, tired as can be, walked out of his room and down the hall. He noticed he was alone in the house. No one but him was there. Then his stomach ache struck a very very sharp and painful pain. He never felt such pain! This. . . . . was worse than getting shot! What kind of pain (maybe disease) was this?

"AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!" Germany couldn't resist a yell of pain. It was that painful. His whole body started to hurt! He couldn't stand it! He couldn't stand it! Make it stop! Somebody! He needs help! Germany fell down onto his knees, he knew it was useless to yell but he couldn't help himself!

"AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!" His head started to hurt more worse than a migraine. His heart was beating faster than he ever thought! His legs! Arms! Head! His whole body! (And yes. . . . . His "you-know-whats" was hurting the most) He sweated, he bit his lip, his legs couldn't hold him up anymore. he fell down onto the cold floor. His eyes were tight shut. He breathed fast and heavily. Why was this happening? Really, what kind of pain was this? He didn't care! Just make it stop! This was too cruel! Even Russia wouldn't be this cruel! No country would be this cruel! His face was hot. His eyes started to get weak but he couldn't give up! No! This can't be his death. . . . . . Can it. . . . ? Was this. . . . . Really the end for Germany. . . . ? No! No! NO! Don't die like this! Is this even something you can die from? Because if it isn't. . . . It felt like it.

He felt like he could vomit.

He couldn't stand the pain anymore. . . .

His body stopped moving. . . . . . .

His eyes closed. . . .

He closed out from the real world. . . .

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