A red liquid drop fell down off Anita's cheek and onto Germany's forehead.

Monika opened her eyes to see. . .


"Wha-?" She wasn't hurt at all . . . .So what was that noise? And the red li- . . . . .Tomatoes. . . .? . . . .

"ANTONIO? !" Monika practically screamed out as she turned her head. Spain was standing up holding tomatoes, "WEAVE HER AWONE! (LEAVE HER ALONE!)" Anita growled, "Listen, twerp-" She got up and walked towards Antonio. 'Heh, I may look like a kid. . .Talk like one too but My mind is still the same. Well. . .Unless I feel like of childish but other than that. . . I still have my brain.' Antonio thought as he soon dashed away trying to lead Anita somewhere else.

It worked, Anita followed him out of her own anger. Monika got up as fast as she could. She needed to save Antonio but she already was attacked once and risked losing her own child, how could she save Spain? ! . . . She didn't have a plan this time and so she started to run to find Antonio.

Spain slid under the Germany's bed. Anita came in, and looked around in Monika's room. She walked around, "Heh, looks still like a manly bedroom." She was right next to the bed. The Spaniard saw her feet. He silently made a gulp. Anita bended over to look under the bed when. . .


A sound of a door being closed. Anita stopped searching and ran to see what it was. Antonio peaked out and saw another pair of feet appear. It was Germany. She quickly scooped him up, "Don't do that ever again or I'll make Lovino punish you." She then went to Gilbert's bedroom and locked the door.

"How are we going to get wid of her? (How are we going to get rid of her?)" Spain asked. Monika looked at him, "I really don't know. But what I do know is that she has all of the advantages."


"We are trapped in this room. She can easily hurt us-"

"No, she can't!" Antonio's childish side appeared. Germany turned to him and nodded, "Yes she can. I'm pregnant, I can't do anything! Nothing! I can easily get hurt by random things, I can't name any because. . .I really didn't paid attention to the doctor. . .I got distracted by bruder but anyways, you are a child! You are small, weak, and can't even talk properly."

"But I did make her chase me!"

"Ja, but I had to close a door to keep her from finding you." Monika pointed out. Spain looked up at Germany, "Who is she? And why is she doing this?" The German really didn't want to tell him the story, so she tried to get off that topic, "I think you are pronouncing your words better." Yeah. . . Not a good plan.

"Tell me!"

She hesitated. It's a long story and what if Anita comes? Monika looked at Antonio and made a sigh, "Fine." She told him everything from beginning to end. Spain nodded, "I see. . ." "Ja, she's insane. More than Natalia, I think."

"Why did you not tewl Fewi or someone you twust? (Why did you no tell Feli or someone you trust?)" He asked her. She didn't reply. She only shook her head. She didn't want anyone to worry. Monika felt like she caused enough trouble.

"Si then. . . Maybe we sho-. . .Oh hahaha~ Wook! Giwbewrt has panties in his woom, Hahaha~ (Si, maybe we sho-. . .Oh hahaha~ Look! Gilbert has panties in his room, Hahaha~)" Antonio got distracted.

'Those are mein underwear! How did he-? !' Germany thought.

CRACK! (My best door breaking noise ever ._. )


"She's bweaking in! (She's breaking in!)" Spain whispered. "I know." She replied back to him, "She's completely insane." Monika held Antonio tightly and close to her. She will not let anything or anyone hurt Spain. It was her job to protect Spain, and protect Spain she will!

The door slammed open causing even the door to fall down. Anita held a bag up. Spain and Germany were confused and wondered what was in that bag. "In this bag. . .Is this. ." Her hand went into the bag and it looked like she was holding sand, although a bit thicker.

"What is that?" Spain had to ask.

"Good question. . ." Anita replied, "It's cat litter."

Both were still confused on why she would have a bag a cat litter. Antonio looked at her, "Uuum. . .Why?"

Anita grinned, "Because. . . It's not good for a pregnant women to be near cat litter. . . Now is it?" Monika suddenly realized that. Using her free hand, covered her mouth and nose. Anita threw the cat litter everywhere. Spain was getting angry at what this crazy fan girl was doing. He tried to wiggle out of Monika's arms so he could try to hit Anita but Germany locked her arm around him tightly.

Antonio couldn't take this cruelty anymore. He spat at Anita and screamed as long as he could. He thought if he screamed someone would notice. Monika jerked him a little, giving him a warning to stop. Germany wondered how Anita got that cat litter. She uncovered her mouth and nose, seeing that Anita was done with the litter.

Monika knew she had to do something. . . But what? ! It was just her, Antonio, and the fan girl. Anita held the knife she stole from before. Germany stepped back and close to a window. If she could just open the window and toss Spain out there, he had a chance of escaping to safety. Antonio looked at her and could already figure out her plan. He shook his head but she ignored him.

"Stop moving or I'll dash towards you and stab the child." Anita warned them. The German did exactly what she said. She knew she wouldn't be fast enough to get to the window and open it and then throw Antonio out there. Spain placed his hand on her arm.

They were in serious trouble. How are they going to get out of this one? ! There's nothing Germany could do. She gave a doubtful look but as soon as Antonio looked up at her she would put a fake expression on her face so he wouldn't worry as much. Anita walked closer holding the knife. Her insane grin started to scare poor Spain. But he was a man! He shouldn't be scared of a crazy person! He still had his mind! But yet. . .With child emotions. . . Maybe that's why he feels fear? Like when he was in the dark. .Ooh. . That scared him. . . Lovino got cranky when Antonio called out for him. But, in the end, he got to sleep with Lovino so, all ends well~. Except for here. . .

"Get out or else. . ." Monika threatened.

"Sorry but this is coming out of someone who is afraid of litter?" The fan girl grinned more.

"I'm not scared of it!" She had to defend herself on that, "I just be near it." Well. . . At least she still seem strong. . . ? Maybe. . . I dunno. Antonio made a small grin when he heard that.

"Well, this is the final time, I think, we'll meet." Anita Doucette replied. "I think it will. . . The last time you stop harming Antonio and I." The German said.

"I really don't care about the child. I only want to get rid of you, so I can be with my beautiful, handsome, good-looking, sweet North Italy." She said as she fantasized it. "That will never happen!" Yelled out the Spanish kid. Monika looked at Anita, watching her every move. Maybe if she could figure out what Anita was going to do next, she could counter the attack or whatever she may be doing.

That was when, Germany realized that Anita was cornering them. She felt her back go against the two walls. Anita came walking towards them with the knife. There was no escaping this time. Spain didn't say anything. Monika felt two kicks. 'This is not a good time for the baby to be kicking! Especially, when it's kicking a lot!' She thought to herself. Monika had a poker face on. She didn't show any signs of her feeling any kicks.

"Now then, I will give you a last word to say. Go on, say something. Go hope, just say anything." Anita said with her knife pointed at them. Spain decided to make a distraction by saying a long speech. Most of Antonio's words were hard to make out because he was talking lowly. Anita started to lose her patience on im. Monika saw that and hugged Spain a bit tighter. He stopped and looked at Germany. She didn't do anything but just stared at Anita. Antonio decided he was finished.

"And for you?" She said as she looked at the German. Monika didn't say anything. She couldn't get anything out of her mouth. She just looked at her. "Well? I'm waiting." Anita said to her. Nothing. Just silence. Spain started to worry if they were really going to die and what would happen if they did die. Germany was worrying about that too but wondered how one person can become insane just by this? ! It's unreal! It's ridiculous! How can this actually be happening? ! Especially, when she's pregnant.

"Nothing? Really? You are ruining this for me. Why not beg for mercy?" Anita taunted.

Both said nothing. Spain looked away. But Germany just kept staring at Anita. Anita was getting more unpatience. She finally accepted they were not going to say anything. The girl got closer to them and held the knife right to Monika's neck. Antonio was about to yell but Monika covered his small mouth. She still had a poker face on. It irritated Anita to no end that Germany wasn't a bit afraid of being killed.

Monika was going to accept the truth.

She'll be killed here.

With an unborn baby and a Spanish child who will be alone and crying.

Anita played with the knife a little to at least try and scare her. Her facial expression did not change. . .But on the inside, Monika was scared. She didn't want to die here. She wanted her child out before dying! She wanted Spain safe before dying.

She blinked at Anita as if saying she was ready to die. That got Anita even more mad. She then held up the knife, "Anything? !"

Then Germany spoke out, "One. . . Don't do anything to Antonio. . . Let him live and don't hurt or touch him."

Anita paused for a moment but grinned, "Fine, I promise."

"Danke." She replied.

Spain looked at her and was tearing up. He didn't want to see her die! He squeezed her arm but she didn't flinch. Monika took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She was ready to feel pain, ready to feel how it's like to die. She raised her head a little. Anita smirked, "Guten nacht, Deutschland."


SHING (my best sword noise :DDDD)

Monika's eyes were shut tight. Waiting for her death. . . . So wait. . .Why isn't she dead now? She opened her eyes. Feliciano and Kiku had their swords right to Anita's neck. Germany looked at their serious expression. Anita saw Italy, "Master Italy~" She cooed to him. North Italy just growled at her. She seemed to ignore that.

"Why are you here?" Italy asked.

"Wanting you~" She flirted.

"BE SERIOUS!" He yelled. She still had a grin on her face, "I am~ Why don't you stop being so silly, I-ta-ly~" Anita felt Japan's katana move. He was giving her a warning to stop and actually be serious. She gave a bored look to Kiku and looked back Italy.

"What were you doing to her? !"

Then Spain blurted out, "SHE WAS TWYING TO DO MEAN THINGS! (She was trying to do mean things!)" Kiku looked at Antonio, "How?"

"She twied to cut out the baby! (She tried to cut out the baby!)" As soon as Feliciano heard that, he was about to cut her head off. Japan stopped him. North Italy gave Kiku a mad look. "Give her mercy. Even though she does not deserve it. Have compassion." He stopped but was shaking. He had to urge to kill this creature.

"Then I defending Monika by thwowing tomatoes! Then the meanie chased me and I wan. I hid under the bed. Monika cwosed a door to distwact her! Then, Monika gwabbed me and we went here. She wocked the door but yet the meanie got in! And she had cat witter! And thwew it awound! Then thweaten with a knife. She awmost died! (._. . . .Translate it yourself. . . )" Spain yelled out.

Feliciano was now really angry. Kiku fixed his katana a little. Spain noticed that. Was it him, or was Kiku mad too?

Anita looked at the Italian, "Oh, what are you going to do to me~?" She flirted even more. "You are a disgrace of a human. You should have been never born. Go before I kill you."

'That was harsh.' Kiku thought.

"But. . What. . ? Italy. .? !" Anita said in shock.


She didn't say anything. Italy and Japan removed their swords. Anita walked away in silence. Kiku watched her leave to make sure she was gone. Germany looked at them, "Why are you here. . . ? Shouldn't you be at the meeting?"

"Vee~ Monika are you okay? !" Feliciano hugged her. She nodded. She didn't want to worry Feliciano. Of course not! She felt like she has been always lying to him. North Italy stared at her, "Are you really okay?"

The German nodded again, "Ja. Now answer my question."

"The meeting had to stop halfway. We don't know why but some nations left. I guess they thought they had something better to do." Italy said. Japan nodded in agreement.

"Then where is Bruder and Lovino?"

"Gilbert was running late because he got into an argument with Elizaveta and I really do not know about Lovino." Kiku answered. Lovino came in, perfect timing! He quickly grabbed Antonio and hugged him. Spain looked up at him, "Wovi. . .?"

"Oh my. . Oh my. . Oh my. . .Antonio. . Are you okay? !" Lovino started to rock him. The Spanish country nodded, "S-Si. . . Lovino. . . But how-?"

"I over heard and saw. . . ." Romano replied to him. Spain didn't say anything else.

Monika tried to get up. Feliciano and Kiku noticed this and both helped her up. Italy looked at her and held her wrist a bit tight, "Has she done anything else to you. . . ?" Germany didn't say anything and smacked his hand off of her. Italy was shocked, not that wasn't like her but. . .That something did happen before.

Monika walked away. Feliciano watched her leave. He looked at Kiku, "Vee~. . . ."

Kiku placed his hand on Italy's shoulder, "Don't worry, Feliciano. She is probably just upset about what has just happened. So do not feel troubled." Feliciano nodded and made a small smile, "Grazie, Kiku." Japan softly smiled at him.

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