Chatter. It was all I heard. Chatter. Blab about some mustang called Spirit. I couldn't take it. So many rumours about this stupid stallion when I was the son of Sajilo, the king of the mustangs, and Almania, the last descendant of the goddess Nox, the goddess of darkness. I was related to a god and a king. There should be legends about me! Then, my best friend Hailstorm spoke up.

"I've heard so much about Spirit. He saved his herd, escaped captivity from the two leggeds, destroyed a train wreck AND got a new mare! He's better then any horse in the world!"

That did it. I whinnied angrily and ran towards them, ears pinned right into my forelock.

"ENOUGH ABOUT SPIRIT! Please!" I yelled, my head aching from how many times the word 'spirit' had been forced through it. Hailstorm snorted at me.

"Geez, lighten up Challenge." she muttered something about lead stallions, arrogant colts, goddesses and…spirits.

"THAT'S IT!" I shouted, rearing angrily. Hailstorm and the others ran out of the way wisely. I yelled after them. "KNOW YOU'RE PLACES OR FIND ANOTHER HERD!" I ordered. My father walked beside me.

"Easy, my son. You must prepare for tonight. This evening is the anniversary of the day the mighty stallion of the Cimarron herd, Spirit, regained his freedom." he reminded me. My ears pinned further. I thought they were going to come out of my upper neck and lower chin if I wasn't careful.

"Father, I'm SICK AND TIRED of hearing about Spirit! Spirit this, Spirit that, Spirit, Spirit, SPIRIT!" I shouted. I saw my father's disappointment.

"Challenge, I know it's a bit boring but he truly is a great horse. I thi-"

"I DON'T CARE! YOU HAVE YOUR STUPID LEGENDS! KEEP HEARING ABOUT SPIRIT! SOON YOU'LL BE HEARING ABOUT CHALLENGE! ME! I'M GOING OUT TO GET MY OWN LEGENDS! DON'T STOP ME!" I screamed. I reared when my father tried to protest. I neighed loudly and angrily as I galloped away. I was going to pour an ugly shadow over that stupid Spirit. I was going to create the legend of Challenge. I am Challenge, and I want anyone who dares to challenge me.