Well, here's another story from me. The idea for this one actually came to me in a dream. As would be expected, I'm not going to write EXACTLY what I dreamt about (that would make no sense to anyone) considering there were parts where the characters either interacted with one another oddly or did things completely irrelevant to what little plot was presented (basic dream stuff). But this is based off of that weird dream so thank the realm of my unconscious mind if you like it and if you don't, well, it takes complaints, too. As always, please R&R!


Two years have passed since the war against the goddess. Tellius again enjoys an era of peace, where laguz and beorc alike continue their struggle to peacefully co-exist. But this time, the struggle is not in vain. The countries seek a unity of which they are not willing to rest until is reached. Goldoa, land of the dragons, has also been asked to let down its guard and welcome an age where all people live among one another without suspicion or prejudice. But a country that has for so long shunned outsiders does not easily and without contempt abolish its borders. The country splits itself in half, feuding over whether or not to tear down the mighty mountains that surround them and to stop apprehending the sailors that come to close to their lands, or to continue just as they have always been.

Kurthnaga, king of the dragons, has fallen ill. His condition left him bedridden and unable to guide his people. Without a strong leader to direct them, the dragons of Goldoa will erupt into civil war.

Chapter 1

"Can you come up with any more plans? I don't think we should cut spending on weapons." Ike sat at the end of a large table in the mess hall, arms folded and legs crossed. On each of his sides sat his young tactician and Titania. His countenance showed displeasure which Soren met with a slight huff.

"There isn't anywhere else we can spend less on. What else can we do? We need to eat. The more clumsy members of the group will just have to take more care not to break their weapons."

Titania grinned softly, ignoring the tension to try to break it with a little humor. "Though I don't think there's anything we can do to get Boyd to be less reckless."

"I think Boyd alone is taking up half of our finances…" Ike sighed.

"What about me?" The door opened and the warrior stood in the entrance, leaning on the archway, arms akimbo. Despite his angry stance his face displayed characteristics of a less serious manner. His mouth arched upwards into a smile with his head atilt. "Not my fault those axes are always so poorly crafted. Maybe if they could handle a little action…."

"Boyd, the last one you broke by slamming it off of a rock." Titania chided.

"And man, was that one mighty hard rock!"

"We're in the middle of something. Must this be done now?" The annoyance quickly flooded the sages face, his right hand gripping the book tighter.

"I did come here for a reason. Trust me, I have better things to do than to listen to you three talk. Remember Lady Almedha from the war?"

"Yeah." Ike answered bluntly. "What about her?"

"She's here."

A look of confusing swept across their faces. Ike stood up, quickly shaking it off. "All right. I'll go talk to her."

"Actually…" Boyd turned towards the raven haired tactician. "She wants to speak to Soren."

"What would she want with me?" His eyes narrowed to slits. "I have other matters to attend to. Ike, you should be the one to talk to her. No doubt that she needs us for something. Such affairs should be addressed to the commander."

"No, she was very clear that she wanted you. She didn't say why but she didn't mention Ike at all." The warrior shrugged. "She's waiting by the gates. She looked a little upset so I wouldn't keep her waiting too long." He walked out, leaving the door open behind him.

"Well, Soren, it looks like you have a visitor. Ike and I will wait here until you get back. The meeting can wait until later." The paladin urged, waiting for him to get up.

"Humph." He slid his chair under the table, exiting the mess hall in utter silence.

"What could she possibly want with me?" He thought as he walked. "We hadn't even spoken, except for that one time, and it was such a short exchange." "Typical sub-human." He muttered as she came into view.

"Soren…." She said weakly, at first lunging forward as if to touch him, then pulling back. Her mouth delicately gaped, but only a short distance. Deep brown eyes flooded into puddles on a saddened canvas.

"What is it that you want?" He asked curtly, showing no response to her emotion. "We're in the middle of a meeting that I should be getting back to. If this is a mission request, please talk to our commander. If not, I would ask that you make it quick."

"My son…."

"Excuse me?" Even the typically calm staff sergeant was taken back by her remark.

"It has been so long… Two years now since I saw you last when we all parted ways after the war."

"I suppose it has been a short while. Though for a dragon such a length should seem like not even a day."

"When a mother is separated from her child it seems like an eternity."

"I'm afraid that you are making no sense. I cannot help you if I fail to understand the point that you are trying to make."

"I should have told you the moment that I realized it but… you had found your own path and had grown so strong…I felt that it would have been wrong of me to disrupt what you made for yourself. But now I have no choice…"

He cringed with discomfort, his brow arching sternly. "If you would excuse me… I'm not the right person to be speaking to about these matters. Good day." He began to turn away but was halted by Almedha's cries. Something about them made even someone as cold as Soren heed them.

"Wait! Soren, I'm your mother!"

He kept his back to her, his shoulders notably tensing. "Idiotic woman! Do not play games with me!"

"It's true! I thought my child was Pelleas, but…he told me that his mark came from a pact he made with the spirits. Your forehead…"

Then he did turn around, irritation reflecting in his voice and his face. "Just because I have a mark does not mean that we are in any way related. Whatever it is you are trying to get by doing this, go about it in a different way."

"You are my son… I haven't lost my birth right entirely. I can still recognize my own child… When I first called out to you, I knew."

"What proof do you have?" He sneered. "This is another mistake. Just like the first time, you're wrong. How would the child of a great dragon end up in Gallia? Considering that, there is no way I could ever be your son. Now I need to be going."

"You are ." She persisted. "I was separated from you when you were just a baby…I didn't know where they had taken you. But even your appearance. Your hair color matches mine, your complexion is your father's…"

"Pale skin and dark hair often go hand in hand. It doesn't prove lineage."

"Red eyes."

"Pardon?" His face softened into a look of confusion.

"Red eyes. You know that you didn't inherit that from your beorc parent. So it must have been the laguz in you. Dragons are the only clan that have members with red eyes. Is that accurate proof?"

He scowled, finally continuing to walk. "I've heard enough of this. I need to go back to work."

She closed her eyes, sighing. "Then please tell General Ike that I need to speak with him. It's urgent."

I wanted to make Soren more emotional but...it's Soren, so I just made him not believe her. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading!