Beast Boy glanced over at Raven to make sure he hadn't been seen. She was still listening to Starfire rant on about the movie. Slowly and quietly, he walked back over to his friends. " Sooo, I think I'm gonna head to my room for the night." Beast Boy said, interrupting Starfire. They watched him walk towards to automatic doors leading to the rooms. " It is pretty late. I think I'll be heading to bed as well" said Robin. Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg muttered their goodnights to each other and walked out. Raven was left alone in the living room. She was going to meditate for a little while longer, but wanted tea first. She walked over to the kitchen and picked up to tea kettle. The little piece of paper on the table was unseen by Raven at first. She filled the kettle with water and put it on the stove to heat up. Then she walked back over to the counter and the the green note. It had her name writtin neatly on it. Slowly, she opened the little note and read softly to herself. " Roses are red, and Violets are you. What more can I say, than I love you" Raven was so in shock she didnt hear her kettle beginning to steam. What snapped her out of her shock was when the water exploded from being heated up to much. Raven suppresed a scream and quickly cleaned up the water. The empath's mind was racing. "Someone actually feels this way about me? But who? Obviously it's not Robin. That narrows it down to Cyborg and Beast Boy. Which one of them would do it though," she thought. Cautiously, she inspected the note. Then she realized something. The note was green. "It has to be Beast Boy. I need to talk to him about this tomorrow." she thought. Suddenly feeling tired, she levitated to her room.

Beast Boy had been spying on her the whole time. He had morphed into a fly and had been hovering over her the whole time. He was currently freaking out. " Did she like the note? Is she mad? Oh my gosh what if she didnt like it and now she hates me?" he thought. He had been flying towards his room and crashed into the door. he morphed back to his human form and stifled a yell of pain. He could hear Raven's footsteps heading to her room. The young changeling scrambled to his feet and ran into his room. Sighing deeply, Beast Boy trudged over to his bed and fell asleep, knowing the long day ahead of him.

The next morning, he woke up feeling nervous worried of having to face Raven today. He was worried she would confront him and be angry with him. Slowly he got out of bed and walked to the kitchen for breakfast.

The first thing Beast Boy noticed was the aroma of meat coming from the kitchen. Cyborg was obviously making bacon and probably all the other breakfast meats in existence. " Do you have to eat meat for breakfast? Why not try some delicous tofu?" complained Beast Boy. " I will never, and I repeat, never, going to eat tofu BB" said Cyborg. Beast Boy simply grinned at Cyborg and walked toward the fridge. " Fine but your missing out on some tofu goodness" he said as he took the tofu out of the fridge. He placed on the stove to begin cooking it. Raven walked in and Beast Boy tensed up, wondering what she would say

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