Chapter 2

Hoppers dark eyes narrowed at them and both sets of arms where crossed. Atta's eyes locked on him.

"Hopper your supposed to be dead..." she said the meaning behind her words had a double meaning.

"I do not die easily Princess." he sneered at both Atta and her mother and his long anntena's twitched. "I noticed that Vivian was here."

"Yes she gave us two days to leave our home Hopper." Atta said fearfully.

He stared at her coldly. "Its not my problem anymore Princess." he noticed her eyes grow wider.

"Hopper you can't be serious, You have to help us!" Atta cried out fearfully

He took a step toward her and she backed up a little. "Why would I help a bunch of Ants, espcially after you tried to kill me! Find someone else to help you, peraphs your little hero Flick can bring up a big plan." he said darkly his hands in fists and his beautiful red wings buzzed slightly in his anger.

Atta looked over at her mother in fear and utter confusion as to why he would bring up Flick of all ants but at the same time she knew the reason. If it wasnt for Flick, they wouldnt have driven his gang and now their protection from Ant Island. But it was like he loathed the worker ant.

Atta and her mother watched as Hopper turned on his foot and his wings flared out as he was about to take off and leave. Atta ran over to him standing in front of him. "Please we need help, dont leave us to die..." she begged him

His anntena's sagged just slightly. She knew her words had gotten to him, they always did. She didnt fail to notice the long lighter color on his right wing, it was a scar. The very same scar that she could have prevented if she would have saved him.

"Queen Atta, are you coming back into the ant hill?" Flicks voice said coming from the entrance.

Atta saw Hopper's anger get the better of him then. "Forget it Princess!" he hissed and flew off.

Atta's blue eyes watched him leave, deep down she knew why, she shouldnt ask him to save them when she left him for dead twice now.

"Hopper's alive? But I thought..." Flicks worried voice said from behind her then.

"He is indeed alive Flick.." she said softly and looked down at the ground below her feet softly sighing and her anntena's had sagged just a little too.

Okay, let's see, about for the next chapter Hopper is still angry, but he knows he can't be angry with Atta forever, and he eavesdrops on Vivian's plans? And Atta's still sad about what happened between her and Hopper...and well...Uh...that's all I got.