Hello! This is going to be my first fanfic, and I'm only doing this because I lost a bet. DAMN YOU FIONE! Okay, anyway now we shall proceed to talk about the story! The story is after Ichigo goes home from Soul Society after saving Rukia. Kisuke wants a team of Substitute Soul Reapers to help in the upcoming war, and of course has to argue with Head Captain Yamamoto about it. This team will all be from different countries. But of course speak English! Because that is the only gap of knowledge in Bleach. Anyway have fun reading and good luck!

Chapter One: Prologue

Karakura Town

It is before the Winter War still. Aizen has yet to send any arrancars to the world of the living. After dropping Ichigo and his friends off at there respective destinations, Kisuke goes back to his shop. He does some thinking on how to handle the upcoming war. 'Aizen is smart, he will send mock soldiers first, and with the Hogyoku he will be pumping them up a lot.'

After thinking the situation over, he decides he will need a team of unexpected factors. Somethings Aizen would never expect. He tells Tessai that he will be going to Soul Society. After that he opens the Senkaimon.

Soul Society

Kisuke has appeared in Soul Society and enters Shunpo to get to the First Division HQ. After he gets there, he knocks on the door to the Head Captains office.

"Enter." A heavy voice commands.

Kisuke pushes the door open and closes it behind him. The Head Captain is trying to think of anyone he knows that wears such ridiculous clothing as the man in front of him. When Kisuke turns around and stares into the Head Captains eyes, that's when he understands.

"Kisuke Urahara," says the Head Captain.

Said person nods. "What are you doing here, you are permanently banned from Soul Society as a criminal?" the Head Captain asks in a confused tone, yet with no accusation behind it.

"I am here to help revoke that ban, since I have proof that I was framed." said Kisuke.

"And what proof can you possibly have that can convince me that you did not commit Hollowfication?" asked the Head Captain.

"If you read my statements at the time during my 'trial', you will clearly see that I said that Aizen committed Hollowfication and I was simply fixing it so those people did not have to die." said Kisuke.

"And how does this help your case?" asked Yamamoto.

"The only way that I had to commit Hollowfication at the time was the Hogyoku. Which I instead used to fix the victims. However, Central 46 claimed that I used it to make those people Hollows in the first place. Now if I did that, why did I not attack Soul Society for the past one hundred years? Why would Aizen, the man who I said did the Hollowfication, steal the Hogyoku that I hid inside Rukia Kuchiki?" questioned Kisuke.

"This is only speculation, Urahara. Nothing solid enough to prove that you are innocent." said Yamamoto.

"Ah, but that is where you, the marvelous Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, come in. Central 46 was destroyed by Aizen, and that leaves you in charge." said the bucket hat man.

"Explain." said Yamamoto.

"You are the only one that can pardon me and my lovely friend, Yoruichi." said Kisuke.

Yamamoto considered this. Although he couldn't trust this man, yet. He would need help in the war with Aizen, and Kisuke Urahara is as close as your going to get when it comes to a strategist. And only he would know how to combat the Hogyoku. And possibly after this is all over, Soul Society can get him as another captain. After thinking the development over, he called upon a Hell Butterfly.

"I, Head Captain Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, under legal jurisdiction of the unavailable Central 46, hereby pardon Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin." said Yamamoto to the Hell Butterfly.

Kisuke smiled. "Okay, now if you would like to hear me out, I have a plan against Aizen."

The Head Captain simply opened one eye.

"I would like a team of unexpected players to enter the game, which I can do easily. I just need permission." asked Kisuke.

"Who do you recommend?" Yamamoto asked with a sense of impending doom.

"I recommend Substitute Soul Reapers, new ones of course." said Kisuke. He said it like he was talking about something natural such as the weather.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" barked the Head Captain. Who does this man think he is? He just comes back now after giving our biggest enemy an insane amount of power, and expects us to break the rules for him? Well, he will just need to be taught a lesson, now won't he?

"And if I give good reasons and take full responsibility of them, including Ichigo Kurosaki?" asked Kisuke?

"What possible good reasons can you have to break our laws?" shouted Yamamoto.

"Simple. I would only need maybe three or four of them. And after we use them for the war, we can use them all together to draw out Kugo Ginjo. And then kill them as we planned with the next Substitute, or does Ichigo Kurosaki not count because of his lineage?" asked Kisuke.

"Your suggesting we kill three humans? That alone is breaking laws!" barked Yamamoto, ignoring the last question.

"Then how about we turn four humans, while they are about to die, and save them. With reiatsu they may even heal on there own." asked Kisuke.

"This is still against the laws!" the Head Captain said.

'Great, he's getting quieter. I'm doing good, now it's time to finish this little talk.' thought Kisuke.

"Sir, is there not a law for Substitute Soul Reapers? If there is such a law, then why is there a rule against creating Substitute Soul Reapers?" asked Kisuke

"Some Substitutes are made on emergency situations. Sometimes we believe they can be a benefit for Soul Society. Those are the ones we keep alive." said Yamamoto.

"So the near-death of an unseated member of the Thirteenth Division is a good enough emergency, yet total war against all of Soul Society is not?" asked Kisuke in feigned disbelief. 'I win this round my old friend.'

They stood in silence for several minutes before Yamamoto gave in. "You are allowed four people and they must be waiting for death. They must be from different countries to associate different methods of survival. And any mistakes they make, will be your mistakes."

"Yes sir!" said Kisuke in a jovial voice.

As Kisuke turned to leave, the Head Captain asked a question, "Who will teach these ones?" Kisuke turned around and said, "I'll need a few officers for a short amount of time to train them at first."

Karakura Town, Urahara Shop

After Kisuke returned he went straight to looking for possible candidates for the job. He had to check countries that all knew English and find the best of the millions of people. So he used the only thing in all of existence that could do such a thing. The internet.

A Few Hours Later.

"Aha!" exclaimed Kisuke.

"The candidates are...Lance Viren in the United Kingdom. Lann Majra in the United States. Morgan Sieler in Canada. And Fione Stiles in France" said Kisuke.

"TESSAI!" exclaimed Kisuke.

Okay, that's the end of the first chapter. These will be the Main OCs of this story. And I would like to point out, Fione Stiles is the name of the person I lost a bet against and Morgan Sieler is my idea board, he gets annoyed by me easily too! :D These people do exist! And their stories here will be similar to their real life stories. Now please review, comment, and complain about my every mistake :D!