Anakin falls. Obi-Wan grieves. What else need I say?

A flash of anger lights his face-

At first it fades with out a trace...

But slowly flames grow from the spark,

An angel's wings burn in the dark.


Too late you saw, Too late you cried,

Into the blazing, angry tide

That burned his soul, and seared his heart,

Your tears fell, lost in the dark.


A ragged breath, an outstretched hand...

But you left him there, in the burning sand.

His soul choked, betrayed to pain-

Lord Vader rise! The blazing flame.


No requiem of silent tears,

His yellowed eyes betray his fears:

No requiem for the Chosen One,

The Dark Lord cries, 'It has begun!'


So let the Dark Side round him rise,

That flickers in his shattered eyes;

Yet in his heart a shard of Light

Shines still into the blackest Night.

Okay, here's my obligatory Anakin angst. Just to clear things up, Anakin is 'he and Obi-Wan is 'you'. Angel' refers to Padmé. I hope that's not to confusing. Yours Truly is not George Lucas, but I bet I write better poetry than he does. :P Reviews are greatly, greatly appreciated. Please, if you like it, have criticism, whatever, please tell me!