Dean drove along, heading north. They had stashed the Colt in their father's Lock-up in upstate New York. Dean didn't plan on stopping until his stomach started to growl; he clutched his gut as he drove by a Biggerson's.

"Hell no," Dean said, pressing on. He continued until he saw a place called Jeerer's Piers. He pulled in, noticing that the place was packed; he had to park on the road because all of the spots were taken. He walked in and noticed that there was no one sitting down, he started to grow suspicious and was suddenly glad he had a pistol on his person.

"Welcome to Jeerer's Piers," said a waitress, "table for one?"

"Yeah," Dean said with a small smile. The waitress led him to a table next to a window and he sat down. He picked up the menu just as a big old truck pulled into the parking lot; he watched it drive by and noticed his license plate said, "BEATNGU." Dean snorted, knowing it must be some big muscled douche who thinks he's tough.

"There goes the owner," came a voice, Dean jumped and turned to see the waitress. "Wet your whistle?" She asked with a wink.

Dean smiled, "Sure, I'll have a beer."

"Can do," she said, writing on her little notepad. She walked into the kitchen, and Dean caught a quick glimpse of a trench coated man, but when the door swung shut and open again he was gone.

"Damn it," Dean muttered, turning back around, he looked down at the table and started playing with the salt shaker that had been laid out with the pepper and ketchup. He looked out the window facing the street and saw a tow truck towing his car. "Son of a bitch," he said louder, and he ran outside.

"I'm sorry, buddy," the tow truck driver said. "It's in a no parking zone, I have to take it."

"You don't understand," Dean started, but the man cut him off.

"No," he snapped. "You don't understand, I need to pay rent and that won't happen if I can't tow, so back off."

Dean groaned as his car was being towed away, he realized his guns were still in there, he'd need to get them back if he was going to get to New York. Dean turned to see the owner of the restaurant standing in front of the window, Dean felt as if he'd seen that trench coat and hat before…

That night, Dean vaulted the fence of the impound lot and started to search for the car. As he walked he heard a swooping sound, he turned, but there was nothing there. Dean turned back around and was face to face with a trench coated man, but up close he realized it was no man.

"Jeepers," Dean said, "it's the Creeper." The Creeper smiled, his teeth were green and rotting. "My god," Dean said, grimacing. "If you manage to kill me, please, take my teeth. Yours are horrid."

The Creeper punched Dean, sending him hurtling toward a line of cars. He slammed into a Toyota Prius, which nearly crumpled when he hit.

"Jeez," Dean said, struggling to stand, "either I'm putting on a few pounds or these things aren't very reliable." He got up and pulled out his gun, he started to jog down an alley of cars and could see his car coming into view. "Almost there," he whispered to himself, he heard a creaking sound and looked up just in time to jump backwards as a pile of cars came tumbling down. "Oh come on!"

Dean started to climb the pile of wrecked cars, and when he got to the top he saw the Creeper standing there, waiting for him.

"Hey ugly," Dean said, straightening. The Creeper nodded, they stood there in silence for a moment, until the Creeper finally charged, and Dean pulled out a packet of salt from the restaurant and ripped it open as he swiped out, the salt was like acid on the Creeper's face and it stumbled back until it fell from the pile of wrecks. Dean ran and jumped off the pile and landed with a roll. He took off sprinting toward the car and when he got there he pulled his duffle bag out and pulled out a Rock salt shotgun.

When Dean turned around the Creeper was gone, he sighed and started walking toward the way he had come. He turned a corner and heard a swooping sound again; he turned around, aiming the gun. Nothing. He turned back around and almost fired, because there was someone there, but it was just the truck driver that towed his ride.

"So'mbitch!" The man shouted, throwing his hands up, Dean rolled his eyes and lowered his weapon. "What in the hell are you doin' here, boy?"

"Listen, you ever hear of the Creeper?" Dean asked.

"You mean that crack pot story that those fools down in Poho County are all afraid of? Yeah, I heard of him, and I ain't a-scared of no Creeper." He spat at the ground and before the loogie even hit the ground two sharp talons grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into the air. Dean watched as a bat winged monster carried the nonbeliever away, he didn't dare fire, knowing that even if he did the poor bastard was dead anyway.

Instead, Dean ran for the gate and hopped it like he did coming in, he ran for the tow truck and, praying the keys were in it, hopped in. His fingers found the ignition and thankfully the keys in it.

"Hallelujah," Dean said, looking up at the roof, he started the truck and sped off, heading north.

Deanfound the highway and stuck to it, knowing the Creeper wouldn't try anything here. It wouldn't risk being bashed and smashed to dust on the highway. Dean looked down at the Gas gauge, he sighed with relief when he saw that the driver had filled up the tank. He sat back and drove on, he turned on the radio and the speakers blared Highway to Hell.

"Of course," Dean said, smirking.

Sam watched Dean drive away from the window facing the driveway; it was the first time they've been separated for a while. Sam felt uneasy as his brother drove away, he didn't like it. The last time they were separated like this was when Dean and Bobby went to face Castiel and stop him from opening the portal to Purgatory, Sam had been trying to fight the onslaught of Hell breaking loose in his head.

He turned back to Jazelle and Trish, who were talking in the Kitchen. Sam walked across the living room, careful to avoid the traps.

"I'm telling you," Trish said. "This isn't a good idea. We don't even know that this Dean guy is going to come back."

"He'll be here," Sam said.

"How do you know?" Trish asked. "Oh, that's right because you guys are brothers, encountering this thing changes a person!"

"You don't know Dean," Sam said. "He's been to Hell and back for me… literally, he sold his soul for my safety."

Trish rolled her eyes, "Whatever." She walked into another room and Jazelle turned to Sam.

"She grows on you, right?" Sam asked.

"How would I know," Jazelle said, "I only knew her for half an hour."

Sam sighed, Be careful, Dean, he thought.

Sam sat in the armchair in the living room; the girls would sleep in the kitchen for the night. After they hit the 1a.m mark, Sam figured the Creeper wouldn't be coming around, so he let himself doze, which may have been a mistake…

Sam was in a room, it was all white and there was a table in the middle of the room. On either side of that table was two chairs, and sitting in one of those chairs was Lucifer.

"Hey Sam," Lucifer said, smiling. "Please, sit." Sam sat across the table from the devil and stared at him.

"So," Satan said, "what do you think of the Creeper?"

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, confused.

"Well," Lucifer said, sitting back in this chair and putting his hands behind his head, "Eve wasn't the only monster maker in the world, you know. I had my fair share of monsters, and seeing as how the Creeper is a demon…"

"So wait," Sam said, holding up his hand. "You're saying that thing out there is one of your creations?"

"Yep," Lucifer said. "If I were still on Earth I think I could have been a better horror movie creator than Wes Craven!"

"How can we kill it?" Sam asked.

"Well," Lucifer said, tapping his chin. "WAKE UP!"

Sam jolted awake to find the house ransacked, he looked around, Jazelle was standing in front of him, and Trish was nowhere to be found.

"What happened?" Sam asked, standing up, 100% alert.

"That thing came in here and threw me aside like a ragdoll, it took Trish!"

"What?" Sam said, shaking. "Son of a bitch."

"You were dreaming, weren't you?"

"Well… yeah," Sam said. "One usually dreams when sleeping."

"It was a vision, though, am I right?"

"What? No," Sam walked out onto the porch; the salt did nothing to protect them. He thought about his dream, Lucifer created Creeper, this didn't surprise him; he just couldn't believe he didn't see it before.

"Dammit Dean," he whispered. "Where are you?"

Dean opened up the door to the lock up and walked in. It was exactly as they had left it a few months ago, and Dean walked toward the safe where the Colt should lay. He opened the safe and found the gun right where they had left it. He pulled it out and turned to leave, he found his way blocked by a black silhouette.

"Who are you?" Dean said, holding the gun behind his back.

"Give me the Colt, Winchester," came a dark cold voice.

"Well, which do you want, a Colt or a Winchester?"

"Dammit, Winchester! Give me the gun!"

"I really haven't a clue what you are talking about," Dean said, shrugging. The mystery man stepped into the light; it was one of Dick Roman's lackeys. "Leviathan," Dean said, nodding. He raised the gun to point at the monster's head. "Let's see if you are one of the four monsters this gun can't kill." Dean fired and the bullet went through its head, and the Leviathan crumpled into a black gooey mess. "Alright!" Dean said, smiling.

Dean locked up the Lock-up and head back toward the truck, he got in and started back south. He didn't know why, but he felt as if something bad had happened in his absence. When he got back out onto the road he pulled out his cell phone and called Sam, and when Sam told him what happened, his face drained of all color…

Dean practically flew back to Poho County; he made it back within 18 hours of driving nonstop. He skidded to a halt in Jazelle's drive way and ran into the house.

"Sammy?" He called.

"In here," came a voice from the kitchen, Dean ran in and saw Sam, Jazelle and someone Dean knew, but he couldn't place his face. "Dean," Sam said when he saw him, "You remember Lee Chambers; we saved him from the Vetalas a while back."

"Right," Dean said, shaking Lee's hand. "How's Krissy?"

"She's fine," Lee said, smiling. "She can't stop talking about how she wants to be like Dean Winchester when she grows up."

Dean would have smiled if the circumstances weren't so grim. "So what happened?"

"I don't know," Sam said, "I just dozed off, I didn't even hear any of what was happening."

"Great," Dean said, "you have trouble sleeping for weeks and now you decide to sleep?"

"I think it was Lucifer," Sam said.


"In my dream," Sam said, "Lucifer said that he created Creeper."

"Sam, he's a figment of your imagination," Dean said, rubbing his eyes.

"Yeah," Sam said uncertainly, "but hasn't he always been right?"

"I suppose," Dean said, leaning against the wall. "So what, he put you asleep and kept you distracted until Creeper could get away with the girl?" Sam shrugged. "Well, I guess stranger things have happened to us."

"So what's the plan here, eh?" Lee asked.

"Well, first we need to know where Creeper is stashing the girl," Dean said.

"You know it's a trap don't you?" Jazelle finally spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Lee asked her.

"This demon wants either Sam or Dean; it smelled something in one of them that it wants, just like with Trish's brother, Darry."

"Well," Dean said, smiling viciously, "maybe we can use that…"

Sam and Dean drove along the freeway, heading north, fear rising up in them like an over boiling pasta pot. Dean swerved in and out of traffic, wailing on the horn as he went; he knew that the Creeper had to be behind him. He just had to make it past the county line and he knew he'd be safe.

Dean was half a mile from the county line when he heard something land on the roof. "Son of a bitch," he muttered, and with that the Creeper jumped down onto the hood of the truck and Dean jerked the wheel to the left, tumbling the car. The Creeper had leapt off just in time and landed in a crouch where the car had started its turn.

Dean and Sam started to crawl out of the truck as the Creeper walked over to the car, casually whistling Jeepers Creepers'. He did a little hop at the last note and crouched over Dean and, grabbing him by the neck, lifted him up.

Creeper took a great sniff of Dean and got a nose full of cheap cologne. Creeper almost tripped as it stumbled backward, clamping his hand down on his nose. Dean stood up, though he couldn't stand erect, and smiled.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked, "The bottle said that this stuff is called Fear. Don't you like Fear?"

The Creeper's nose was useless, which was exactly what Dean wanted. Creeper couldn't sense that Lee was walking out from the bushes with the Colt; just as the Creeper turned to run it caught sight of Lee. The Creeper let out a loud screech and stripped its trench coat, the monster unfolded giant bat like wings. It shot into the air and almost got away, lucky for the Winchesters Lee was a crack shot with a pistol.

Lee fired and clipped its wing; the Creeper plummeted to the ground and landed with a devastating crunch. The hunters all walked over to the wounded monster and stared at it as it struggled to get up. Lee planted a foot onto the Creeper's back and pushed it back to the ground, he raised the Colt and started firing. In no time, the Creeper was nothing but a pile of dust and dead skin, Lee stood with the gun still pointed at the pile, the barrel of the Colt was steaming.

"Great shot," Dean said, staring down at the pile, Sam had finally got himself to his feet and when he reached Dean he let out a great breath.

"Oh, God," he said, holding his nose. "No wonder that thing almost died of the stench, go take a shower or something."

"I don't know," Dean said, grinning, "I kind of like it, I think I might start wearing it more."

"Not when I'm stuck in a car with you, you aren't!" Sam exclaimed.

"Come on," Dean said, heading to where Lee had approached, where Lee's car sat idling. "We need to go find Trish."

They drove for hours, looking in ever abandoned factory, uninhabited house, and ever sewer they came across, finally the figured they'd pull off to the side of a road, next to an old burned down church that no one decided to rebuild. They got out of the car and sat on the hood, Lee lit a cigarette and Dean went to take a leak in the bushes. Sam on the other hand wandered off a little.

He came to an old drainage pipe, round and wide, the diameter of a monster truck wheel. He looked down into the darkness, and he could swear he saw something stir. And then, when he was about to head back to the car, he saw movement for sure this time.

"Hello?" Sam called, Lee looked up from his cigarette and Dean was walking back to the car, zipping his fly.

"Sam?" came a feminine voice, it was Trish.

"Trish!" Sam exclaimed, and then he turned to Dean and Lee and said, "Get some rope!"

A few hours later, Sam, Dean, Lee, and Trish were all back at Jazelle's house. Jazelle was wiping down Trish's wounds as Sam and Dean told her what happened.

"Now," Jazelle said to Trish, "Isn't that where you and your brother found him the first time?"

"Yeah," Trish said hoarsely, she had been screaming for help for an hour before finally giving up hope.

"Strange," Sam said.

"Indeed," Jazelle said.

Lee told them he had to go, Krissy was off in a hotel upstate and he needed to get to her before she started to worry, so he said his goodbyes and took off. An hour later, Jazelle dropped Dean and Sam off at the impound lot where their car sat waiting for them.

They paid the fee and started north, they were in Georgia before Dean slammed on the breaks. Sam cursed and shout, "What?"

"Sammy," Dean said, color draining from his face, "tell me you packed the Colt." Sam's face drained of color quicker than Dean's; they had lost the Colt…

Lee pulled into an alley in upstate Florida, there was a car waiting for him. He got out of his car and walked over to the limo. When he got to the back of the Limo the window buzzed down, revealing the demon Crowley.

"Do you have what I want?" The former crossroad demon asked.

"Where's my daughter you son of a bitch?" Lee said with a snarl.

"My," Crowley said, "Aren't we an impatient man? Your dearest daughter will be released when I have the Colt in my possession."

Lee glared at the King of Hell, and then he pulled the Colt out from the back of his pants and dropped it in Crowley's hand. Crowley smiled and looked at the Colt, then he said, "You know, I'm not sure how much of Heaven is really left, so I don't know if you will see your daughter again or if that argument you had with her was your last."

"What?" Lee asked eyes wide with rage and a twinge of fear. Crowley pointed the Colt at Lee. "You son of a…"

"Ta-ta," Crowley said, pulling the trigger. "Driver, let's go." The window buzzed up as the limo pulled away from the dead body of Lee Chambers…