Clear Hearts Grey Flowers

Immediately after the introduction of Kol, I knew I'd end up writing something about him. These damn Original brothers (with the exception of Finn) are just too hard to resist. They've seriously stolen my heart. So here's a oneshot that's been lingering in my mind for a bit. If you think I should continue this, it would probably become a Kol/OC/Klaus story, please let me know. And if you like this story, chances are you'll like my Klaus story I have. Anyway, hope you enjoy this.

And a bit of a warning, this is my first time ever writing in third person (I'm a first person kind of girl) so please don't kill me if it sucks.

. . .

Kol chased after his little sister, hoping he'd be able to stop her from making a terrible mistake. God only knew the backlash of events that would transpire once she opened that big mouth of hers. However, the trees and bushes that surrounded them were so thick it was hard for him to keep up. That and she'd always been the faster of the two.

"Brothers, I cannot wait to tell you what has just happened!" Kol tried to hush his sister's screams as they made their way into their home. It wasn't too late to drag her out of here and tell her to keep mum about everything. And if push came to shove, it wasn't too late to snap her little neck and kill her off for the next few hours.

He continued to run after her, trying his hardest to get her into his grasps. But his very own home had become a maze and he could barely remember the schematics of it all. Damn this house and its intricate design. The sooner he found where Rebekah had ran, the sooner he could prevent his own embarrassment from leaking out. It wasn't very often that Kol Mikaelson had a moment of weakness.

If Kol's heart could possibly beat, it would've skipped one at this very moment. His sister had gotten her wish. There she was, standing in front of her family, screaming at the top of her lungs the juicy news she'd witnessed not an hour earlier.

"What is it, Bekah?" Klaus didn't bother looking her in the eyes. He was too busy focusing on his newest sketch piece he'd give that dimwitted baby vampire he was so fond of. Kol was still in the process of figuring out what his brother could have possibly seen in her.

Rebekah took a breath and Kol felt his stomach twist into a knot. "I have the biggest news of the night. Possibly the century."

He knew she never could keep a secret for too long. It always came out sooner or later. But Kol wasn't going to simply allow his loose lipped sister to spill his secret and get away with it. There'd be hell to pay.

"Bekah..." he growled, attempting to grab at her wrist but she'd simply out stepped it.

"Oh shush, Kol. The family deserves to know." Rebekah gave sardonic smile, knowing that her next few words would cause Kol the utmost of anguish. "Kol has lost his touch with women. Not that he ever had any to begin with. But whatever charm he's seemed to garner over these past thousand years has completely dissolved. And tonight was the proof in the pudding."

"Honestly, Rebekah, must you dance around the subject." Kol shot daggers at Elijah who was too busy flipping through the pages of his book to even notice. "Simply tell us what has happened."

This was the perfect moment for Kol to chime in and divert everyone's attention back to more important matters. His silly indiscretion wasn't of any importance. Especially amongst the likes of his family. "Has anyone heard a word from mum? Or Finn for that matter. After they're plans of killing us failed they seem to have disappeared."

"Where are your manners, Kol? Let Bekah finish." Damn Klaus for seeing through his attempts of changing the subject. And damn the noise of those dreaded charcoal pencils scraping against Klaus' sketchbook for irritating him so.

His heart sank into the pit of his stomach once he saw Bekah beginning to announce everything he'd tried so hard to keep quiet. "Kol was blown off by a woman tonight at The Grill. It was quite pitiful actually. Watching her politely turn down his every advance."

Yes. Yes. Yes. That was the little secret he had been dying to keep hidden from his family. The one blunder that would sully his good name with his siblings. He was the one with the spotless record. He was the one who'd never made a mistake. Now they had something to hold against him and that drove him mad.

But not nearly as mad as the laughter coming from his family did. Klaus, Bekah, even Elijah were all trying to conceal their snickers from him because they knew what would happen once he caught sound of them.

He'd snap.

"Oh sod off, Bekah. How's courting the bumbling quarterback going? His hand feeling any better? Oh wait, I almost forgot, you're too busy shagging the Salvatore." Kol's anger still hadn't extinguished. The desire to tell of each and every person in the room soon became a reality. His next target was the second in command when Klaus wasn't around, Elijah. "And don't you dare start with me, Elijah. Living life as a eunuch might be doing you well but don't expect me to follow in your footsteps." The only one left to insult was Klaus. Who had been laughing the hardest of them all. "Nik, my dear dear brother. Tell me, has Caroline come around yet? I haven't seen her in some time. Perhaps she wasn't as interested in the ponies you drew for her as you thought."

There. He felt better. Much better.

"Oh come on, Kol, quit being such a downer," Klaus said, resuming sketching out his latest pony drawing. "This happens to the best of us. You're not exempt."

Yes he was. If anyone was exempted from this type of embarrassment it was him. This had never happened to him before. Sure, women of all kinds had turned him down, and that resulted in him tearing their organs out sooner than he had liked. But he had no desire to kill this girl. No desire to compel her, drag her into the nearest alley, and drain her of all the blood her body contained. That's what bothered him the most. Now he'd have to go out of his way to want to kill her. This was a first.

The sound of the pages of Elijah's book rubbing together made a hair raising noise. What was it about these little nuances that annoyed him so much today? "She must've been quite the beauty to resist your charm."

Kol frowned as Rebekah's laughter resumed. It was soft and choppy but fully condescending enough to make his skin crawl. "There's the rub, Elijah. She was hideous."

"Now who's the one being rude? She was the closest thing from hideous, Bekah. And far prettier than you could ever hope to be." Yes, Kol had resorted to lying. But he'd already experienced enough discomfort today. Between him being turned down and his siblings mocking him, today wasn't the greatest of days.

And it wasn't that the girl at the bar (whose name he never got) was hideous, it was just that she didn't live up to the fullest potential of her looks. Baggy unflattering clothes, glasses that concealed her face, hair pulled back into a ridiculous ponytail, the girl dressed as if hadn't a clue on how to aesthetically please a man. And if she couldn't do it aesthetically, there was no way she'd know how to do so physically.

But strangely enough, that's what drew Kol to her. She was an easy target for him. He thought it wouldn't take much for him to butter her up and get a quick drink from her. That since he was so sure no man would dare be caught flirting with her in public, all it would take to make her swoon was a half-assed compliment of how pretty she was and that he would've loved to go somewhere a bit more private to fully revel in her beauty. But he couldn't have been more wrong. He gave her every single thing he had to offer, without risking gathering a felony, and yet she stood resolute and sweetly refused him.

A girl who looked like her, had actually turned down a man who looked like him. Not possible.

"So what's your plan to reassemble the pieces of your broken heart?" Bekah's snide meant nothing to him for his twisted mind was already creating his plan to win the heart of the nameless girl at the bar. It would be simple. He'd become the perfect gentleman, not that he already wasn't, but more so than normally. He'd transform himself into the man of her dreams, earn her trust, have her grow comfortable around him and kill her in the most intimate of ways. He'd wrap his dead fingers around her neck and watch every flash of emotion fluctuate over her face as he felt the life drain from her body. That'll teach the slut to ignore him.

It was sad really. She had the possibility to die a somewhat painless death. Now she left Kol with no other options.

He pulled himself away from his thoughts and back to reality. Dwelling on his schemes would make everything less exciting. "I haven't any plans. You're making me out to be some spoiled child who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't have his way."

"That's because you are." Elijah spoke up, not missing a beat. To hell with him and his scolding. What did he know? He was always so dreadfully boring and knew nothing of having a good time. "Glad to see you're changing out of your stubborn ways and finally have some regard for humans. You and Niklaus have never had any respect towards the value of human life."

"Don't drag me into this, Elijah." Klaus sat his sketchbook on the coffee table. "Besides, Kol has that look in his eyes. He's up to something."

Klaus, having been Kol's hunting partner for centuries, knew way too much about him than Kol would've liked. And all Kol could do was deny. "You're all wrong. I'm not trying to mend a broken heart, I'm not trying to have respect for silly fucking humans, and I'm not up to anything. I'm just going to go to bed and sleep the rest of this horrid day off. Tomorrow we'll begin anew. Goodnight mates."

Kol turned to head to his room before he was stopped by the sound of Klaus' voice.

"Before I head off tonight, Caroline has requested to meet me at Mystic Park, I do wish to know one thing, Kol. Do you plan on killing the girl immediately or playing a game of cat and mouse?"

For the first time today, Kol felt himself smile a genuine smile. His brother wasn't going to let up and neither was he. Klaus knew the chase made the kill that much sweeter. And he knew those would be the methods Kol would implement. "I've told you all already, I'm not up to anything. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to go to bed."

It was a pity thinking about the fate the girl would come to have. She seemed like a sweetheart. And he'd have one hell of a time manipulating that sweetness into having her care for him. Then having the satisfaction of taking her life because of her own stupidity.

God help her.