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Caroline accidently calls Klaus 'boyfriend' and more to come!

"Please," the blonde cried, bringing the lower lush lips over her lips. She kneeled on him, her smooth hands on her mate's shoulders.

He chuckled. "Caroline," he smirked. "I will not go under the feeble attempt of your pout."

She looked down, upset. "Fine," she sighed. She stood up and grabbed her purse and was wlaking towards the door. If that jerk of a dude did not go with her, she'll go with someone that will want to go with her. He then stood infront of her. She rolled her eyes. "Excuse me, superman."

He mocked that pleading look she showed. "Don't leave," he said.

She pushed him away. "Why not? I need a guy with me there at the dance," she frowned. "I do notgo without one date, ever."

"The ball is boring!" he sighed.

She glared at him. "Prom, actually." Tonight was the day of prom and she had never asked anyone beacause she thought that he would go. Although if she knew that he will not go, she would have got Matt. The blonde was almost out when she faced him. "You are my boyfriend!" Once that slipped, she covered it. "You are to bring me," she whimpered. She flashed to the Grill before he could yell at Caroline for saying the words he had grabbed her.

How could she be so stupid? Calling him boyfriend? The blonde could see the glare, scoff.. whatever, the hybrid would lash. She walked in and found Elena, and walked towards her. "Stupid boys," she hissed.

Elena looked up and smiled. "Klaus?" Caroline did not reply and Elena stayed silent. She was giving the blonde a symapatheic look. Though Caroline and Klaus had been leaked out, the gang still was trying to understand. It was so.. unusual. The hybrid was the sweetest towards Caroline yet bigheaded to other men and females.

The vampire got to her home and sighed when she saw a note on her porch. She read it, a smile on her face. Prom? Meet you at the parking lot at 8:20.She tried searching to see who sent it but it was no one fimiliar. She slightly sagged. The writing did not look like the Hybrid's.

She got to the school on the time the little paper had said to. The school was pounding with loud dance music with people there. The young vampire rolled her eyes. Nobody was here. Prank by seniors? Awesome. It was so discouraging-stood up by a note? She should had not even been there.

No, Caroline had spent 2 hours on her hair and dress. Who cared if Caroline was alone? She huffed and shut her eyelids when a hand rested on her waist.

"You look beutiful," the voice smiled. She rolled her eyes and turned round.

"Why are you here?" she tried to be upset.

The hybrid held her. "You look beautiful," he said repeating. She smiled but rolled her eyes once she caught the smile he had. He was so manlyin that tuxedo. "Caroline, please," he purred. "Take me to the Prom." He then put on her frown on and she rolled her eyes.

"Fine," she replied. Of course, his pout was too adorable. How could people say "never" to the hybrid?

He smiled and wrapped his fingers on her head, lightly kissing her. The cliché slow sound came and he put his arms on her waist, clinging to her. She grinned and her arms were on his neck.

He laughed. "So about earlier.." he grinned. She rolled her eyes all smiling. "I would be honored to be Caroline's boyfriend."

She stopped. Klaus winked at her, not moving. "Serious?" she whispered. The hybrid had muttered boyfriend?

"Don't be shocked sweetheart, I will only say it once," he warned.

She hugged him and kissed him, Klaus laughing at the attack, still happy, though. "That's all I want!" she smiled.

And then, Klaroline danced the night away..

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