I walked up to the apartment building not knowing what any of the signs around me meant. I had just moved to London from Ohio, when I was little I had always dreamed of moving here and it was coming true! I walked into the building with a tower of boxes in my arms. Then everything was flying in the air I was laying on the ground mumbling to myself "Great way to start my day off, falling on my back." I looked up to see a gorgeous guy standing in front of my franticly putting boxes on top of each other. He had brown hair with blue eyes, and he was wearing a white shirt with black stripes, and red rolled up jeans. He had on a pair of white Toms they were just the cherry on top. I realized I was staring and he was staring back. I quickly looked away blushing a bit.

Louis Point of View:

I was running late and had to get back to the room. I ran into the building turning my head making sure no paparazzi were following me. Then I saw boxes flying in the air and saw a small beautiful girl lying on the floor mumbling things to herself as she tried to get on her feet again. She was just staring at me I stared back not knowing if she was a fan. When she realized I was looking she looked down and blushed. She had on blue T-shirt, black sweat pants, and a pair of Uggs. She had blonde hair that was thrown back into a messy bun. When she go up grabbed the boxes and started to walk away I didn't even realize that I was running towards her.