A/N...I meant for this to be really short. Its based on the scene in Fail Safe when Michael unchains Sam from the fence & he says he's sorry. It's been in my head since the finale & I must have done this a million times-hating them all. This is the one I liked the best. Hope you like it too! Oh yeah...blah blah blah...own nothing...blah blah blah...

I watched as he ran out the door. All I could say was "Sorry". I was truly sorry. Mikey's world was crashing down around him and he couldn't stop it. No one could.

I should have stepped in sooner but I really believed he had this whole Anson business under control. By the time any of us realized Anson's power, it was too late.

The day I told Mikey that I was being investigated by the FBI, that was a lie. I did meet with FBI, but I went asking-no, begging- for help. Together we concocted the plan for Fi to turn herself in and give up all she knew on Anson. We knew Mikey would never go along with the plan, so when Michael chained her to the fence, Fiona came up with her plan to chain me to the fence once I unchained her. She hit me in the head to make it look like she really tricked me into getting her purse so Mike wouldn't suspect anything. Before she knocked me out, she said "Take care of Michael for me while I'm away." I responded "Always will sister." Next thing I knew Michael was waking me up.

If you asked Jesse or Nate how Michael would react, they would tell you he would be full of anger, hate and fire. Maddie knows the plan and her expectation of Mike's behavior is the same as mine. This is going to kill him. Its going to break his heart and crush his soul. My job is going to be to let it crush him but not for long. I have to let him reach rock bottom and then pull him back up. I did it when he first left her in Ireland and he was a miserable drunken prick and I can do it again for him now. It sucks but its the only way.

So I am sorry Mikey is about to reach his breaking point, but its the only way I can save my family. From the depths of despair he will rise again and he will fight. Until then I will fight for him.