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My Wife is in High School

Rin Takahashi raised her arms stretched above her head with as she tried to clear the sleep from her weary body. She had already known the bed was empty and sighed and threw the plump comforter from her slender legs. She rose and removed the four large feather pillows against the plain bed frame and lowered them to the plush dark brown carpet that meshed with the masculine décor of the large bedroom. She quickly made the bed, smoothing the white sheets and comforter before replacing the pillows. She glanced at the bedside lamp and saw she had forty-five minutes to get dressed, knowing that her alarm clock must have been switched off. She made her way around the massive California king Bed and into the door at the left of the bed, which led to the walk in closet. She retrieved her uniform and shoes, placing the shoes by the simple mahogany night table and her uniform upon the bed. She had always prided herself on her neatness.

She rose from the floor where she had bent to place her shoes and her eyes locked with the photo within the silver frame. She picked up the photo and smiled at the photo, it was beautiful, showing a male and female on their wedding day. It had been taken seven months ago, two weeks after her sixteenth birthday and a day she would never forget. She sighed and lowered the frame before she going to the Master Bathroom in the other room of her luxury Apartment. She took a quick shower, her long brown hair pinned against her scalp to prevent it from getting wet. The steam fogged the glass of the shower's doors as the supple young body bent in nubile grace to wash her legs with gymnastic like flexibility that could only be described as sexy. She trailed up from her legs until the wash cloth was up to her neck cleansing the soft, firm skin at her neck.

She finished washing her body and washed stepped beneath the shower, cocking her head to prevent her hair from getting wet. She was already running a bit late and she didn't want to waste anytime having to dry her hair with her blow drier and then having to straighten her hair with her flat iron. She dried her body with the huge white towel she had removed from the linen closet adjacent to the bathroom and threw it in the hamper, knowing it would be cleaned by the time she returned from school. She marched nude to her powder room which she stored her underclothes and dressed in matching lacy, red Victoria Secret bra and panty. Her breasts were small yet firm and full while her waist line was small, flaring out to her wide hips. She was very shapely, her buttocks full and heart shaped as she bent to retrieve and put on her white school socks. She sighed, she wished that she was finished with High School…she also wished that she was seventeen already, so her husband didn't have to be suffering for her sake.

He worked in Tokyo, however, according to Tokyo's Youth Protection Law, even though they were married, he could be arrested for statutory rape as she was not yet seventeen. She accepted the law because she knew there were many older men who preyed on young girls, but she did believe this law should be applied to girls such as herself who had chosen to marry with the permission of her parents at an early age, especially when age of consent was thirteen. The age of consent however was different with each protectorate and thus she had chosen to remain in her area other than risking dishonoring her husband at the risk him being arrested. Rin sat within the soft pink coloured room, sitting before her mirror as she applied combed her hair in a lose bun and coated her plump lips with a soft pink lip gloss.

She quickly rose and went to dress herself, and grabbed her school bag where she had placed it in the living room. She went to the kitchen, looking down at her simple gold watch to see she only had fifteen minutes. She smiled upon seeing a sandwich covered on the counter with lettuce, cheese and salami with a note beside it. "Eat. S.T" she smiled at his thoughtfulness and quickly ate the sandwich before washing it down with a glass of orange juice then cleaning the dishes. She kissed the soft note and dropped it into her pocket and ran out the door to the exclusive high-rise condo, by passing the Guard at the door with a quick smile and wave and talking the lift down to the First floor. As usual, she daintily walked through the hotel lobby as eyes peered at her wondering why such a child was withing such an exclusive Hotel and went outside where a sleek Black BMW X5 was parked. A tall Japanese man opened the door and Rin smiled at him stiffly, his name was Naraku and he was her chauffer and Bodyguard.

Rin pulled out her notebook and began a recap of her lessons as the van pulled away from the Curb, she had another year in High school and she couldn't wait for it to be over. Her entire life, not that it had been a long time, she knew she had been destined for something. She knew she had been born for him….

Sesshomaru was the first born and heir to the Takahashi dynasty, he had a younger brother Inuyasha who seemed to have no head for business and was Rin's age. He was the son of Sesshomaru's step mother and they attended the same prestigious high school. Before they had married, Rin had attended a prestigious all girl's school in Tokyo but they had moved to the outskirts of the Capital transferring her to the school Inuyasha attended. Inuyasha and his parents lived in their familial home on the outskirts of Tokyo as well, merely five miles away from the Apartment Rin shared with her husband. Whenever Sesshomaru had a meeting that would require him to stay overnight within Tokyo or leave Japan, she would pack her things and stay with her in laws or sometimes her parents would come to visit for Rin was still their only child despite her marriage and Independence. They had been unable to conceive after her and as a result she had been showered with love and attention by her parents, never lacking anything. She had lived a life many envied but she was not spoiled or wicked, the young heiress had a good heart and a big, pure soul.

Sesshomaru was as stoic and cold as the name of his wife, almost representing the meaning of his name. He had graduated Tokyo University with first class honours and at the top of his class at the age of nineteen, having entered College at the age of sixteen. Immediately after completing his double major in Business Accounting and Management, he had left Japan for America to do his Master's in Management; it had taken him two years and he had returned fluent in English which only added to his mastery of languages for he was already fluent in Spanish and French care of his exotic mother who was an international model. He had lived with her for ten years after the divorce of his parents when he was five returning to Japan when he was fifteen to finish his last year of High School and to begin his training as heir to the Company. It was at this return he had met the cute little girl he had been betrothed since her birth.

But Rin had not been his priority. School had been the forefront of Sesshomaru's mind, he was determined to prove himself…to run the company and make his father proud of him. At twenty-one, Sesshomaru had achieved managerial position, a step down from his qualifications but within six months he would be the youngest vice president of Accounting in the company based on his own achievement and not of his name. It would take him another four years to achieve a status of Vice Presidency over the entire company, a feat that had made his father so proud. Rin's father and his own were Co-CEO's of the company and along with the Board of Directors they had agreed that Sesshomaru need to grow some more before he assumed head of the Company. The young man was too cold, too unrelenting and driven…he needed a wife to soften his hard edges. It was as such that Seshomaru, deeming Rin was of age in the eyes of the law had decided that it was time for them to marry. On the night of her sixteenth birthday dinner, Sesshomaru had pulled the beautiful teenager into the beautiful garden in her parents' Estate and drew her beneath an alcove made of the embrace of two blooming rose bushed and slipped a large yellow diamond set against white gold upon the third finger on her left hand.

She had been so stunned she had jumped into his arms and pressed her lips against his own. She felt him stiffen and wrapped his arms around her, pressing against her petite body against his tall, masculine frame of his own. He gripped the back of her head, his fingers tangling in the soft, silken strands. She moaned softly, opening her lips against the aggressive onslaught of his. She trembled in his arms, her slender arms twining around his neck. His tongue slipped between her lips and flicked across her teeth before slaking against her delicate tongue. Sesshomaru growled in his throat and cupped her buttocks, pressing her against the rigidity of his erection that had made a tent in his pants.

She gasped and pulled away, burying her face in his chest as he struggled to control himself. It was the first time in his entire adult life that he had felt lust that he had longed to take a woman…a girl really. His hands slid up to her back, encasing her in its safe haven. He knew he had moved too fast for her, yet in his mind it was not fast enough. Sesshomaru Takahasi decided then, that Rin would marry him as soon as possible for he would not dishonor her. Two weeks later, Rin and sesshomaru were married.


Fifteen year old Rin watched the preparations of the Hall with excitement building her stomach, her stomach fluttered as though containing Butterflies. A feeling that had been present since her parents had informed her that her Omai or arranged marriage would go ahead of schedule, two years ahead of schedule. It was as though her every wish had been answered, for she had been in love with Sesshomaru Takahashi the moment she had laid eyes on him. He was ten years her senior and they had been engaged since birth, as their parents were best friends and Business partners in the multi-billion dollar manufacturing conglomerate Takahasi-Akada.

Her first recollection of Sesshomaru had come when she had five years old. She remembered the day as clear as water; she had dressed in a ruffled pink dress with her curly waist length hair in a lovely pink bow. She had been strapped into booster seat, watching as her father drove to the Taisho manor. Her uncle InuTaisho and her aunt Izayoi were two of her most favourite people, she saw them at least once a week and were the only adult she wasn't shy around. On the few times her father and mother had been away, she had stayed with her aunt and uncle and her cousin Inuyasha. She had often times heard about her uncles older son who lived in Mexico with his mother but she had never met him and now, her parents were going to her uncle's home to welcome him home. Rin had personally chosen from her toy collection. It was a small metal car that was the exact replica of her car her father owned, she had chosen it because she believed all boys liked cars.

The car pulled into the Massive Manor that had been passed down from Taisho to Taisho. It had often been remodeled with the advancement of technology however the basic structure had remained the same. Rin ran screaming out her Aunty and Uncle's Name, she was ever jovial around those she knew yet exxtrememly shy around strangers. She collided into a solid figure and landed on her rump in a solid "Oumph". She looked up with wide brown eyes at the most beautiful man she had ever seen and her crush on her uncle was immediately cured as she looked at this younger man. She blushed as hisbright gold eyes looked at her. He stooped and helped her to her feet; they were almost the same height now. She blushed deeper, knowing this beautiful man was her new cousin Sesshomaru. But she didn't want to be his cousin. Her lips trembled and tears filled her big, lovely eyes. Sesshomaru frowned and wiped away one tear as it rolled down her cheek.

"Why are you crying, little one?" he asked and her lips trembled again, as she rubbed her eyes again. "I don't want to be you cousin…" she sobbed, hiccupping at every word. It was to this that both pairs of adults came into the room, halting at the pair.

"Why, little one? Do you not like me? Do I scare you?" he asked and watched as she shook her head roughly, her brown hair flashing. "No, I do like…but if your my cousin…it will wrong to love you as I already do!" sobbed the brilliant five year old, stunning the teenager and their parents as they broke out in laughter. Ai Akada lifted her daughter into her arms and rubbed her back, turning her soft gaze to her husband Aiko, there little girl had developed her first case of puppy love.

But it wasn't. And as she grew, so did her love for Sesshomaru.

Rin watched as her mother came into the banquet hall; it was the final preparations of the wedding which was scheduled for tomorrow. The most important people of the entire nation would be in attendance at her wedding. Her two bridesmaids were Kikyo, her best friend's twin and Sango, while Kagome her best friend was her maid of honour while Sesshomaru's best man was Inuyasha, while his groomsmen were Miroku, his friend from college and Shippo his cousin from his mother's side who also lived in Japan.

She would not receive the typical "American Bachelorette" party nor did she want one, but she would receive a wonderful dinner that very night. The next morning Rin was a bundle of nerves. Her lustrous brown hair was curled to frame her face that had been softly powdered, her lashes extended with Covergirl Mascara and her eyes outlined while her full lips were covered with a dainty pink lipstick and then shiny lip-gloss. She couldn't believe how beautiful she looked; it was as though a brown haired Asian model had taken her place in a moment. She blinked repeatedly to clear the tears from her eyes. She didn't want to ruin her make-up. The door to the chamber containing the bride and her bridal party opened to reveal her mother and future step-mother-in law, Izayoi. They were both tearing eyed as they say her, bringing her wedding dress with them.


Sesshomaru Taisho looked out at the numerous buildings below the forty-one story office complex. He was on his only break of the day and as usual his mind drifted to the woman he had married…the girl he had married. As he had crept from bed in the predawn hours he had had flicked on the life, taking the time to watch her sleep for a few minutes. She was so beautiful, her cheeks flushed against her cheeks and her hair curly against her damp skin. Her full pink lips were slightly parted as she breathed, and the stoic man's face softened. He leaned close and brushed his lips against her cheek, wishing he could have had the time to take her before he left for the day. He rose and showered, making her a quick breakfast before he left a little after 6 am.

He sighed. Sesshomaru Taisho had come to love his little slip of a girl…his beautiful young wife. Sometimes he wondered if he had made a mistake transferring Rin from her school in Tokyo. Many times he wondered how she fared at school, if she was a target for the males and he prayed his idiot half-brother was protecting her without revealing that she was married. It was looked down upon to be married whilst still in High school and he hated having to put rin in this position but he had refused to dishonor her and he knew had he waited he would have. Already, he had to rein in his passions to not take his wife without the use of a condom but he was skeptical of the use of the contraceptive pill on her young body.

He remembered the night of their wedding; he had been unable to take her to the honeymoon as he had wanted in Hawaii because of School and Work. They would only have two days together, having taken a day from their lives and that of their loved ones to get married on a Friday so that they would have at least had two days of married bliss. Already, Rin's things were being moved into Sesshomaru's new Condo and as their private Helicopter had flown them to an exclusive Hotel. He lifted his young wife in his arms, while she giggled, ensuring that he had carried her over the threshold and into their room. Rin smiled as she was lowered onto the rose petals that covered the floor. As she surveyed her surroundings, he imprinted the image of her in her wedding dress in his mind.

Her wedding dress was modern and very virginal. It had long sleeves and a high neckline, the material a white silk that clung to her body yet hid her curves, as though she was a present for his perusal. There was a bright pink band that ran beneath her waist and then the simple dress merely fell, moling to her body in a plain sillouette. The train of the dress was four feet long and like the back of the dress, was the most interesting part. There was a simple clasp that held the neckline of her dress at her nape then Rin's entire back had been bare, he had been stunned to feel skin against his hand when he had led her down the aisle and had difficulty in suppressing his erection.

"Rin…." He sighed and she turned to him, smiling sweetly at him she stepped into his arms. She lifted her chin and closed her eyes and he smiled at the innocence she exuded with the action, Rin was innocent but she was not afraid. In actuality, she embraced the physical aspects of their new relationship without shying away from him. He lowered his lips to hers and gripped her upper arms, pressing her smaller body against his much firmer and taller body. She felt like so small against him, her petite body sending waves of pleasure through him.

His lips moved over the softness of hers, his tongue slacking out to lick the delicate lips. She broke his hold to twine slender arms around his neck, the warmth of his body a welcomed feeling she had longed for since his embraced her at the Church. Rin moaned low in her throat, her body coming alive with his touch. He pulled away and she groaned in protest and cast worried eyes up at him. "Let's take a bath Rin…" he suggested and cupped her cheek before dropping a quick kiss to her forehead then he spun her around and opened the button at the nape of her neck, and the ones at her hips to her buttocks. She trembled as she felt his fingers brush against the skin of her back.

Rin leaned into his body and felt his hands move to her shoulders to push the dress from her shoulders, exposing her semi-nude body. She stood before him in lacy white underwear and stockings that came mid-thigh to be held together by lacy white garters, and seductive blue heels. He clenched his jaw, his erection rising prominently in his pants. She turned, beautiful and proud in her nude state as she stood before him; her hair surrounding her naked shoulder was quite a vision. Sesshomaru looked down upon her body, appreciating the full pink tipped pale breasts and smirking as her nipples hardened beneath his gaze. She bit her lip, glad that she felt so very liberated after having tasted champagne for the first time. She reached towards her husband, slowly removing his bow tie, her light brown eyes never leaving his golden orbs.

He watched his wife as she removed his jacket, unbuttoning his shirt in a slow process which only served to hasten the quickening of their breaths and to intensify their passions. Sesshomaru stilled her hands and moved to the en suite Jacuzzi. She sigh and followed her husband, watching him as he stripped himself of his shirt, shoes, socks and unbuckled his belt. She visibly trembled as he dropped his pants and then his undershorts, exposing his massive length of his erection. Rin gasped, shock evident on her face and he smirked as he saw fear creep into her face…he pulled her into his arms and into his kiss, his thick, nine inch erection pressing into her stomach, kicking of her own heels.

Sesshomaru breaks the kiss and licks her lips before falling to his knees, he licked her navel, his hands gripping her hips while hers fisted into his hair and moaned. She felt as he slid the garter from her right leg, licking the skin of her thigh as heat pooled into a spot in between her legs. He pulled the other garter and socking from her other leg before he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panty, pulling it from her body. He moaned, as the scent of her core struck his nose and he shivered with the need to take her. He kissed his cleanly shaved vagina and licked his way up her body before settling on a nipple. Rin cried out at the pleasure that burned through her veins, pulling back at his hair. He smirked and pulled away before lifting her into his arms, she hooked her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, feeling his erection at her entrance and they both groaned. For a moment, he seemed to be confused as though not remembering that he had planned to lower then into the bubbling tub. His face contorted, as though in pain and whispered, "I'm so sorry…I wanted to make it good for you!" he apologized and grasped her hips, pushing her onto the fullness of his erection.

Rin instinctively stiffened and hissed, tightening her hold around him and pressing her face against curve of his neck as she felt the stinging sensation of what seemed to be steel forcing its way into her wet cavern. As he went deeper, Rin began to bite her lips and clutch her arms even tighter around his neck. Sesshomaru moaned and rammed, feeling a barrier into the warmth, a haven unlike any he had ever known. She gasped, her body instinctively tightening around him. "Fuck…." He groaned and probed her again, simultaneously pushing her hips against own. He hissed as he entered her fully and she cried out, "Ow!" tears filling her eyes. He withdrew and slammed into her again; feeling his penis get coated with a liquid and he paused, pulling her face away from his throat so he could kiss her. She accepted his kiss, returning it with fervor. She was determined to please him and began to meet his unsteady rhythm with another of her own. She gasped with every thrust, welcoming his weight into her body. It was still painful, every slide of his hip creating a burning within her.

She tightened around him; her body wanting to lock him out but the feeling onlu intensified his pleasure before he slammed into her one more, and shivered his pleasure. He kissed her lips softly, and with unsteady legs he lowered them to the bubbling tub. Rin sighed, as the liquid heat engulfed them. The water created a pleasing sensation as her nipples rubbed against his wet chest. She moaned feeling very full of him. He chuckled and leaned his head against the rum of the Jacuzzi. "What?" she asked smiling too, glad that she had pleased him. He looked at her with a strange smile, before kissing her.

She would never know that she had not been the only one to lose her virginity that night.

Sesshomaru sighed and looked at his watch. Rin would be having lunch now. He picked up his personal Cellular phone and pressed Speed Dial one, which was of course, Rin's number. Rin answered on the first ring, her voice breathless and happy. "Hi, Sesshy." She whispered and he could practically hear her smile in her voice. "Hello Rin, what have you been doing?" He asked. He heard a chuckle and smiled at the feeling it produced within him but before she could answer he heard a male voice in the background.

"Hey, Rin…I was wondering if you're free for a date…this weekend?" said the male voice and Sesshomaru heard a gasp before he growled. He ended the call and threw expensive Phone into his door, destroying the new model beyond repair.


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