Epilogue: My Wife is on Vacation

A knock on the door to his study had Sesshomaru looking up from his laptop to his twelve year old daughter, removing his reading classes he sat back in his chair devoting his attention to the young girl. "How may I help you Mayu?" he asked and watched as his daughter shifted uncomfortably. He frowned; he believed that his daughter should be able to come to him with anything. "Mayu?" he asked and watched her flushed.

"Myepeodrsterd" he heard her mumble and raised an eyebrow. Sesshomaru removed his glasses and fixed his daughter with a stern gaze.

"Mayu, I'm your father, you should be able to tell me anything!" he stated and she flushed even deeper, "My period started!" she cried out, unwilling to repeat it and watched as shock, and then horror dawned on her father's face. "Uhm..." he groaned and flushed. Rin was currently away for two weeks, she'd said she felt really exhausted and drained being a full time mom, nurse, and the wife of a CEO as well as a daughter. She'd said she wanted a break from everything and had flown to their private Island. He had seen the strains show on his wife and he had whole heartedly agreed...he had even spent the first week with her.

Regaining his composure, Sesshomaru looked at his blushing daughter. "Uhm, grab your jacket and get your brother." he stated, shutting down his laptop.

Ten year old Shou followed his dad and sister as they walked to the car, his face leaving the book he was reading at momentary intervals. The boy adjusted his glasses and lowered the book as he came upon the AUDI SUV, and hopping in the back as his father and sister took the front seats. Though he was two years younger than his sister, already the boy was in his first year of middle school having skipped three grades. He was one year ahead of his sister, not that she minded for Mayu was also smart too for her age, she was always first in her class and received numerous medals for gymnastics, Violin and dance in comparison to Shou who was horrendous at every sport he had ever tried and was a strictly academic student. Then of course there was Amia, their six month old sister who had been spending the last two weeks with both sets of their grandparents.

Shou found it extremely weird for his mother to not be present. They were unused to seeing their father as much and having him cook them breakfast and drop them at school which he had been doing since their mother's departure. He had begun to really appreciate his mom and all that she did for them, he'd never really appreciated how important of a role she played.

When she was home, their father laughed so much more, they had nightly dinners together and she was always there to listen to their problems. She would massage Mayu's sore muscles after practice and seemed to be the only one who remembered that Shou was far younger than he always acted; in fact, she was the only person he allowed himself to cry around. Shou looked to his sister as she fidgeted in the front seat, he wonder how their father would react if he found out Mayu had a boyfriend.

Shou chuckled and returned to reading his book. The car pulled up at the Supermarket located within the centre of the humongous gated community they lived and drove in. "I'll stay in the car dad." said Shou and Sesshomaru nodded, sure that the guards at the supermarket would see to the safety of not only his son but his car as well. He left the key with the boy and walked behind his daughter into the supermarket. It was a high-end place and he snorted with the ease with which his daughter seemed to know her way around. He followed her into the isle that seemed to have rows upon rows of sanitary napkins. He flushed, looking for the brand he had always seen his wife wear. "Dad, I don't think I'm old enough for tampons." she whispered with cheeks pink from embarrassment, nothing akin to what her father was feeling, he was red to the tips of his ears.

Sesshomaru moved to the other brand he had seen his wife wear and picked up two packs, walking briskly to the counter he deposited them, giving Mayu the money to pay for them. As he stood at the entrance to the Supermarket a memory flashed in his mind, of when he and Rin had just married...

Sesshomaru rose to the sound of his wife retching violently in the bathroom. Being the concerned husband he was, he rose from bed and glancing at the clock which blinked 2:00 am he moved to the bathroom door he saw it was locked. He knocked gently, hearing the sound of the toilet being flushed. "Coming" he heard the muffled reply from behind the door and frowned, it sounded so very weak and very unlike his wife. He heard the sound of the tap being turned on as though she were washing her face or brushing her teeth before the door opened moments later, with Rin teary eyed and flushed, wrapping her arms around her chest.

"Rin?" he whispered and pulled her into his naked chest, wrapping his arms around her. She immediately began sobbing against him; each tear against the skin of his chest was like a stab into his heart.

"What's wrong?" he whispered trying to raise her head to look at him but she refused. Biting his lip, he wrapped his arms beneath her knees and back and lifted her, taking her to their bed. He spent the night rubbing her back and whispering soothing words to her. In the morning, she had embarrassingly confessed that her period had started. Having never been with a woman and having an aloof relationship with both his mother and step-mother, he had never had to deal with a woman and her period before.

After years of marriage he had come to accept this aspect of a female's body yet it was just not something he had ever wanted to deal with when it came to his daughter. She was his baby girl; just the thought that she was one year closer to being a woman had him feeling faint. He clutched at his chest, this was too much. When Mayu joined him as they returned to the car, he saw her flush again. "Dad I don't know how to put this on…" she whispered and he blushed, prior to that day, he had thought himself to be incapable of such a feat.

"Call your mom!" he stated simply and drew his glasses over his face as they walked to the car.

A brush against his forehead woke Sesshomaru from sleep later that night. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, "Rin?" he whispered and watched her smile. "I missed you…" she moaned out and kissed him, pressing her body into him. He wrapped his arms around her and with a quick pull, flipped her beneath him and pressed his knees in between her legs…before he pulled away.

"When did you get back? I thought you were going to spend a few more days…" he said, dropping quick kisses to her cheek and neck which caused her to breath heavier. "I couldn't let my baby deal with her first period alone!" she answered and he laughed before kissing her again. "Thank God your back!" he whispered opened her shirt to expose her breast, he had really missed her!


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