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Chapter One

It was a quiet day at the Burrow. If you can call it quiet. The twins, Fred and George, were blowing things up in their room; Percy was yelling at them to shut up, Ron was chasing Scabbers all around upstairs, and Ginny was singing to her favorite song. The only quiet ones were Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, although Mrs. Weasley was about to scream at everyone to shut up. Mrs. Weasley was already stressed out enough about a small spot that wouldn't come off, and she was at her breaking point, almost. There was a bang.

"FRED! GEORGE! STOP IT!" Percy yelled.

"Shut up, Percival!"
"Yeah, shut up Percival!" the twins yelled.

"I have O.W.L.S to study for!" Percy yelled.

"Dude! Its summer!" Fred told him. "Who would want to study?"

"Me, that's who. Now, STOP IT!" Percy yelled at him.

Another bang.

"THAT'S IT!" there was a slam of a book, and then something stomping on the stairs. Percy soon walked into the kitchen, and stormed towards the door.

"Percy? Where are you going?" Mrs. Weasley asked him.

"Outside, for some PEACE AND QUIET!" he yelled, making the last three words loud enough for Fred and George to hear.

"Oi!" George yelled, running over to the banister. "Get over it, bookworm!"

Percy resisted the urge to flip his younger brother off, stormed outside, and slammed the door.


"George!" Mrs. Weasley yelled, sternly.

"Sorry. But it's the truth!" George said, retreating into his and Fred's room. There was another bang.


"Sorry Mum!" the twins yelled down, and then there was another bang.

"MY BAD!" George called down.

"You're always bad." Fred said.

"Shut up, you!"

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP! Maybe you can help me find Scabbers?" Ron suggested.

"Sorry Ronnie, but we're busy right now." George said.

"Help your brother!" Mr. Weasley yelled at them.

"Yeah, help your brother." Ron said.

"But, we don't wanna." The twins said, in synch.

"Boys. Help your brother, or no experiments for a month." Mr. Weasley threatened.

"Where did you last see him, Ron?" Fred asked. Mrs. Weasley shook her head as the three boys went to go find the missing rat.
"Ow!" Fred yelled. "I think I've found him!"
"Why do you say that?" George asked.

"That stupid rat bit me!"

"Hey! Scabbers it NOT stupid!" Ron yelled. They all began arguing. Then, there was a snap, as it someone had Apperated or Disapperated. Mrs. Weasley stopped what she was doing.

"Did Bill and Charlie say they were going to visit us?" she asked.

"No," Mr. Weasley said, shaking his head. "They said they were too busy."

"I thought they did. Then what's going on?
"I told you." said a voice. It was female. "I TOLD you! But did you listen? NO!"

"Hey! I SAID I was sorry!" said a second voice. This one was male.

"Yeah, well, you better hope that McGonagall doesn't find out!"

"She won't!"

"That's what you said last time that you used the Time Turner! And what happened? We were almost EXPELLED!"

"But we didn't get expelled."

"We came close to it!"

At this point, Mrs. Weasley thought it was safe to see what was going on. What she saw shocked her.

"Arthur," she said, in a small voice.

"What?" Mr. Weasley asked, looking up from the Dailey Prophet.

"Come here. Now. Please."

"What is it?" Mr. Weasley asked, walking over to her. He got the same look on his face that mirrored his wife's.

"Oh Merlin." he said. There, in the flesh, were the teenage forms of Molly and Arthur.